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Monitor Mixers

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behringer - powerplay p16-m personal mixer

€311.00   -   £280.39
Behringer Powerplay P16M Personal Mixer, 16 channel Mixer for all musicians, desk top hous...

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Monitor Mixers

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Monitor Mixers

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€ 311.00
£ 280.39

Behringer - Powerplay P16-M Personal Mixer

Behringer Powerplay P16M Personal Mixer, 16 channel Mixer for all musicians, desk top housing, adjustable EQ, Volume and Panorama (Balance) per channel, 16 switches with LEDs, Solo...

€ 230.00
£ 207.36

Behringer - Powerplay P16-I Module

Behringer Powerplay P16I Module, 19" 1 U Analog-Digital Converter, convertst 16 analoque input signals to digital 24-Bit signals for the transfer with CAT5, Jack and TRS Inputs, 2x...

€ 84.00
£ 75.73

ART - MyMonitor

ART MyMonitor, Personal Headphone Monitor Mixer, Connect MyMONITOR between the mic and line source, and the mixer. The Mic and line Monitor levels can then be adjusted for mix and ...

€ 289.00
£ 260.56

Rolls - HRD-342

Rolls HRD-342, Digital Room/Speaker Delay for time alignment of speakers in larger rooms or outdoors, the delay time is displayed in mili seconds (32 to 360 ms), Balanced XLR in/ou...