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How to align a tape machine for recording (Bias setup included)


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How to align a tape machine for recording (Bias setup included)

Added by: admin  |  Date: 27-Jul-09  |  Class: Studio-technique


Part 2 in our "How to" series about recording with tape. Before you do the record alignment in this video, make sure to do a repro alignment using your MRL (see the repro alignment video). This video is kind of long, but I decided to leave in a lot of extra footage to provide as much info and guidance as possible.

Things you'll need to complete this exercise are an MRL, a tone generator (we like the neutrik minirator for it's portability and ease of use), and the overbias amount recommended by your the tape manufacturer. In this video, we used RMG 486 which required an overbias amount of +4 at 15 ips for our gap width (consult your manual or the internet for the gap width for you machine)

This process may seem complicated at first, but with a little practice you'll get the hang of it! Feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email if you have any question / comments or suggestions! Long live analog recording.

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