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JC Productionz Arch Avenger Pro


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JC Productionz Arch Avenger Pro

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 06-Sep-05  |  Author: admin

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JC Productionz Arch Avenger Pro

Here's a little freebie. A synthedit created item called 'Arch Avenger Pro'. Well, it comes with about 30 presets, and some of them are analog fare such as blips and horns etc and some presets are cool fx.

It's actualy got very good presets ranging from 'Popcorn' blips to JXP-ish brass especialy the warning siren one called: 'Intruder Alert', which sounds just like your typical 'Prisoner has escpaped' or 'This underground lair will explode in 12 minutes & counting' type siren.... Excellent stuff. Plus there's other fx such as fast rising sweeps etc, all good starting points for further tweaking.

On the 'tweaking' front, the synth displays all VST parameters fine for automation move purposes inside your host sequencer.

On the downside, the interface is a bit on the aweful side because imo the Bground image of rivetted steel plates actualy confuses the layout a bit cos it's overly busy, but you get it after a bit of studying, and anyways, synthedit synths are often rather lo-fi on the interface front.

Soundwise tho it's sharp and as analog-raspy as you want it to be, you can get some awesome dual osc fx sliding up & down on the second osc' pitch, real sci-fi analog stuff. Definately worth a free d/load anyways, this could really be useful for analog sounding stuff as well as excellent little transitional FX to link sections at breakdowns etc.

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'JC Productionz Arch Avenger Pro'

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