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pluggotic Stealth


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pluggotic Stealth

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 24-Apr-06  |  Author: admin

New price: free  |   S/H price: Not listed

pluggotic Stealth

Now he's an interesting one. Stealth loads Soundfont format files/soundsand judging by the demo's on their page it does quite nice sweepy, EPS-ish, 80's rompler type sounds...droney, glassy-guitary etc... The sort of sounds that back in the day would have ROM titles 'Ice Crystals', or 'Cosmic Passenger' etc... lol... Stealth does these type of sounds perfectly well, but I did something a bit more old-skool with it myself when I first unwrapped it... here's some messing about with a controller or 2 and their basic free extra-bank, 'Particles'...

Other sounds are available although I wasn't sure if there are more freebies than the 3 d/load's visible on the Pluggotic site to get you going.... anyways, i like it alot.. creative item. You might not get what you expected and the reuslts can be cool.

dancetech_STEALTH_messin.mp3 - Here's some stuff i recorded when i was initialy messing around with the synth... I didnt get time to work out any fixed patterns with defined controller moves in them, but from the demo you can hear that if you paid closer attention to the timing of controller moves and with a little more working out, some extremmely useful rhythmic stuff can also be coaxed from Stealth, especialy rave-y oldskool and techno... it's proper Grandmaster Flash time!... and those sounds never die really or rather that style of audio sample playback triggering... Also in the audio you can hear it does super LOW growling sounds and ultra-thin fizzy tech sounds, ideal for all sorts of genre's from drum&bass to trance... very cool unit, I could mess with this for hours!

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Product:  pluggotic - Stealth
Name: kok
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 15-Jun-06

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d sgsgr fdhg trfffffffffffff fddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddde rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tttttttttttttttt

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Product:  pluggotic - Stealth
Name: Fabio Martini
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 13-Feb-07

Very Nice

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Product:  pluggotic - Stealth
Name: shaun
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 16-Jun-07

Very nice

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'pluggotic Stealth'

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