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vicoustic - victotem wenge b-stock

€848.00   -   £744.82
B-Stock, Vicoustic VicTotem Wenge, modular acoustic treatment system, quick and easy trans...

clearsonic - stc512d sorber b-stock

€72.00   -   £63.23
B-Stock, Clearsonic STC512D - Absorber Panel, constructed from Fiberglass encased in heavy...

sessiondesk - sd06 tabletop short b-stock

€173.00   -   £151.95
B-Stock, Sessiondesk SD06 Tabletop short; HPL surface; counterpart to all Sessiondesk rack...

auralex acoustics - max-wall 1141vb charco b-stock

€1,354.00   -   £1,189.25
B-Stock, Auralex Acoustics MAX-Wall 1141VB Charcoal - universal modular absorber walls, gr...

dreadbox - kappa2 b-stock

€244.00   -   £214.31
B-Stock, Dreadbox Kappa2, 8-step sequencer, tap tempo clock, passive cv filter, white nois...

aiaiai - e04 b-stock

€39.00   -   £34.25
B-Stock, AIAIAI E04 PU, Over-Ear pads closed, material: pu (Polyurethan), accessory for AI...

ks digital - cx-stand b-stock

€315.00   -   £276.67
B-Stock, KS Digital CX-Stand, stainless steel Stand for 1x C120 Coax + 1x CB120 CX or 150 ...

the t.akustik - basotect cornertube 48 b-stock

€165.00   -   £144.92
B-Stock, the t.akustik Basotect foam cornertube 480 - dimensions: 1000 x 670 x 480mm. Colo...

cymatic audio - audiolan option card b-stock

€299.00   -   £262.62
B-Stock, Cymatic Audiolan Option Card, 24 channel option card for uTrack24, supports AES67...

toft audio designs - atb-16mb b-stock

€479.00   -   £420.72
B-Stock, Toft Audio Designs ATB-16MB, Meter Bridge for ATB 16, 16-Channel 12-Stage LED Lev...

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art - s8-3-way microphone splitter

€329.00   -   £288.97
ART S8 3-Way - 8-channel, 3-way microphone splitter with passive interface. One direct and...

ssl - nucleus 2

€4,444.00   -   £3,903.29
Solid State Logic Nucleus 2, Ethernet connected DAW controll er and new hight speed Dante ...

presonus - monitor station v2

€337.00   -   £295.99
Presonus Monitor Station V2, Desktop studio control center for speakers and headphones, 2 ...

ik multimedia - irig acoustic stage

€95.00   -   £83.44
IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage; acoustic guitar mobile microphone with Stage DSP/interf...

behringer - control2usb

€158.00   -   £138.77
Behringer Control2USB; Studio Monitor Controller with integrated USB Audio Interface; All-...

presonus - central station plus

€661.00   -   £580.57
Presonus Central Station Plus (incl. CSR-1 Remote) - studio monitoring interface with pass...

rme - arc usb

€129.00   -   £113.30
RME ARC USB, remote control, easy operation of the totalmix fx software; control of the ds...

zoom - aph-1

€24.90   -   £21.87
Zoom APH-1 - six additional accessories for the H1. Package includes windscreen, mic stand...

hofa - akustikvorhang studio

€259.00   -   £227.48
Hofa acoustic curtain Studio standard; 3 plies of acoustic cloth; designed to reach maximu...

hofa - acoustic curtain iso white

€259.00   -   £227.48
Hofa Acoustic Curtain Iso white2 plies of acoustic cloth and an incorporated foil that ref...

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Accessories for Studio Equipment

rme arc usb

RME ARC USB, remote control, easy operation of the totalmix ...
€129.00  -  £113.30

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Accessories for Studio Equipment

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€ 89.00
£ 78.17

the t.akustik - WAS-7 Absorber Set 8pcs

The T.Akustic WAS-7- spike shaped absorbers for optimizing room acoustics. Due to the exact cut of the single pieces, it is easy to combine different t.akustik elements (e.g. WAW-7...

€ 189.00
£ 166.00

Clearsonic - S5-2D Sorber

Clearsonic S5-2D Sorber - Two-Section-Absorber Panel, constructed from Fiberglass encased in heavy-duty dark gray cloth. Both panels are connected together with a cloth hinge and c...

€ 55.00
£ 48.30

Neutrik - Rean NYS SPP-L1

Neutrik Rean NYS SPP-L1 patch panel - 2x 24 (stereo/balanced/half-normalized). Includes 4x label strips, made by Rean (REAN is a registerd trademark of Neutrik AG)...

€ 58.00
£ 50.94

the t.bone - Micscreen LE

The T.Bone Micscreen LE - mobile absorber/diffuser, reduces unwanted room reflections, designed for vocals and instruments, suitable for studio sessions and live performances, fits...

€ 55.00
£ 48.30


ART DTI Dual Transformer/Isolator - a high quality, totally passive audio interface that uses a pair of high performance transformers to totally separate input and output signal gr...

€ 66.00
£ 57.96

Hofa - Diffusor natur

Hofa Diffusor natur, diffusor, effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room sound, for the optimization of room reflections in the mid and hi-mid frequencies. two-dimen...

€ 173.00
£ 151.95

StudioRTA - Creation Station

StudioRTA Creation Station recording workstation, set consists of main work surface (151 x 75cm) for mixing console, keyboard etc., top shelf for monitor and loudspeakers, bottom s...

€ 79.00
£ 69.38

the t.akustik - CG Diffusor

the t.akustik CG Diffusor, 2D sound diffusor, uniformly scatters sound into a hemisphere, CGD technology provides uni-shape, resolving, wide bandwidth diffusion, effective solution...

€ 59.00
£ 51.82

the t.akustik - CBT-37

the t.akustik CBT-37 Corner Bass Trap ű absorber for optimizing room acoustics, absorbs low frequency sound waves. bulk density: 23 Ž2kg/mŽ. Dimensions: 370 x 370 x 600mm. Colour: ...

€ 153.00
£ 134.38

Hofa - Basstrap black

Hofa Basstrap black, full-range absorber tube that reach deep frequencies, effective against rumbling bass and standing waves, for professional and better working conditions in rec...