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Psychoacoustic Effects Processors

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Dynamic Processors
Effects Processors (Hall, Delay, Multi FX etc.)
Psychoacoustic Effects Processors
Signal Processors for Installation
Vocal Processors (Vocalist usw.)
A/D and D/A Converters
Accessories for Effects Processors

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spl - transient designer 4

€955.00   -   £861.03
SPL 9842 Transient Designer - 4-channel version, the first dynamic processor from SPL with...

spl - psd 4000 b-stock

€759.00   -   £684.31
B-Stock, SPL PSD 4000, Psychoacoustic Processor, HiFi Vitalizer, three frequency bands: hi...

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Psychoacoustic Effects Processors

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Psychoacoustic Effects Processors

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€ 444.00
£ 400.31


SPL TDx Transient Designer 500 Series Module, extended original Transient Designer circuitry, Rotary Knob for Attack, Sustain, Output and Mix (blend between "Wet" and "Dry"), Diffe...

€ 105.00
£ 94.66

Behringer - SX3040 Sonic Exciter

Behringer SX3040 Stereo Exciter - better sound with more depth, room and treble, especially for home recording, XLR & and jack ins/outs. Dimensions: 19"/1U...

€ 212.00
£ 191.14

BBE - Sonic Maximizer 882i

BBE Sonic Maximizer 882 -The 882i is a dual-mono Sonic Maximizer that features our fourth generation processing engine and perfectly suited for any studio, PA system, guitar/bass r...

€ 159.00
£ 143.35

BBE - Sonic Maximizer 482i

BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i, 2 channels of process for stereo or separate mono mixes, 5 segment LED output meters, 18dBu headroom, RCA and1/4" inputs and outputs, hardwire bypass, byp...

€ 385.00
£ 347.11

Aphex - Exciter

Aphex Exciter; 2-channel Psychoacoustic Effect Processor; increase the presence, clarity and Improved detail in a Audio Signal; Big Bottom Section adds deep low-frequency punch wit...