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Roland RE-201 Space Echo Analog Tape Delay


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Roland RE-201 Space Echo Analog Tape Delay

Added by: admin  |  Date: 22-Sep-08  |  Class: Studio-gear


I looked for decent videos of one of these being really tweaked with, but I didn't see too many. So I made this video. The sound is direct out of a DSI Evolver mono out into a JoMoX T-Resonator feeding back into itself. I twist the knobs on the T-Resonator near the end where the audio freaks out. It bends time too, sort of like twisting the repeat rate on the Space Echo, but in a strange digital/analog hybrid with resonant time sort of way. It's hard to describe, you twist the knobs, and you kinda feel what's going on to the sound with the resonators and delays. It's a preset lover's nightmare, and a knob twister's dream. From there the audio is leveled with a compressor (still analog and even tubes). Then the audio goes into the instrument in of the space echo. That send the audio directly out into the audio interface and this is what you hear. No post effects. Just some compression to keep our ears from blowing up and dripping things they shouldn't. Too graphic...

I love this thing. I feel lucky as hell. I almost passed this thing up.

Notice where the clicking of the switch causes a nice little feedback effect. Try that with any plugin. Ahhh, imperfection.

P.S. I know there are spelling errors, and I accidentally trigger some kick drums, and the levels are a little hot.

More analog tape echo t-resonator evolver goodness here in my blog:
Most the audio in that track is the space echo and rhythm by Max/MSP. It's more psychedelic and a little more prepared than the audio in the video. It's a work in progress as everything on my blog is.

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