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Subject: Help with Basics

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Original Message 1/5             09-Sep-02  @  05:09 AM   -   Help with Basics


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Need your help! I have been working on my music on protools and acid. I would really like to do a live gig, but have know idea what is the best way to go about it. Live seems like a totally different animal. I don't use turntabels. All my samples are now been looped in protools and acid. What are some of the tricks the pro's use when doing a live show. Is it all based on a midi platform or through samplers? I would like to know how a group for example like underworld has their system set-up for live shows. Are all their drums running through midi out to samplers or what? Arps and pads...midi?..or sample loops? Hopefully someone reading this knows what I'm trying to ask. If you do, thank you very much for some advice. Just want to make sure I head down the right path to set-up a live show.

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Message 2/5             09-Sep-02  @  12:01 PM   -   RE: Help with Basics


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there's no secret, the choices are obvious, you just need to decide what you want to do   buy a h/w sampler and sequencer and dump your samples, or take your pc on stage, play a cd-r and pretend you're doing it *smirk* or an mc303 and rebuild your tracks on it.. lots of good examples in threads here.

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Message 3/5             12-Sep-02  @  03:15 AM   -   RE: Help with Basics


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thought id make a deposit in the favor bank after all the questions ive been asking lately 


do you have any hardware synths? bring them out, especially if they have knobs. if you dont have any and all your sounds are in the computer, you have to dump them into a sampler so you can take them out with you. of course you can bring your pc onstage but thats not generally a good idea. then youll need a sequencer. and a mixer. an effects box/pedal would be nice (delay), run everything through it. if you have a drum machine bring it. thats all i can think of now

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Message 4/5             12-Sep-02  @  01:44 PM   -   RE: Help with Basics

Pure Phase

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If you've got all your stuff as loops then maybe an Akai MPC could be the answer (sampler and sequencer). Seen Underworld and many others using them. They're rock sold and reliable. Another option is the newer Yamaha RS7000. But i guess it depends on wether you want to go down the purely hardware route... i would... but it's your decision.

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Message 5/5             13-Sep-02  @  06:39 PM   -   RE: Help with Basics



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It costs but I would say get a good dedicated hardware sampler/sequencer... the rs7000 is nice!

Please do not take a computer on stage and sit there triggering samples from protools. It's a personal pet peave of mine. So I asked nicely!


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