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USB Audio Interface Roundup (2 in x 2 out) April 2019

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Author: admin
Date: 04-Aug-19

Which USB audio interface should you choose for your home studio? Having trouble choosing from the very long list of possible products at the cheaper end of the price-range? Well worry no more... here's our roundup of 2 Input x 2 Output USB audio interfaces, April 2019.

There's a lot of choices in this product category, so what we did here is take all the products at the lower end of the price spectrum which have the following criteria:

  • A simple & easy to use table-top design. So we haven't included any wacky complicated designs or tablet-mixer & interface combination type products.

  • Must have at least one Microphone input & at least one Line/Instrument level input so you can plug your guitar or bass direct into the interface & record guitar/bass direct into your DAW software using any amp-modelling plugin.

  • Must have a separate dedicated volume control for both headphones & main monitor speakers. That way you can easily turn DOWN the main speaker volume while recording on a mic with headphones & then after recording you can easily turn the main speaker volume UP again to check what you recorded.

For prices we used Thomann - Not just because they sponsor us, but also because they are a very good indicator of a low street price. However if you buy from Thomann, all products listed in this roundup come with a FREE 3-year warranty for peace of mind & an additional 30- day, no quibble money back offer. If you simply decide you don't like the product, send it back for a refund.

USB Audio Interface roundup (2 in x 2 out) April 2019

Here's the candidates in the short-list:

We hope this roundup was useful to you. Any comments? Please add them below, or alternatively add a comment on our Youtube video page. Thanks!


'USB Audio Interface Roundup (2 in x 2 out) April 2019'

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'USB Audio Interface Roundup (2 in x 2 out) April 2019'

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