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Alien Connections ReValver


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Alien Connections ReValver

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 28-Jan-08  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: Not listed

Alien Connections ReValver

Effect plug-in containing over 50 chainable sub modules specially designed for guitar sounds. Plug-in of type DirectX (both 16bit and 32/64* bit floats).

The plug-in supports DXi, and will be found in the "softsynth" menu if the host supports DXi, or it will be found in the menu for regular effects if no DXi.

User configurable system. User can define system by selecting signal-modeling amp-modules. Modules can be inserted in virtually any order. A maximum of 16 modules can be connected at any given time.

You do not need a DirectX host to run ReValver. You can play in real-time with a minimum latency (delay) using the included ReValver Live host.

Included modules

  • 14 Preamplifiers
  • 8 Power amplifiers
  • 21 Speaker types
  • 3 Echo/Delay
  • Room simulation
  • Chorus
  • 4 Reverb types
  • Tremolo
  • Trim pot
  • Compressor
  • Parametric filter
  • Graphical equalizer
  • 2 Noise gates
  • Auto Wah-Wah

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'Alien Connections ReValver'

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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