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VST32 - review - Toolbox

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Author: admin
Date: 15-Oct-00

VST V.5 - new features

Here comes VST32 or VST Version_5 - you know what?.. i really like it, vst with the right hardware is more solid & stable now than it's ever been, both in operation on the PC & in it's interface graphic (fx excepted, they are still 'fuzzy' graphic's-wise) - As you will see, the redesign seems to have used lots of little subtle layout idea bits from other popular s/w's like Logic & even Fruity-Loops !!.. yup...

here's the main screen for V5 VST, as you can see the whole programme arrange area & track-headers have taken on a 'Logic-like' steely blue-grey quality. Tracks depress when selected, and generally all VST's 'bits' in the outer shell seem clean & crisper like the new Logic 4.5

VST V.5 - new features - Toolbox

Well the best bit about this is the Two new 'Tools'... The clock/Pencil 'Time-Stretch' icon, and the 'GRV' 'Groove-Quantise' icon option - They've introduce new faster ways to work as far as Timestretch is concerned, and the Grooves at last seem to work cos i've never had any luck with VST's 'Grooves' before this... and again, it is almost like the Steinberg boys have read my list of 'Things that make Logic better for me' .. cos adding the Groove Quantise helps alot to balance it for me with Logic... anyways.. here they are and the Time-Stretch feature is superbly moron-proof... By the way, this Tool-box based Time-Stretch feature is 'Tempo Dependant', it always works adjusting the audio-region part length to the tempo set in the transport bar. If you want to adjust the tempo of the track to fit the loop, it is still the same procedure as usual, (see the DT Article 'VST Loop Tutorial' for how to do that.)

Time-Stretch Tool

  • Simply select the clock/Pencil 'Time-Stretch' tool.
  • Make sure the SNAP selector at the top of the Arrange page is set to the resolution you want.

  • Click on the end of the audio-region music part on the arrange area, and drag.
  • It timestretches the file in-place

So if you have a 1 bar loop for example & wish to stretch it to double the length to 2 bars, then set snap to Bar... then when you drag anywhere around the next-bar marker, it just stretches it to that bar exactly. Great feature for fast fixing of audio loops especially

GRV - Groove-Quantise Template Tool

Pretty simple, click on a music part with this tool selected, and a choice of two lists appears. Simply select your list and select the tempo Groove... listen to the difference. Often it is so subtle, but try hopping between lists & drastic setting differences and you'll hear it at work. The Groove names in the VST GRV lists are a tad cryptic so it'll take time to learn which 'Groove' gives which shuffle etc... It's the same with Logic tho, after a year or more with it I know my favourite groove templates for that programme...

Here's a drum part with no quantise applied with the drums on grid divisions of straight 16ths...

Now here's the same part after applying a GRV template of 8th shuffle/8th + 16... You can see how it has grabbed the last drum which is on an 8th beat pattern (in between the 4th's), and shuffled it over retarding that drum in the pattern a bit for each strike, but it has left alone the other two which are on the grid in divisions of 4th's/quarter-notes....

One BIG letdown tho, i can't see any way to set a Groove quantise for the TRACK, forcing the selected quantise template 'Groove' onto ANY newly created parts or parts moved to that track. I still think Logic's quantise totaly rules until VST has this, but this works well for VST, & is very quick to use. But again, i can see problems with using this as NO marker or anything seems to appear or change that i could see to indicate a groove template is in force on any given music-part, whereas Logic CLEARLY shows any imposed Quantise on a music part in it's own version of the 'Track/Part-Info box' on the left because it HAS got a quantise parameter setting on the side 'Track/Part-Info'panel - ner-ner.. sort THAT out Steinberg please or it'll be 'Quantise-Mayhem'...



'VST32 - review - Toolbox'

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'VST32 - review - Toolbox'

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