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Linplug RMIV


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Linplug RMIV

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 09-Jul-04  |  Author: admin

New price: 149 US$ / 149 Euro / 22,800 Yen - rrp  |   S/H price: Not listed

Linplug RMIV

The RM IV is a flexible and easy-to-use drum machine that combines analog-style percussion synthesis with a fully featured, intelligent percussion sampler. Its available for PC VST and Mac OSX (both VST and AU).

Built using LinPlug's enhanced high-quality audio engine, the RM IV features 18 velocity-sensitive Drum Pads that can be used to trigger any of many different Audio Generator Modules. The instrument features a modular design that currently includes 10 percussion synthesis algorithms, as well as a fully featured percussion sampler. The 10 Synthesis modules offer enormous creative potential and are able to create anything from classic analog drum sounds to the cutting edge sounds of contemporary music. The Sampler module provides single-sample, multi-sample, velocity-layer and velocity-crossfade support, at up to 32-bit resolution. The instrument also includes an AHDSR-controlled multimode filter, a fully featured compressor designed specifically for percussion sounds, a flexible "Humanizer" and a 6 x 6 Modulation Matrix. With so many new and innovative features the RM IV takes LinPlug's highly successful RM product line to the next level.

Musicians need tools that deliver; tools that enhance the creative process, not tools that turn them into software operators. The fourth-generation RM IV drum machine is focused on being "musician-friendly", having been designed after an intensive consultation process with many professional musicians. The RM IV has numerous innovative ergonomic features that set it apart from its competitors. These include an all-in-one edit screen that enables operation with the least possible number of mouse clicks making the user experience fast and intuitive. The RM IV also features an "intelligent" sample module that automatically switches off unused modules (envelopes, effects, etc.) thus ensuring optimal usage of CPU resources. In addition, the RM IV has a timesaving "preview in context" feature that enables individual samples and even whole kits to be browsed as the instrument plays back a sequence.

The RM IV comes bundled with more than 170 sample-based and synthesized drum kits ranging from Trash kits to high-quality multisampled acoustic drums. This means you can use the RM IV to start making music immediately. What's more, the RM IV is fully compatible with RM2, RM III, LM4(tm) and CM-505 kit formats, and can load samples in both WAV and AIFF format.

The RM IV is suited to a wide range of users, including everyone from amateurs right up to professional musicians. The unique combination of synthesis and sampling in one instrument means that the RM IV is likely to be the only software drum machine you'll ever need. Along with this, the instrument's intuitive user interface, high quality audio engine, and wide selection of drum synthesis methods give the RM IV user limitless creative possibilities. All these features make the RM IV the tool for producing drum and percussion tracks on your PC or Mac. So, whether you want to recreate the classic analog sounds of the drum machines of yesteryear, or you want to forge the drum sounds of tomorrow, you need look no further than the LinPlug RM IV.

Requirements: a VST2.0 or AU capable host software, a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher, 1100 Mb free space on your harddrive [for Macintosh®]: Mac OSX® 10.2.6 or higher, 400 MHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM recommended [for PC]: Windows 95® or higher, 400 Mhz CPU, 512 Mb RAM recommended

Purchasing Information:

The RMIV is available in a box including a CD and a comprehensive printed manual (english/japanese) from your favourite store (see list below). It comes with more than 170 synthesized and sampled drum kits (more than 2500 different drum sounds). The suggested retail price is 149 US$ / 149 Euro / 22,800 Yen

The RM IV is also available directly from LinPlug including a CD and an english PDF-manual, get it from our shop ! It comes with more than 170 synthesized and sampled drum kits (more than 2500 different drum sounds).

The license fee is 149 US$ / 149 Euro


  • drum synthesis and sample plugin for Mac OSX and PC.
  • 18 polyphonic Drum Pads, up to 32-voice polyphony (selectable per Drum Pad).
  • Freely assignable output configuration up to 18 stereo or mono outputs.
  • Multiple instances of the instrument can be opened.
  • Samples and whole Kits can be browsed while playing your music.
  • A wide range of different Audio Generator modules which include an extensive selection of percussion synthesis modules and a sophisticated percussion sampler module.
  • Waveform Display which shows the Waveform of samples, the effect of the Pitch Envelope, the Amplitude and the Filter Envelope.
  • Designed for drums but can be used for pitched samples as well.
  • The instrument is Multitimbral with each pad having its own MIDI channel.
  • True stereo sample playback and processing (all filters and effects are mono and stereo).
  • Professional user interface providing direct access to controls with the minimum number of mouse-clicks.
  • Currently 2 different Kick drum modules, 2 different Snare drum modules, Open and Closed HiHat module, Tom module, Clap module, 2 Cymbal modules and a FM Percussion module
  • Each Drum Pad includes its own controls for Output Destination, Vol(ume), Pan, (only if routed to a Stereo output), Tune (+- 24 semitones in 10 cent intervals), Choke Group (5 groups are available including prev/next and self-mute), Polyphony (mono...8, full), Mute and Solo and a MIDI activity display.
  • For each Drum Pad the user has access to a multi-mode AHDSR-controlled filter, a Compressor with controls for Ratio, Threshold and Release, a "Varizer" with controls for Style, Precision and Spectrum, a 6 x 6 Modulation Matrix and two separate effects processors (Distortion and BitCrusher).
  • Drum Pad Displays automatically switch upon editing allowing exact adjustment of level, pan and tuning and other parameters.
  • Each Sampler module can hold up to 30 samples that can be individually triggered.
  • Samples on each Drum Pad can have individual volume settings and can be layered, velocity-switched and velocity-crossfaded.
  • Samples can be played forwards or backwards.
  • The Amplitude Envelope Release Time can be set to "endless", so that even long
    samples won't be cut off.
  • Supported sample formats include 8-32 bit WAV, AIF Samples with 8-24 bit resolution and the 32 bit float WAV format, all these formats in mono and stereo and with any sample rate.
  • Supported Kit Formats are LinPlug RM IV, LinPlug RM III, Computer Music CM-505, LinPlug RM 2, and the widely used Steinberg LM 4 format.
  • The file path to samples and kits is remembered for the next time you open the file dialog.
  • Two pan modes are available: Equal Voltage (mono compliant) and Equal Power.
  • Optional Drum Pad velocity sensitivity.
  • Switchable linear or circular dial response.
  • Display can show either note numbers or note names, whatever you prefer.
  • Adjustable velocity response curve with 10 settings from linear to extreme exponential.
  • Adjustable voice limit from a single to eight notes or full polyphony for each pad
  • All Parameters are MIDI controllable and automateable (VST automation).
  • Controller hardware (faderbox or synth) settings can be saved and restored using the LinPlug ECS (Easy Controller Setup). ECS supports conventional and Alpha Dial controller.
  • Internal 32/64 bit processing.
  • Dynamic resource allocation (unused components are switched off automatically) for minimum CPU usage.
  • Sample accurate timing, settings are saved with the song.

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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