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Subject: What's everyone got going on?

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Original Message 1/5             02-Jul-03  @  04:13 PM   -   What's everyone got going on?


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What's everybody up to? There's not much noise in this forum any more... Is everybody taking a break, or just got nothing worth mentioning or discussing?

What's going on with you people?!?


PS, we're opening for Slaves on Dope in a couple weeks..

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Message 2/5             02-Jul-03  @  06:01 PM   -   RE: What's everyone got going on?



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Well, my partner sold his gear a few weeks ago, without warning me!!! I guess he had some bills, and a life and all that! So I'm dead in the water for now. Need another sequencer or mate to play out.

Decided to take my music in some new and different directions. Maybe start writing breaks again. shrug

It's all a bit of a pisser, really... but that's my tale of woe!


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Message 3/5             02-Jul-03  @  06:13 PM   -   RE: What's everyone got going on?

digital rust

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i'm writing tracks. trying to get enough for
another live show and in the meantime think
of a better way to put the show together.

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Message 4/5             03-Jul-03  @  05:53 AM   -   RE: What's everyone got going on?


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I'm still beatin' the machines (or they me...), but as all my shows of late have been of the dark ambient variety, I havnaa been posting much here...

Also been murderous busy in the studio and runnin' me little Dark Seeds label... makes me miss the "old days" sometimes...=)

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Message 5/5             04-Jul-03  @  04:29 PM   -   RE: What's everyone got going on?


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I got a gig going on Saturday night at Amnesia, 853 Valencia, 5$ to get in. Brain Damage, Live. Probably gonna play some bangin tekno and wierd ass break stuff. Yes, I'll even bring out my 909 this time.


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