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Subject: In Ear Monitors

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Original Message 1/4             27-Apr-05  @  10:20 PM   -   In Ear Monitors


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Anybody here ever use in ears?

We are using them now, in my industrial/creepy/angry project. Wireless, of course, so the "ego" (my name for the front man) will likely develop a tumour on his belt line in a few years.

We're getting a lot of really unpleasant radio interference... wondering if this is par for the course, or we are using innapropriately? we do our best to put the transmiter in a "neutral" space... ie: away from computer monitors and amplifiers... but it's still unpleasant, and the sound quality isn't perfect.

We're using the Shure ES2 headsets, but with a cheap NADY transmitter. I've heard from others that this transmitter actually does a god job as long as you aren't using the crap NADY headsets...

Anyway, if you have experience with this, I'd appreciate any knowledge

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Message 2/4             29-Apr-05  @  11:57 PM   -   RE: In Ear Monitors


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umm... dont use wireless in-ear, but work with wireless mics all the time. are you sure the frequencies are set correctly? sometimes it happens they are a tiny bit off and you get bad reception as a result. check to see if the frequency's are the same. is your set approved for use in the usa? nothing else coming in on that channel right? you're using transmitter and receiver from the same brand yes? is it broken?

sorry, all i can think of after 14hrs of work... ack.

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Message 3/4             23-May-05  @  09:07 PM   -   RE: In Ear Monitors


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I've got in-ears. Never had a problem with mine. What kind are you using? I've got the Sennheisers and I'm pretty happy with them.

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Message 4/4             15-Apr-07  @  12:07 AM   -   RE: In Ear Monitors


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Nady is the problem

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