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Signal Processors for Installation

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Dynamic Processors
Effects Processors (Hall, Delay, Multi FX etc.)
Psychoacoustic Effects Processors
Signal Processors for Installation
Vocal Processors (Vocalist usw.)
A/D and D/A Converters
Accessories for Effects Processors

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dateq - spl-5

€1,255.00   -   £1,123.90
Dateq SPL-5 - 2-channel limiter with measurement mic, adjustable by threshold and output, ...

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Signal Processors for Installation

warm audio wa12-500 mkii

Warm Audio WA12-500 MKII, 500 series mic preamp; utilizes pr...
€389.00  -  £348.36

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Signal Processors for Installation

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€ 389.00
£ 348.36

Warm Audio - WA12-500 MKII

Warm Audio WA12-500 MKII, 500 series mic preamp; utilizes premium grade input and output usa cinemag transformers; 71db of gain, fully discrete signal path; utilizes a discrete 6-p...

€ 759.00
£ 679.71

Dateq - SPL-2TS MKII

Dateq SPL-2TS MKII, 2 channel limiter with timer, adjustable by Threshold and Output, different settings by time programmable (also control by computer), 19" 1 unit, XLR in/out, Mi...

€ 559.00
£ 500.60

Dateq - SPL-2 MKII

Dateq SPL-2MKII, 2-channel limiter, adjustable threshold and output. XLR in/out. Dimensions: 19"/1U...

€ 5,798.00
£ 5,192.35

Avid - HDX PCIe Pro Tools Ultimate

Avid Pro Tools HDX PCIe Card with Pro Tools Ultimate Softwar e incl. 1 year support plan; up to 768 audio tracks; up to 1 92 simultaneous input and output channels (with 3 HDX PCIe...

€ 3,798.00
£ 3,401.26

Avid - HDX PCIe Card only

Avid Pro Tools HDX PCIe card, without software, for expansio n of existing HDX system or in combination with Pro Tools Ul timate software; 64 input and output channels; 32-bit / 19...

€ 74.00
£ 66.27

DirectOut - External PSU EXBOX Series

DirectOut External PSU EXBOX Series, external powersupply, compatible to EXBOX.64, EXBOX.ADAT, E XBOX.AES, E XBOX.MIDICOM, E XBOX.BLDS, EXBOX.GPIO and all DC Versions from the MA2C...

€ 328.00
£ 293.73

PAS - DS-22 S

PAS DS-22 S Dual Limiter, 19"/1 unit, XLR in/out, THAT-VCAŽs, Ratio 1:100, release: 300msec, attack: 20msec, adjustable Gain (-10...+20dB), Clip LED per channel, In-/Output cable i...

€ 266.00
£ 238.21

PAS - DS-22

PAS DS-22 Dual Limiter, 19"/1 unit, XLR in/out (attention: the signal is not passing through if the unit is not powered), THAT-VCAŽs, Ratio 1:100, release: 300msec, attack: 20msec,...

€ 80.00
£ 71.64

DirectOut - BOX.MOUNT XL

DirectOut BOX.MOUNT XL, Rackmount, up to 3 pieces from the MA2CHBOX / EXBOX Series, 1 HE / 19''...

€ 577.00
£ 516.72

JHS Pedals - 500 Series Tremolo Module

JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo Module; 500 series tremolo effect rack unit; analog; Controls for Volume, Depth/Mix, Waveform, Speed and Ratio; Bypass toggle switch for engaging or b...