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Muon Tau Pro


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Muon Tau Pro

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 13-May-02  |  Author: admin

New price: $30 - (or $10 off bundled with Electron)  |   S/H price: Not listed

Muon Tau Pro

The Muon TAU PRO is the pay version of the cutdown freeware TAU they offer.... I never used this synth, but their other stuff is quality, so this should deliver too!..... here's some site info on the Tau Pro:

The Muon Tau Pro is bursting with character and individuality, packing everything you need to create storming lead riffs and basslines.

We’ve taken the classic monosynth design of the Tau, added a second oscillator, PWM, sync, ring modulation and a fantastic effects engine to bring it bang up to date.

Two incredible 64-bit waveform oscillators with a choice of ten waveforms each, pulse-width modulation, sync and ring modulation mean that the Tau Pro seriously delivers - without noise or digital artifacts.

Superb lowpass resonant filter, with 18dB Classic, 24dB Hi-Q and 36dB Phat modes.

Built-in FX unit for warm overdrive, chorus, flange and vintage-style delay effects.

Full MIDI control. Draw cutoff curves right in your sequencer or use a hardware controller!

The Tau Pro is more than just an acid bassline synth. Its flexibility means that it is equally happy delivering seriously chunky lead riffs, deep junglist sub-bass or dubby textures. Whichever kind of electronic music you make prepare to want one!


Minimum Computer Requirements

- IBM-compatible PC required running Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, PII300 processor, 64mb RAM, 16bit soundcard
- Mac G3 or G4 based PowerPC computer running Mac OS 8.5 or higher, 300 Mhz processor, 128mb RAM
- Steinberg Cubase VST5.1 or Logic Audio v4.5 required. Other host software is available, depending on platform.


VST2.0 Instrument Plug-in. Compatible with Logic Audio, Cubase VST and Cubasis VST and others

Audio Engine

Uses the Muon Advanced 64-bit Digital Signal Processing Engine to accurately replicate the warmth and richness of a classic vintage synthesiser without aliasing noise.


Monophonic, with fingered legato glide mode and variable retrigger
Two oscillators per voice (choice of ten waveforms with PWM, hard sync and ring modulation)
Low pass filters with resonance (capable of self-oscillation), three different response curves
Built in stereo FX unit with overdrive, chorus, flanger and delay

MIDI Specification

Sample accurate response to Note On and Note Off messages
Parameter automation using MIDI continuous controller message
Velocity sensitive, with user-definable Accent Threshold and Level for acid basslines!

User Interface

Full colour animated “3D” graphical user interface.

Well, there it is, just added it in so that MUON's listings are complete.... Any users?... feel free to add some comments....

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Product:  Muon - Tau Pro
Name: tony
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Date: 07-Jan-03


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'Muon Tau Pro'

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