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Prodyon NADS


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Prodyon NADS

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 12-Jan-06  |  Author: admin

New price: donationware - $5,00 USD  |   S/H price: Not listed

Prodyon NADS

Yeah, i like this little cheapie. it's payed for 'as is' I think and is very cheap donationwear.

The demo emits a cyber-delic 'register' soundclip every minute or so, not too intrusive and certainly, you can setup a sound, record it/render it down and use it in loops as an audio part if you're too poor assed to pay!

It's a monosynth geared to drums with plenty of presets, but does nice bass and all sorts of sounds one can coax from such a synth, blips, squeeps and booms etc etc.

Utilising MIDI controller use in SX, you can play with time-based moves of course to good effect and I particularly like the simplicity and quantity of controls for 'Velocity-to-' adjustment as one might expect for a synth designed to create percussive sounds, these controls add a slew of variations when combined with note pattern velocity and other control.

I did find on this initial old AMD 1200, it glitched at times, not soundwise, but the controller reading would skip for a short time (1 cycle) when adjusting controller 'nodes' in SX. - Nothing drastic anyways just a slight glitch there, but mebbe in a faster unit it'll disappear.

Nice little 'almost' freebie then... I got right into this and messed with it for a while maiing 4 on the floor kik beats and messing with pitch mod over time to create rythmic pulsing 'throbs' which changed rhythm at positions along the loop.. nice stuff.. you can do some serious pulsing bass stuff with this & more.

Anyways, give it a go. Personaly, having listened to some of their 'pay' plugins such as their awesome Robocoder unit, I'd tell them to make this product a complete Freebie to entice traffic to the even greater gold they have created at VERY reasonable prices.

We recently took delivery of their SPACEHAWK DVD of sound textures - Atmospheres, Soundscapes and pad type sounds for various samplers such as NI's Kontakt - I can tell you, it is SUPERB!.. loading into Kontakt was like buying a new synth.. anyways I digress, but check that product out if you have a call for instant atmospheres!

So, NADS! - It certainly CAN kick you in them! - There's a cool animated face wearing headphones displayed on the GUI which winces and vibrates visualy as the unit plays, lol

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'Prodyon NADS'

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