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Subject: Music files in my windows 8

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Original Message 1/1             25-Jun-17  @  01:01 PM   -   RE: Music files in my windows 8


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I got a new windows 8 from my friend Zalad. There are lots of Music Files that created by us in it. I found that I don`t have the access to log in the Windows 8, my friend told me her windows 8 admin password, but I can not log in still. Do I need to recover the windows 8 admin password?
I tried to searched and lots of articles likely, here was one of them: Windows 8 Password Removal Tool:
Here were the tips that I searched and it seemed difficult:

Get into PC with PIN code, and reset watchword for bolted account

Stick code is a brisk, helpful approach to sign in Windows 8/8.1/10 PC with a 4-digit code. In the event that you have ever made one, this might be the least complex and best technique for Windows 8 secret key reset. Absolutely two stages are required.

Step 1: Sign in Windows 8 with PIN code

When you overlooked your nearby record secret key in the logon page, sign-in alternatives would be given to you to pick. Tap the Sign-in choices, there are two choices, Password and PIN. Pick PIN, and sort in 4-digit code in the case. At that point you can sign into your PC effectively with director.

Step 2: Press Windows +X, and tap on Command Prompt (Admin) and Yes.

Step 3: On the Command Prompt, sort in:

Net User and press Enter to reset another secret word for Windows 8.

Charge Prompt screen shows up, input the words like the words in the red box, client name is Zahl, new password is set by Recover Windows 8 Password:, and after that press Enter to finish the Windows password reset prepare.
I also wonder somewhere can be the Most Secure Password Manager for my windows 8 password keeper.I also learned form Most Secure Password Manager: to choose a suitable one for me, because I will use this windows 8 for a long time during my study of Music in Milano. If you have any suggestion that can protect my windows 8 and my music files better, please tell me. Thanks advanced.

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