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!J Development

Makers of excellent VSTi synths. They have two good freeware synths online for download.


Homepage for Syntheway VST Instruments and Effects. Makers of Synhteway Strings VSTi, DAL Flute VSTi, Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi, Master Hammond B3 VSTi, Fantasize SoundFont Player VSTi and more...

1st Oakleigh Cases

1st Oakleigh Cases provide bespoke flight cases and road trunks for a wide range of industries.


Makers of converters, time clocks and soundcards.

Abyss Plugins

Home of Abbys plugins & other things s/w.

Access Music GmbH

News, product information, FAQ, latest operating system, thousands of sounds etc. ally you need for a Virus a/b/kb/Indigo/rack or TDM ,ACCESS


Access Virus is a wicked multi-mode analog modelling unit check it out



Agro Engineers

Manufacturer of worm gear boxes, helical gear boxes, right angle gear boxes, gear reduction boxes, industrial gearboxes, worm wheel and worm shaft, worm gear, spur, helical and bevel gear, racks and pinion, other mechanical engineering power transmission equipment.

Akai archive downloads

Download operating systems & manuals etc for older classic Akai products here.


Akai Nippon.....Makers of the S series samplers, and a few other bits like hard disk units & other recorders.


Akai's German website for all the latest pro-sampler stuff from them

Akai manuals & OS page

various Akai product manuals and OS downloads.


AKAI's proper site for all music kit, samplers, s2000, s5000, s6000 etc etc.



Akai's main website address.

AKG Acoustics

AKG homepage. makers of mic's, headphones etc.

albert babin

personel web site

Allen & Heath

Home of the famous British mixer manufacturer.

Alphakanal Buzzer page

Alphakanal Buzzer page

Alto Website

Product Home w/ tech details


Home of AMEK, one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium quality audio mixing consoles and signal processing devices for the pro audio industry.


Professional series flat panel carbon fibre loudspeakers for concert use. Thin transducers make transport and use much simpler than with larger conventional boxes. Suitable for performance venues of any size, including outdoors.

he most popular guitar amp and effects modeling software raises the standard to an unprecedented level of high-quality emulation and extreme flexibility, for crafting the ultimate guitar tone.

• 14 Preamp and 14 EQ models • 7 Power-Amp models • 16 Cabinet models • 6 Microphone models • 21 Stomp Effect models • 11 Rack Effect models • High-precision Tuner • 2 Guitar rig chains • Plug-In and Standalone version

AMS Neve

Home to AMS Neve

AMULET - VST plugin converter

yup a piece of s/w that allows you to convert vst plugins to work with cakewalk, soundforge, acid, Logic etc etc... there are loads of VST freeware fx out there and also loads of cheap and excellent fx, as well as some that cannot be had as direct-x such as the waldorf filer... so check it -


home of AnalogX plugins


Makers of the AnaMark VSTi synth.

Anarchy Sound Software

Home of Anarchy Sound Software

Andreas Ersson Plugins

Andreas Ersson VST Plugins site section direct link


Makers of the superb 'Auto-Tune s/w plugin, a must for vocals sessions.

Antress Modern Plugins

home of a great free collection of intersting ibm-pc VST plugins


Home of Anwidasoft who make various quality DX plugin FX

AO Digital Audio

Homepage for OA Digital Audio Software who make a variety of VST s/w FX plugins & VSTi's.


Aphex company website


Apple need no introduction. Makers of hardware and various pro s/w for audio and video

Applied Acoustics Systems

Home of Applied Acoustics Systems

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS)

Makers of Tassman VSTi/DXi synth.

