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ik multimedia - modo bass

IK Multimedia Modo Bass (ESD); virtual bass guitar; real-time modal synthesis technology, no sampl...

ik multimedia - modo drum

Ik Multimedia MODO DRUM is a fantastic new modelling acoustic drum instrument....

softube - console 1

Softube Console 1 is an SSL SL4000E channel strip plugin with dedicated hardware controller. Add Con...

softube - time & tone bundle

The Softube 'Time & Tone' Bundle consisting of TSAR-1R reverb, Saturation Knob & Tube Delay is curre...

propellerheads - reason 5

Propellerhead Reason 5 - virtual studio rack, new features: KONG Drum Designer, Dr. Octo Rex, Subtra...

ssl - duende mini

Solid State Logic Duende Mini – DSP powered SSL processing in a compact desktop format. The legendar...

ssl - duende mini studio pack

Solid State Logic Duende Mini Studio Pack - Duende Mini with 32-channel option, stereo bus compresso...

ssl - duende mini musicians pack

Solid State Logic Duende Mini Musicians Pack, contains Duende Mini + Stereo Bus Compressor, Drum Str...

propellerheads - record

The superb new Record audio & midi sequencer from Propellerheads - check it out! ...

ik multimedia - t-racks 3 deluxe

T-RackS 3 Deluxe, High-End Mastering/Mixing Suite Software, 9 processors (various eq, compressor, li...

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Apogee for the everyman!...

Apogee - Duet

Apogee stepped up to the plate to deliver a quality firewire audio interface at an everyman price… Here's a full-on video review of the product showing you everything you need to know - including using the Duet as a MIDI controller in Logic Pro, the Maestro software in use, and even a look at the carrying bag!

Latest Added Files & Samples...

behringer td-3 manual Manual 10-Jul-20

behringer td-3 manual english

[filesize: 1,988 kb]

james edward cosby minimoog model d (ios) presets Moog 20-Mar-20

free minimoog model d ios preset bank from james edward cosby

[filesize: 48 kb]

rumours riddim snare & orch5 hit Snare_pak 24-Jan-20

rumours riddim snare & orch5 hit

[filesize: 218 kb]

rumours riddim project with samples Environment 24-Jan-20

rumours riddim logic pro x project with all samples

[filesize: 1,969 kb]

logic pro x learn frequencies project Other 12-Nov-17

logic pro x learn frequencies project

[filesize: 530 kb]

drop leaf riddim logic song file Other 12-Oct-17

drop leaf riddim logic song file, includes guitar chaps audio

[filesize: 27,257 kb]

logic pro x melodica (exs) ethnic_instrument 09-Nov-15

a reggae/dub melodica exs sample set ready to load into logic pro x as a project. from there you can save the instrument to your own library.

[filesize: 4,406 kb]

logic pro x drum machine designer blank kit template .patch Pst_plugin_setting 25-Jun-15

logic pro x drum machine designer blank kit template .patch

[filesize: 361 kb]

aphex 230 Manual 24-May-14

manual for aphex 230

[filesize: 2,487 kb]

aphex 207d Manual 24-May-14

manual for aphex 207d

[filesize: 1,696 kb]

Samples News Blog

10-Jul-20 - producerloops releases essence of analogue vol 3: ambient odyssey

'Essence of Analogue Vol 3: Ambient Odyssey' continues this new and expansive series that was recorded and processed exclusively using analogue synths and out...

10-Jul-20 - producerloops releases cinematic underscore fx vol 3

'Cinematic Underscore FX Vol 3' is the third part in a compelling collection of foley, impacts, risers, soundbeds and subs. Featuring exquisite sound design, ...

23-Apr-20 - producer loops releases dennyiah: pop & soul vocals

'Dennyiah: Pop & Soul Vocals' by Producer Loops is an inspiring array of all the vocal samples you'll need to make your next Billboard 100 banger. These chart- ...

23-Apr-20 - voxengo oldskoolverb 2.6 free reverb plugin released

Voxengo OldSkoolVerb version 2.6 update is now available for download. OldSkoolVerb is a freeware algorithmic reverberation plugin for professional music produ...

04-Apr-20 - producer loops releases classic melodic trance vol 2

'Classic Melodic Trance Vol 2' from Jan Franklin is an energetic collection of five huge construction kits. It features expertly-mixed drum loops, synths, pads,...

28-Mar-20 - voxengo lf max punch 1.9 bass enhancer plugin released

Voxengo LF Max Punch version 1.9 update is now available for download. LF Max Punch is a professional audio effect plugin for music and sounds where low-freque...

21-Mar-20 - producer loops lush lo-fi anthems vol 1

'Lush Lo-Fi Anthens Vol 1' by Producer Loops is a hip hop sample pack that contains the analogue warmth and harmonic distortion that defines the lo-fi aesthetic...

20-Mar-20 - free presets for minimoog model d ios

Free preset bank from James Edward Cosby. Check out a preview in this video. Get the preset bank free via the link. All good! Features a variety of sounds from ...

18-Mar-20 - producer loops instrumental pop vol 3

'Instrumental Pop Vol 3' concludes this series of versatile Construction Kits which blend the accessible chord progressions of Contemporary Pop with the cutti...

18-Mar-20 - korg kaossilator app free!! until march 20th/31st

The Kaossilator from Korg a great little music generating & creation app & it's free on Android until March 20th & FREE on iOS until March 31st - Patterns can...

18-Mar-20 - free ios minimoog model d - limited time offer!!

Get it while it's hot! This superb iOS AU instrument run inside host DAW's like Garageband on iOS & is currently on a 100% FREE offer! - checkout our youtube ...