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Oli Larkin Grainfreeze


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Oli Larkin Grainfreeze

Category:  Products / pc software / s/w effects

Added: 24-Jan-04  |  Author: admin

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Oli Larkin Grainfreeze

Grainfreeze is a basic granular synthesis effect plugin. I created it because I wanted an effect that could create the illusion of freezing incoming audio like the reaktor "grainstates" instrument. There are four different grains. When you press freeze, the audio goes into the four grains/buffers. There is an envelope to control the shape of the grain and to smooth the sound.You can set a different length for each grain and also delay the time at which the buffer is stored. You can also create a fade so that the frozen audio gradually appears. An lfo can control the pan for each grain. Midi notes will also trigger the freeze.

How to use the plugin:
Grainfreeze is a vst effect. First set the envelope for the grain. The Attack, Hold and Decay are all calculated as a percentage of the grain length so for reliable results make sure the total envelope isn't over 100%. An led shows when you have gone over. Now set the desired lengths for the grains and the seperation (the time between each grain). The led's will show you when each grain starts. Press freeze or send a midi note to the plugin to start the process. If you want the effect to come on gradually, adjust the fade time.

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'Oli Larkin Grainfreeze'

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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