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Sonic Syndicate Plucked String


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Sonic Syndicate Plucked String

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 10-Jul-01  |  Author: admin

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Sonic Syndicate Plucked String

Sonic Syndicate make the Orion & Orion Pro software music workstation programmes - Each comes with a compliment of software synths, and recently Sonic Syndicate have started to release some of these as VSTi synths for use in other programmes... One is the Scorpion VA synth, and this is the 'Plucked String' synth, and interesting little synth cos there's really nothing else around like it.

It's pretty straightforward, polyphonic with s single row of control. basic envelope, filter cutoff with dampen control, and the far left wave controls for picth course & fine, TIMBRE & STRN controls.

The DAMPEN control allows sounds from a sort of muted, 'palmed' guitar sound or a pizz dullness to more open sharper tones... The TIMBRE control add's thin-ness or fatness... The STRN control is harder to define - it sort of goes from a more natural sound in one direction to a more squished synth-y sound in the other...

Anyways, a good little synth perfect for the current use of plucked strings in RnB & Garage sounds as well as backing for pop production, basses when played in the lower octaves where the TIMBRE & STRN controls really comes into their own, making the sound move from a 'chiffed' sound or an attacking DX or Clavi style sound to a more subtle env' mod synth-bass effect etc etc - worth checking the demo for a wide range of contemporary sounds hard to get so quickly by other methods beyond a sampler - very warm too or conversely if needed, very thin and peircing !

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'Sonic Syndicate Plucked String'

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