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Linplug Gakstoar


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Linplug Gakstoar

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 08-Jun-01  |  Author: admin

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Linplug Gakstoar

Linplug's GakStoar Alpha synth is a very well known unit... it's been around a long time and was one of the first freeware synths to hit the scene & thus formed a loyal userbase early on. GaKstoar Alpha is now part of the Linplug stable & is a VSTi synth... Linplug being a rising star of the s/w synth,drums & sampler etc company scene, they got some great products... so, we just adding a product page for this GakStoar synth to get it into the DT listings, and of course for those newbies who don't know of it's existance...

GakStoar - The basic's

Ok... it's a two osc' s/w modelling synth, with a few twists.. each of the two oscillators can have two assigned waves....

a balance is then adjustable between the two waves on a 'per oscillator' basis... then the two actual oscillators are blendable as per normal; all in all this gives the Gakstoar some abilities to make interesting sounds beyond the usual 3 wave single-filter VSTi freebies... you can get alot of sounds out of this freebie basicaly.

You got a dedicated Filter for each Osc' with 24dB, 12dB and a gentle 6dB filter types as well as a handy 'Bypass' setting to drop out the filter on either oscillator. Each oscillator can of course have it's RANGE or octave tuning set, as well as having a +/- Detune offset...

GakStoar - Mod routing

For a freebie you get a real nice Mod' Matrix setup in the center of the synth panel making setup of Mod sources & destinations a breeze and offering more versatility in the sound design dept.... Here's the Mod' Matrix panel...

It's pretty straightforward.. simply select your Source, select your destination & then use the green Arrow icons to adjust the rates... simply click on the arrows & drag to adjust.

Source choices are: LFO, Keypitch, Velocity, Poly aftertouch, Mono aftertouch, Pitchwheel, Modwheel, Breath, Footcontroller, expression C, or Control 1, 2, 3 or 4.  -  Destinations are: Pitch 1 or Pitch 2 (osc's), Filter 1, Pulsewidth on Osc' 1, or the master amp.

The PITCH section is quite interesting... You can switch IN or OUT either of the: 'PITCH TO 1' or 'PITCH TO 2' buttons on the top-left next to the main Osc' Volume controls... This routes the Osc' Pitch to the PITCH section selectable on the Top-Right of the synth...

Each PITCH section (1 or 2) has depth of Pitch variation + or - and a TIME setting for each Pitch control which seems to be a time offset to adjust how quick this Pitch variation comes in... this is nice and apart from Mod' control of the section it allows you to create pads with oscillators which evolve in pitch over time independently to each other... so it's a sorta dedicated reduced Pitch envelope section in a way... nice touch on a freebie synth tho!!!

GakStoar - LFO section

Personaly i'd like to see the LFO mod' at higher rates, but the LFO section is here with plenty of assignable waves: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth & Square, as well as extra Pulse waves: Pulse 25, 50 & 12 which I assume are the hold times/percentages of the pulse wave peak.... anyways, lots of mod wave choices, AND the LFO clocks to Midi... If the Clock is switched IN, then the LFO rate knob control switches to adjust the clock setting which goes from: 1-1 up to 1-16 with two additional 'Feels' per clock setting. The LFO also has Attack & Delay settings.

GakStoar - Main Filter & Amp envelope section

Finaly you got a main filter ADSR in addition to the main filter setting down on the osc' section - lots of sound-design stuff for free like i said... pretty straightforward stuff here, but remember both the amp & Filter are modulatable via the Mod' matrix... and thats about that....

The Gakstoar is FREE... so why not get it downloaded if you don't have it already, and improve your S/w VSTi synth arsenal with this great little versatile freebie !!... ONLY works with VST so the Linplug website says.... so there ya go....

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Product:  Linplug - Gakstoar
Name: noud
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 26-Nov-02


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Product:  Linplug - Gakstoar
Name: igor9
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 11-Aug-10


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Last added comment

Product:  Linplug - Gakstoar
Name: kenny
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 11-Jan-11

i like all linplug products so i think this one
will be good for me.

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'Linplug Gakstoar'

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