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Arguru Aodix II


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Arguru Aodix II

Category:  Products / music software / daw software

Added: 01-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

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Arguru Aodix II

Arguru appear to be a sub-division or a Project arm of Smart Electronix - This is their Aodix II Tracker software... no details sorry... still to be tried & investigated.

Check the link on the left-hand column for the download & try it for yourselves - Here's the product info from the d/load file.

Aodix II [Wavestation]

A Win32 soundtracker. - It runs decently on a P3 733Mhz, 256Mb RAM, Creative SB-Live under Windows XP.

Pattern commands

  • 0xy - Arpeggio
  • 1xx - Pitch up
  • 2xx - Pitch down
  • 3xx - Portamento glide
  • 7xx - Panning [0x00L-0x40C-0x80R]
  • 8xx - Note + gate + waveoffset.
  • 9xx - Note + waveoffset.
  • Axy - Volume slide (x = positive amount, y = negative amount)
  • Bxx - Beat synchro.
  • Cxx - Set volume.
  • Dxx - Note delay.
  • Exx - Note retrigger. Ignore xx.
  • Fxx - Set tempo. xx = bpm.



  • Internal re-estructuration.
  • Added internal synthesizer, old osc_wavetable removed. [they sucked].
  • Much better and compatible wav-loading rutine.
  • The loop is set off by default [unless WAV have loop info].
  • Fucking nice Akai sampler S5000/S6000 program support. (.akp files)
  • Nicer GUI modifications
  • Added pan command [0x07]
  • EQ tuning.
  • Compressor uses RMS level measurement now instead peaking.
  • Added key-range for sample splits
  • Interpolation switch for instruments
  • Added cross-delay mode
  • Lot's of stuff.

  • Chorus bugfix.
  • Added track-note on leds.
  • Nicer scope.
  • Bugfix on random phaser.
  • EQ/Compressor optimizations.
  • Bugfixes

  • General update

    We'll get round to reviewing it soon... any user comments?.. please add them below!!...

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    Product:  Arguru - Aodix II
    Name: Joie
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Hobby-ist
    Date: 22-Feb-04

    If you see this and know how to import AKP (AKAI sampler) files into the tracker please please please take 1 minute and send a mail to hicon_labs@yahoo.com and share the secret ;) Manny thanks. Joie

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    'Arguru Aodix II'

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