Dancetech copyright policy

Our Copyright Policy is simple - Dancetech & Audioindy mp3 music hosting was setup by musicians & provides server space for original artists, bands, producers, bedroom labels and all other types of music makers to host their music.

All music you add to dancetech is assumed to be created by yourself.

Dancetech has a sister mp3 music site - - This sister site was created to accommodate the Dancetech music-section when it got too big to remain as an in-site section of Dancetech.

So when you register & add your music to Dancetech you are also adding your music to Audioindy because both sites share the same admin, use the same database and reside on the same servers.

You can edit your admin/tracks/mixes on either site admin using the same login details. All changes you make on either site is mirrored on the other.

We do not allow users to host released songs by well know artists or bands on dancetech/audioindy unless the user has permission to do so from the copyright holder/s or the user is the copyright holder. Any such songs found on the site by admin or reported to admin will be removed and your account may be cancelled if you add such material.

When you upload your original tracks to dancetech/audioindy you agree to indemnify dancetech/audioindy against any and all copyright claims made by any 3rd parties in relation to your added music, and you warrant that all samples, loops and the composition itself is original. This is 100% standard, and all recording contracts nowadays contain such an indemnity clause so it's something you need to get used to if you plan a career in music

In order for Dancetech/Audioindy to host & display your added music & provide those music files for streaming & download by visitors and for Podcasting, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive right to do this when you upload your music.

This right is granted by you simply to allow us to host your music for you, and unlike other hosting sites this agreement does NOT grant us any rights to re-distribute or re-licence your music via partners or other 3rd parties.

This agreement terminates should you leave the site.

In return we take no copyright whatsoever. All rights to your music remain yours in every way. You are free to do whatever you like with your music.

Termination of account

If you decide to leave the site, then unlike other hosting sites we do NOT retain your details or music files or any non-exclusive rights to your material in any way. The people who run Dancetech/Audioindy are also musicians and we also do not like sites which hang on to artists' material when they leave.

If you have any questions please contact Dancetech: dancetech (dot) com @ gmail (dot) com

Thanks & enjoy!

Team Dancetech / Audioindy