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noslogan.com Rogue


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noslogan.com Rogue

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 04-Aug-04  |  Author: admin

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noslogan.com Rogue

I like this alot! - the Rogue seems to specialise it harsh sounds although it can also produce softer tones, but this is sure bet to find it's use in trance and tech styles... Here's the site blurb & spec's... get it downloaded!

Think Ol' Skool Detroit, Roland TB-303™, Radioshack Electronics Learning Lab™, and a half-dead 9V battery, meets some sort of underground technology from a distant world in the future. (Okay, maybe I just have a really good imagination.)

Rogue™ is a raspy, fried transistor, dropped on the ground a couple of times, bass/lead VSTi based on the overdone subtractive synth concept. But its unique ability to fry its own output in a lovingly controlled manner makes it so much fun to play with, you may not even notice it's just a bunch of saw waves being sent through a lowpass filter.

Rogue™ is comprised of 6 sections:

  • Wave Controls - Select between Saw or Square waveforms. Pitch controls consist of octave, coarse, and fine controls. Unison, mix, and tone controls are also available.

  • LFO Controls - This is just a standard LFO with various destinations. Rogue's™ LFO features a delay, that allows you to "fade-in" the LFO's effect.

  • Lowpass Filter Controls - A standard low pass filter with resonance.

  • Assignable Envelope Controls - The assignable envelope can be routed to nearly any of Rogue's™ other controls via its dual destination slots. It also features a unique "Step Mode" that creates varying levels of hard stepping through the envelope's range.

  • MIDI/Modulation Controls - Allows you to enable the accent control and envelope retrigger, adjust the accent amount, set the bend range, glide time, and modulation amount/source/destination. Features dual destination slots and enable controls.

  • Distortion/Master Controls - Rogue's™ unique distortion controls and final tone/volume controls.

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Product:  noslogan.com - Rogue
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Date: 02-Dec-04

Don't bother with this; there;s no synth to speak of, they just wanted free pubilicty for their music. Dicks.

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'noslogan.com Rogue'

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