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VST32 - audio groove to midi quantise

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Author: admin
Date: 23-Nov-00

OK... easy to do, grab the zipfile at the end of this tutorial, and open it up. put the audio file in your VST folder, and open the arrange file.

ok... you can have an audio loop file, and have VST 'analyse' it and create a quantise groove to match. This 'Groove' can then be applied to your midi drum parts to make them slide in & mesh with the audio loop better, or simply to grab the feel from an audio loop you like and apply it to your own groove.

It's a subtle effect, in may cases you'll apply the groove and cos the beat you took it from was an on-the-beat groove, the quantise will probably make no difference, but grab a drum-map edit, and throw in some randon hat's so that it sound total gibberish, THEN apply the groove quantise and see how it grabs the hats and shifts them into a proper sequence... Let's go thru the process.

starting the track

Here's the arrange screen you should be seeing when you open the VST song included in the zip for this tutorial. Get the groove playing so that you can hear the audio loop and the midi drum pattern playing your drum module or sampler.

Open up the drum-part (channel 10) and it should look like this. It's a straight boring 16th hat & a 4 on the floor kik pattern, with an 8th pattern on-beat playing a snare or rimshot... all the drums are square and on the beat.

Step 1

Ok.... go to the arrange page, hi-lite the audio-loop 'Part', (wax_loop.wav), and then select menu: Functions/Convert to Groove - You have now stored the wax_loop.wav audio 'Part' groove template in the Groove quantise Select menu.

Step 2

If you then select: Functions/Quantise Type, you'll see the 'Groove' added to the list with the same name as the audio-loop 'Part' it was taken from, in this case: Groove: wax_loop - The actual groove is called: wax_loop.prt

NOTE: whichever groove is ticked in this menu, if you then apply 'Quantise' to a hi-lited midi 'Part' using the Quantise command on this Functions menu as opposed to using the toolbox Grv tool, then it'll default to use the ticked quantise... (You can also apply Quantise to a hi-lited midi 'Part' by doing command Ctrl/Q)

Step 3

Ok.. now go back to the music 'Parts' on the Arrange area, and hi-lite the midi drum 'Part' - Go to the Toolbox, and select the Grv tool... when selected the mouse-icon becomes a little Grv text icon.

Step 4

Having selected the Grv tool, all you have to do is click on the midi drum 'Part' to apply the groove and the 'Grooves' list appears offering VST's standard 8th & 16th shuffle grooves & any created grooves you have added to the list... As you can see, the 'wax_loop.prt' quantise groove you created from the 'Wax_loop' audio 'Part' is on the list... simply select it to apply that groove to the midi drum 'Part'. When you apply the Grv tool, the midi 'Part' gives a little glitch and it's done!!...

Step 5

Here we can see the groove quantised drum part. Not alot has happened, it has dropped out some hat notes.. But if you now play it, it does help the midi part to work better with the audio loop - It has selected the best option to match the two up given that everything is already on the beat and matching...

Anyways that's how to do it, and try as I said just slingimng in some random drum notes on a drum-map row and apply the grooves to see how VST is moving them around to adapt...

All in all it's now as simple to use as Logic's previously superior 'groove quantise from audio' function - It does help your midi grooves to match up, and if you had like a swing shuffle groove hats audio loop, it'll grab the groove template from the audio hat pattern loop and turn it into a midi groove quantise template you could apply anytime to any straight 16th hat pattern you quickly draw in... have fun!...

Here's the zipfile for the Song for this page


'VST32 - audio groove to midi quantise'

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Name:  rhyze
Activity:  Professional
Date:  02-Dec-00

I thought you could also click on a part, and audio part for example, drag it on top of another existing part, a MIDI part, and the rhytmic value of the dragged audio part would be applied to the MIDI part. I belive it works in the other way around as well. Perhaps I misunderstood this function. Try it and let me know.


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'VST32 - audio groove to midi quantise'

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