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Subject: PA Help

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Original Message 1/4             23-Aug-06  @  01:34 PM   -   PA Help


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Hi people, Im new to this whole game, so any help would be grately appreciated. Im looking to contruct a pa rig for holding parties with. I have been teching myself from internet tutorials and have a basic grasp of it. The rig Im looking to design is going to be used for mainly breaks and dnb, then a bit of house n garage and reggae. So it needs to be quite bass heavy. I have found some designs from Selenium - Good for what Im looking for?

My main questions are regarding whether there are any tutorials about matching amps with the speakers u build and how to run a crossover because this is the part of it all I dont really understand. I would quite like active speakers, to fit with my design. Is this possible, how would i work out what I would need for this system with the two woofers, then a separate amp for the two mid drivers and the horn.

Could someone also point me in the direction of the best suppliers of drivers and amps on the net?

I know these are very basic questions but as I said I am very new to this but I have spent a lot of time learning and would like to learn more. Any help would be grately appreciated. Thanks

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Message 2/4             23-Aug-06  @  05:48 PM   -   RE: PA Help


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did you have a budget?.. cos it can cost more now to build than to buy as wood costs so damned music (really, wood is VERY expsensive for proper serious plywood)

you can get some VERY good systems now with long guarantees... ready to run


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Message 3/4             20-Aug-08  @  01:29 PM   -   RE: PA Help


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hi. my name is talent and i live in zimbabwe.i am also in the same boat you are in. confused and not knowing where to look. you can go to this website that is if you have not yet checked out this site. it is check it out and you won't be dissappointed.

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Message 4/4             17-Jan-09  @  10:54 PM     Edit: 17-Jan-09  |  10:55 PM   -   RE: PA Help


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look on for loudspeaker plans
and check out the forums for advice!

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