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vicoustic - vicfix frame 3x1 b-stock

€35.00   -   £31.55
B-Stock, Vicoustic VicFix Frame 3x1; lightweighted fixation frame developed to hang 3 acou...

icon - umix 1008 satellite b-stock

€248.00   -   £223.59
B-Stock, Icon Umix 1008 Satellite, USB Recording Interface expansion for Qcon, Qcon Pro & ...

olympus - rs30w remote b-stock

€49.00   -   £44.17
B-Stock, Olympus RS30W Remote, wireless IR Remote Control for LS Series, not compatible wi...

antelope - ocx hd b-stock

€1,399.00   -   £1,261.34
B-Stock, Antelope OCX HD, Master Clock, 4th generation Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC)...

dangerous music - monitor sr b-stock

€1,659.00   -   £1,495.76
B-Stock, Dangerous Music Monitor SR. Surround expansion module for Dangerous Monitor ST, p...

zaor - miza rack 12u black ch b-stock

€318.00   -   £286.71
B-Stock, Zaor Miza Rack 12U black cherry, rack with 12U that fits the Zaor Miza series, pr...

triad-orbit - io-vm b-stock

€104.00   -   £93.76
B-Stock, Triad-Orbit IO-VM, Video Display Halterung (VESA MIS Class D), Secures Video Disp...

genelec - glm 2.0 set bundlevers b-stock

€444.00   -   £400.31
B-Stock, Genelec GLM 2.0 Set Bundle Version - Attention; for Bundles only! Genelec Loudspe...

apogee - control b-stock

€199.00   -   £179.41
B-Stock, Apogee Control; Hardware remote; for the Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt, Element and...

clearsonic - a2466x7 (a5-7) drum sh b-stock

€699.00   -   £630.22
B-Stock, Clearsonic A2466x7 (A5-7) Panel, 7-section Panel provide acoustic separation betw...

New Products...

dangerous music - source

€999.00   -   £900.70
Dangerous Music Source, Monitor Controller with USB and D/A Converter, 2 Speakers Outputs-...

zoom - sgh-6 shotgun mic capsule

€109.00   -   £98.27
Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule for Zoom H-6 & H-5, incl. hairy windscreen, super-ca...

art - p16 patchbay

€105.00   -   £94.66
ART P16 Patchbay, 16-Channel Patchbay with balanced XLR I/Os (female on front, male on rea...

behringer - monitor2usb

€149.00   -   £134.33
Behringer Monitor2USB, High-End Speaker and Headphone Monitoring Controller with VCA contr...

rode - minifur lav

€15.60   -   £14.06
Rode Minifur Lav, Miniatur synthetic fur cover windshield for Rode Lavalier and Rode smart...

focusrite - itrack pocket

€19.90   -   £17.94
Focusrite iTrack Pocket, Stereo-Microphone for iPhones with Lightning-Plug, Guitar-Input 1...

ik multimedia - irig pre

€35.00   -   £31.55
IK Multimedia iRig Pre, mic-pre for connecting any type of microphone to any iOS device, H...

ik multimedia - irig acoustic stage

€88.00   -   £79.34
IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage; acoustic guitar mobile microphone with Stage DSP/interf...

aston microphones - halo shadow

€239.00   -   £215.48
Aston Microphones Halo Shadow; Reflection Filter / Absorber; 360 degree filtering (vertica...

aston microphones - halo

€239.00   -   £215.48
Aston Microphones Halo, Reflection Filter / Absorber, 360 degree filtering (vertical, not ...

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Accessories for Studio Equipment

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Accessories for Studio Equipment

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€ 89.00
£ 80.24

the t.akustik - WAS-7 Absorber Set 8pcs

The T.Akustic WAS-7- spike shaped absorbers for optimizing room acoustics. Due to the exact cut of the single pieces, it is easy to combine different t.akustik elements (e.g. WAW-7...

€ 85.00
£ 76.63

SE Electronics - Reflexion Filter X

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter X (RF-X), portable device for recording live sources with reduced room ambience, helps to obtain a dry vocal or instrument recording, useful in stud...

€ 55.00
£ 49.58

Neutrik - Rean NYS SPP-L1

Neutrik Rean NYS SPP-L1 patch panel - 2x 24 (stereo/balanced/half-normalized). Includes 4x label strips, made by Rean (REAN is a registerd trademark of Neutrik AG)...

€ 66.00
£ 59.50

Kenton - MIDI Thru 5

Kenton MIDI Thru 5 - MIDI Thru box with opto-isolated MIDI in and separate drive for each MIDI out, 1 x MIDI in, 5x MIDI thru, includes signal quality restoration circuitry, power ...

€ 58.00
£ 52.29

the t.bone - Micscreen LE

The T.Bone Micscreen LE - mobile absorber/diffuser, reduces unwanted room reflections, designed for vocals and instruments, suitable for studio sessions and live performances, fits...

€ 52.00
£ 46.88


ART DTI Dual Transformer/Isolator - a high quality, totally passive audio interface that uses a pair of high performance transformers to totally separate input and output signal gr...

€ 66.00
£ 59.50

Hofa - Diffusor natur

Hofa Diffusor natur, diffusor, effective acoustic elements for the optimization of room sound, for the optimization of room reflections in the mid and hi-mid frequencies. two-dimen...

€ 173.00
£ 155.97

StudioRTA - Creation Station

StudioRTA Creation Station recording workstation, set consists of main work surface (151 x 75cm) for mixing console, keyboard etc., top shelf for monitor and loudspeakers, bottom s...

€ 59.00
£ 53.19

the t.akustik - CBT-37

the t.akustik CBT-37 Corner Bass Trap ű absorber for optimizing room acoustics, absorbs low frequency sound waves. bulk density: 23 Ž2kg/mŽ. Dimensions: 370 x 370 x 600mm. Colour: ...

€ 75.00
£ 67.62

Mackie - Big Knob Passive

Mackie Big Knob Passive; Monitor Controller for up to two Monitor Pairs and two Stereo-Sources; passive +4dB Signal path without Power Supply; big Volume Knob; Switch for Mute, Dim...