Dancetech's privacy policy

WE NEVER do deals with companies to track users or steer advertising to them. We use three types of cookie on the Dancetech site:

If you register & sign-in to the Dancetech site a single cookie is created which is simply your personal site user id, used only to allow you to post to administer your admin details, post to the forums and access file & manual downloads.

For all NON signed-in users we add a single anonymous cookie which is installed temporarily - deleted once the user leaves the site - and that is used as a temporary ID to present you with a list of product pages you have visited while on the site so you can easily go back and check them again from a presented list of 'Items you viewed'.

Other than that we use a single cookie to keep track of forum navigation & this cookie simply 'remembers' which forum ID number you are reading or posting in so the correct forum content is presented to you.

That's it... no other cookies are ever used on the site & no tracking is ever done and no personal information is ever traded or sold.

Thanks & enjoy!

Team Dancetech / Audioindy