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Neurosonic Systems Trashcoder


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Neurosonic Systems Trashcoder

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 19-Jan-03  |  Author: admin

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Neurosonic Systems Trashcoder

Trashcoder is a freeware VST plugin vocoder - Here's the gumph from the included help/info file.

Welcome to the sound of neuroSonic systems. Trashcoder is a free PlugIn to let you try out some great DSP value from neuroSonic systems.

Trashcoder simulates an analog vocoder. The vocoder modulates and morphs two sound signals. In Trashcoder the sound signals are called Speech and Carrier. It is the Speech sound that modulates the Carrier. Example: The famous robot voice is a speaking voice as Speech signal and a synth sound as Carrier signal.

Trashcoder gives you a vocoder with trash functions.

unzip the Trashcoder071b.zip file - put the file Trascoder071b.dll into the Cubase PlugIn folder. RUN THE Trashcoder - To run Trashcoder you need a Speech sound and a Carrier sound. Use two mono sound tracks or one stereo sound track. Adjust the panorama on the sound to decide which sound is Speech or Carrier. This beta only works as a Master effect. - you need two audio files or a stereo file. - put the panorama on the Speech sound track to the LEFT - put the panorama on the Carrier sound track to the RIGHT (in Cubase the panorama is set in the monitor VST mixer) - Be careful with the Volume. Trashcoder beta can easily clip the sound. You have a Gain controller to adjust the output. Go ahead and trash it up!

Speach gain - Carrier gain - Switch the speech/carrier sounds - Filter shaper shapes the filterbank - Morph chages the vocode morph algorithm - Freq changes the cutting Trashcoder modulator frequency - Switch on/off the cutting Trashcoder modulator - Gain is the output gain - Remember to look out for new releases of Trashcoder at www.neurosonic-systems.de!

COMMENTS - SUGESTIONS - Please mail any comment or question to following email address: info@neurosonic-systems.de

Thank you - The neuroSonic systems team - Raul TRON - DSP Development

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Product:  Neurosonic Systems - Trashcoder
Name: angeles mendoza
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Activity: Professional
Date: 19-Jan-04


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'Neurosonic Systems Trashcoder'

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