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Subject: True Story of the Day

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Original Message 1/3             15-Sep-16  @  05:49 AM   -   RE: True Story of the Day


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Once upon a time there were two kingdoms, each claiming to produce the best onions in the world and a war broke out between the two kingdoms over the matter of onions. It began as a propoganda war, each bribing chefs to endorse their onions but the war soon escalated. Subjects from both kingdoms began sneaking into the other's territory at night to destroy the other's onion patches until things became so bad that the two kingdoms could barely produce one onion between them. Finally, one of the kings sent a message to meet with the other king over the matter and he offered a proposal to end the strife. The other king agreed to the proposal. The son and heir to the throne of one of the kings would marry the daughter and heir to the thrown of the other thus bringing peace and unity between their kingdoms. The wedding was an unprecedented huge event attended by all of the subjects from both kingdoms. To consumate the marriage, after the vows were taken everybody in attendance placed an onion on the floor and smashed their onions underfoot. Thus a lasting tradition began and to this day, everyone cries at weddings!  

You can't make this stuff up.  

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Message 2/3             18-Jul-23  @  11:45 AM   -   RE: True Story of the Day



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nice story!

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