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IK Multimedia MODO DRUM


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IK Multimedia MODO DRUM

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 13-Aug-19  |  Author: admin

New price: USD/Euro 299.99 (introductory price ex-tax)  |   S/H price: Often on deal at the IK Multimedia website

IK Multimedia MODO DRUM

Ik Multimedia MODO DRUM is a fantastic new modelling acoustic drum instrument offering amazingly realistic acoustic drum simulations which are incredibly editable. MODO DRUM can run as a plugin in your DAW (AAX, VST2, VST3, AU) or it can run standalone for instant no-DAW fun or to jam along with.

This thing is a total beast! So checkout our videos and get the SP!

MODO DRUM - Dancetech playlist


MODO DRUM offers a decent selection of core kits covering a wide variety of genres & eras, from old 60's Ludwig to modern cutting edge DW & Yamaha studio kits & everything in between. Every Kit loads with a preset room channel set to a particular amount & any kit can be placed in any of the rooms & the room amount adjusted to taste. The rooms offered include a small & large studio booth/space & up in size from there through 'garage' spaces, hall & venue etc, with each one offering brighter or darker rewveb & more or less pre-delay etc. All kit's also feature a stereo overhead channel which is also fully adjustable.

Once you select your core kit, you can then replace any drum with any other drum from any of the other kits to build any sort of hybrid kit you like in any of the rooms (or have no room channel at all). Further to swapping individual drums to create any hybrid kit, you can then optionally bring in extra drums & cymbals...

If every possible extra kit item is added-in, you end up with an 8 piece kit featuring two kicks, three hanging toms, two floor toms & a snare along with a full compliment of cymbals: four crashes (two either side of the kit), a splash, two china's, ride, an FX cymbal which is drilled with holes & has a short edgy decay & a small bell ride. As well as ADDING extra drums & cymbals, you can also remove drums from any core kit, reducing down to the minimum of snare, kick, one hanging tom & one floor tom for a minimal kit, and you might think "what's the point"? Well the point is that snares & kicks can be adjusted for how much they make the toms ring, so only one overhead/hanging tom will ring differently to two or three.

But that is just the start!.. Once you've assembled your kit, every drum can be edited with a full compliment of adjustments & parameters, just like a real drum!

Firstly for every drum you can choose either a clear or coated head... 'coated' offering a slightly less resonant & fatter tone. You can then tune each drum head & adjust volume for each head. To 'remove' a bottom head or front head from the kick, just turn it down completely. Each head can be also be dampened & for the snare you can choose large or medium size snare wires & adjust the tension to taste.. and on and on it goes! You can adjust the shell size/diameter & depth & also choose a shell edge profile from rounded, sharp or pointed... Rounded shell edges offer slightly more dampening & less resonance whereas a sharper & pointed shell edges result in subtly more 'ring'... In short you can 'build' pretty much any damned drum you like from any of the starter shells & other options!

But dear God there's more!!... Go into the 'Playing Style', Tab, and for snare & toms you can choose what sort of stick tip to use from a selection of no-tip, wooden tip or nylon tip, & then adjust the tip noise amount to taste. For kicks you can choose from three beater types: Felt, wood or plastic & further you can choose heel down or heel up style with the latter offering more attack.... this thing is insane with the detail you can go for, because no!...that's not all!!!... You can also setup the playing AREA on a drum head (snare or toms), adjusting each stick (left & right) to play centre or right against the rim or anywhere in between, and then you can adjust the hit area size... bigger hit areas offering subtle but VERY convincing strike variations which massively add to the realism when you get down to programming beats & patterns.... This thing is completely bonkers!

You think that's all? Nope... Additionally snare & kicks can be adjusted to determine how much they make the toms "hum" & the kick can be adjusted to change how much it makes the toms "hum" or the snare "buzz".. and yes... the way you tune/adjust the toms/snare changes how they "hum" or "buzz"! This thing is insanely detailed!

Other tabs include a fully featured internal mixer sporting Room & Overhead channels, FX sends/returns, the ability to create Busses & a full compliment of IK Multimedia's superb processors & FX, including compressors, EQ, delays, modulation FX, distortions & reverbs... all excellent stuff!

Finally, every drum channel on the internal mixer (including room, overheads, fx returns & buses if required) can be routed to individual outs on your DAW for full mixing duties & you get optional/switchable MIDI control over hat aperture & stick hit position for snare & toms if the automatic variation isn't enough & you need precis hits on exact areas of the drum heads at certain points in patterns which you can completely control.

Ok I've said enough... watch our videos & hear this beast in action... We'll be adding any new MODO DRUM videos to this playlist. Any comments? Please leave them below. Thanks!

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'IK Multimedia MODO DRUM'

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