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Grass -The History of Cannabis


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Grass -The History of Cannabis

Added by: admin  |  Date: 19-May-09  |  Class: Music video


This video, directed by Ron Man and narrated by Woody Harrelson, is one of the best documentaries on the US government´s systematic seven-decade campaign to demonize Cannabis.

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Added comments for this video.

20-May-09 - 02:32 PM | name: Robbie Knight

hey K, it's robbie, who, many years ago you helped by getting me into a better method of video production...

i'm enjoying this video, thanks, i'm around 30 minutes in and i'm wondering if john sinclair the mc5 manager from the late 60's will show up later,

as it turns out i make a video each week now - my weekly improvisation - and i've had john sinclair take part in a couple of them, maybe you'd like to check them out,

yr3wk32 & yr2wk48

take care x

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