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SECK 12-8-2


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SECK 12-8-2

Category:  Products / mixing desks / analog mixers

Added: 20-Apr-03  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: 200 quid-ish

SECK 12-8-2

The SECK 12-8-2 was the nextgen SECK after the 24/2 and 18-8-2 'grey' versions. I was told osmewhere in the past that it had redesigned mid eq (or perhaps all the eq) to better suit the Fostex M80, which it was usualy bundled with at stores in the UK anyways in the mid/late 80's - anyways, it's a great little bargan PC studio mixer from the free ad's in the UK, wether it sold elsewhere i have no idea...

It's got enuff channels and sends to handle a decent outboard studio setup and mic duties with 12 channels of mic pre-amps with phantom power.

Good live mixer too - small, compact, and has (if still fitted), an aluminium grab-handle across the top (see pic above) which folds down to create a 'rest' across the front of the board on which one can angle the mixer on a table-top etc for live work.

It looks quite sleek too by the way!... Black anodised satin finish with black post, trimmed with white, blue and cream...

I found this on a web-page:

As you probably know, Seck were taken over many years ago by Soundcraft and much of the Seck design went into the Spirit series consoles. Unfortunately, Soundcraft don't support Seck products and we are not aware of any specialist Seck support companies. We have used and repaired several Seck consoles in the past and have some info and compatible parts available. The general specifications can be found on our data sheet http://www.gbaudio.co.uk/data/seck6.htm I have now added some schematic and circuit drawing links on this data sheet for all the people who keep asking about Seck mixers. I hope this helps you. Let us know how you get on


All in's and out's are balanced I beleive just as on the 18-8-2 (?) - anyone used one?... got a manual?... have you got online resources or use one?... please add some user comments. - I found it had a nice rounded mid eq sound on this board, not harsh at all, quite sweet in fact...

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Product:  SECK - 12-8-2
Name: Saeed
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 03-May-03

Had a voltage fluctuation due bad stabilizer. Fixed Power Supply (7915 & C106D replacement) got correct volts. On connecting - LEDs showed full swing - later chips (5532s) started cooking. Power supply rechecked - Now connecting shuts off -VE side - i.e amber light goes off when power is put on.

Need detailed circuit diagram desperately of the master 8 bus unit. Pls somebody help.

Some capacitor appears to be shorted. Removal of all chips also indicates same amber-off situation. Need to test with systematic isolation. Without a circuit diagram its a nightmare.

So pls suggest solution or a site that can help.

Regards & Thanks

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'SECK 12-8-2'

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