Tha Forum Rules

OK... We finaly decided it's time to scrap this social experiment of allowing 100% free speech on the Forums - To an extent it worked, but sadly in other ways it didn't - So now it's like every other www forum, you gotta log-in to post - Sorry, but the argueing was just getting out of hand....

So here's the rules:

1. No racist/sexist abuse...

2. No picking on genre's - if people want to have a discussion about a style of music, fine!... If you don't like it, fine!... but there's no need to wade in just to slag off their favourite music now is there!?... each to their own.

3. No commercial spamming - freebies fine, useful links fine, 'come and listen to my music' is fine - If you have a commercial product or service that's useful to the readers, mail 'admin @' (without the spaces) and tell us about it and we'll add it to the site.

4. Just try and get along :) - if you're angry about life, get some therapy mebbe :)