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Velcome to ze "Tips 'n' Tricks" bit - Here's a variety of tips from all areas of studio, midi & live work. The emphasis here is not just about tricks to get sounds, but also ideas to save money or time.

But surely YOU have soom real cool tips to share with your comrades in arms of the music world?! - Feel free to add your own money-saving or technique tips!

Check out some of the Tips below, or add your own & hey!... don't forget, there are plenty of FX-Tips in the Articles section too!


152 - Neato Drum Sample tips.        

From: Danny D.
Date: 06-Feb-00

Instead of using those crazy and often stupid-sounding cymbal crash samples, and wasting them, why not try doing the opposite of what they're made for? By reversing the cymbal sample, you'll get a ever-louder sound until the peak point in which it just --- STOPS. It's great to create a dramatic point in a song, especially if you turn down the volume in the other tracks just a tad to emphasize.

Be creative with your drum loops!! I don't know how many songs are bland-sounding because the artist decided not to spend the extra 1/2 hour fine-tuning the samples, and adding lots of variations and fills.

Change the focus of your drums by either distorting the sound and making it sound weird for interlude parts, or just adding crazy reverb or chorus to it to make it sound as alien as possible, then come back with the original "clean" loop to give it a really nice emphasized kick to the song.

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