Apple Logic Pro 9 Released - 24th July 2009

Here's all the Apple promo videos for Logic Pro 9 - All on one page for easy viewing!

Apple delivered what was almost a 'stealth' Logic Pro 9 release today, with registered Logic users as usual finding out not from Apple (as valued customers), but via news sites if you happened to have stumbled upon it! - Oh well, there goes the dream of any bugfixes for Logic Pro 8 we suppose! - The UK upgrade price is quite reasonable though, at just a paltry 159 GBP, but whilst this gets you great new guitar plugins, as well as the addition of Apple Logic's version of Liquid Audio (and much more), the user might be slightly worried that without any definition of completed bugfixes from Apple for this new version 9, they might be buying into yet another 'new version' which then never gets any fixes until we are encouraged in a year or so to buy.. wait for it... 'Apple Logic 10'!!

Well, are we cynical? Apple really should have sorted some of the serious Logic 8 bugs that's for sure, because had they done this more openly, paying a measly 159 quid to add on all those new features would be seen as less of a risk for the future - The new amp modelling plugin sims alone are worth that upgrade fee in our opinion, but the addition of the newly reworked comp management and 'Liquid-Audio' style slicing, audio-region manipulation and beat matching, plus many more features such as selective importing of track parts from previous sessions. makes the upgrade seem like real value! - Also check Apple's US website for the new Logic Pro 9 guitar & guitar-fx modelling plugin audio-demos, they are superb!

Let's see how it works in real life once we get our grubby paws on it tho eh! - Until then, here's Apples various new features videos organised into one easy to view page:


Selective Track Import

Convert to Sampler Instrument

Expanded Take Folder Editing

Drum Replacer

Flex Time: Editing Drum Tracks

Flex Time: Editing with Flex Tool

Flex Time: Audio Quantize

Flex Time: Using Varispeed to Slow Down a Session


Performing with Playback

Performing with Loopback


Designing Your Own Amp

Designing Your Own Pedalboard

So... better go and buy a copy I spose.. *sigh*...