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Doepfer LMK4+


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Doepfer LMK4+

Category:  Products / midi & controllers / keyboard controller

Added: 13-Jul-04  |  Author: admin

New price: £1,350 GBP €1,595 Euros  |   S/H price: Not listed

Doepfer LMK4+

DOEPFER LMK4+ master keyboard , 88 keys with real piano style action with hammer mechanics, Built into a black flight-case with removable lid, 2-line, 16-character LC display, adjustable backlight/contrast, 24 function-buttons grouped in three rows of 8, 8 LEDs (indicators for the top row of buttons), 2 Wheels (one spring-loaded), 2 Sliders, 1 Rotary knob, 1 Alpha dial (endless rotary switch), Monophonic aftertouch (Channel-aftertouch), Velocity, max. 127 steps resolution (dependig upon selected velocity curve,- External 1/4" input-jack for double-footswitch , 2 External 1/4" input-jacks for sweep pedals, 2 x 2 MIDI-OUT (2 separate MIDI Outs with 2 sockets each), MIDI-IN, treated as a separate split zone of the LMK4 (e.g. for connecting another keyboard or bass pedal), Wheels, sliders, aftertouch sensor, rotary potentiometer, pedals and footswitches can be assigned to any MIDI-Controller (including pitch and aftertouch),


Sending of: IDI-program-change, MIDI-program-bank (controllers #0 and #32), MIDI-START, STOP, CONTINUE, CLOCK, ALL NOTES OFF on all MIDI-channels (panic key), Footswitch-activated preset change, preset change via incoming program change messages (disengageable), 32 velocity and 8 aftertouch response curves, 8 user definable controllers (# 0...127 can be assigned), Adjustable velocity-response reduction factor for black keys, Adjustable aftertouch effect if assigned to pitch (positive/negative), Proportional volume control of different zones with one controller, 128 total presets. The following parameters can be adjusted or defined by the user in each of the 128 presets: Assignment of controllers (wheels, sliders, rotary knob, pedals, footswitches, etc.) to MIDI-functions (Pitch bend, modulation, breath controller, aftertouch, volume, panorama, portamento, sustain, soft pedal, sostenuto and 8 user-defined controllers), Name of the preset (up to 8 characters), Preset tempo (MIDI-clock), Sending of Start, Stop or Continue at time of preset call-up, Preset-pointer (number of the next preset selected via footswitch, loops possible,- Dimensions: 155 x 26 x 10 cm, Weight: 24 kg

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'Doepfer LMK4+'

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