ARC System

• The first and only room correction system in a plug-in for DAW-based studios

• Includes a calibrated measurement microphone, measurement software and multi-platform correction plug-in

• Improves clarity, stereo imaging and frequency response, for faster, more reliable mixing

• Revolutionary Audyssey MultEQ® technology corrects frequency and phase response not only for the engineer’s ‘sweet spot’, but also multiple points in the room

• Step by step setup measurement wizard will have you up and running in minutes

• A convenient, unique, mobile correction solution for the traveling engineer

• Sonically 'treat' your room so you can finally trust the sound of your studio

One of the most critical factors influencing the quality of a music production is the accuracy of the monitoring system. In fact, the combination of speakers and room acoustics prove to be the weakest link in the music production chain. When monitors are placed in a room, the surrounding walls, ceiling, furniture and other objects reflect and absorb their sounds; creating complex distortions specific to the room- causing them to lose the accuracy they have been designed for, and you end up hearing more of the sound of the room than the music actually being produced.

IK Multimedia has teamed up with the leading provider of sound equalization solutions, Audyssey, for the production of an innovative, low-cost and mobile solution to correct the distortion problems caused by room acoustics: ARC system.


home of ArcDev plugins

Argiriadis Analogue Electronics

Valve outboard modular systems including the AAEDistortBOX and spring reverb amplifier units specifically designed for the home or studio producer on a budget. These units, made using real analogue electronics and real valves 'totally blow away the digital and software plug-in emulations of valve saturation and distortion'.


arguru create plugins.


home of ART - Applied Research & Technology

ART - Applied Research & Technology

ART, make a range of FX proccessors, and multi-FX units

ART Teknika / Console

ART Teknika Console pages


Founded in Grenoble (France) in 1999, ARTURIA specializes in the development of music software and hardware for both the professional and amateur musician. Focusing on innovation, the company strives to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into their products. This involves working closely with partner research institutions, such as IRCAM France, in the development of leading edge musical instruments and software, the results of which have gone on to been used in the making of numerous hit records and Hollywood sound tracks.

One of ARTURIA's core technologies is TAE® (True Analog Emulation), a novel technique which allows for the accurate modelling of the behavior of analog circuits on a personal computer. This technology, developed in house by ARTURIA's Signal Processing team, has been employed to successfully recreate the sounds produced by many legendary analog synthesizers. This innovative technology has advanced ARTURIA's position in the computer musical instrument market place to one of global leader.

ARTURIA's primary strategy and competitive advantage lie mainly in their keen ability towards innovation. Due to its developments, ARTURIA has been the recipient of several prestigious awards in this domain. Operating in 25 countries, the company gains more than 90% of its business revenue through exportation, essentially to the US, Japan and Northern Europe.

ARX Systems

ARX manufactures state of the art professional audio products including signal processors, multi channel power amplifiers and powered and unpowered loudspeaker systems


aps e-mu drivers asio for the SBLive, soundblaster Live - this is a mirror of the other ASIO SBLive link.



Audio Simulation

Audio Simulation make the Dreamstation synth which is also bundled with Cakewalk's Sonar XL package.

AudiopleXus State of the Art Mastering

AudiopleXus is a State of the art audio mastering studio CD-DVD Mastering Free trial available Low rate per songs. Equipment from Avalon, Manley, Apogee, Prism sound, TC Master 6000, SSL, Massenburg, Masselec, Weiss, Adam, SPl London UK. Providing High-End Audio Mastering Services for the Music Industry.


Home of the ABL Bass Line Synthesizer


Audiotrak english pages site link.


Makers of BeatMachine, the amazing software drum box


Avid- makersof s/w and hardware for audio and video production

Backlights - Telesis Backlights

Telesis backlights manufactures backlights for keyboards, rack, & table top instruments, sequencers, and many other products from akai, roland, korg, kurzweil, emu, yamaha, peavey, & many others. our backlights are brighter and have the contacts in the correct position for your instrument. call 714-998-3001 or email us at


makers of the sonic-maximiser range of audio processors.


Behringer - a German company - makers of excellent outboard FX, Mic's & mixers etc, including the value Eurodesk.

English language Behringer site.

Best Flight Cases

Meta description: Best flight cases offering High Quality products only using the best materials Our prices are Very competitive, a flight case built to last.


BS Broadcast is a global market leader in supplying of broadcast equipment specializing in used broadcast equipment. Now we are selling RTS INTERCOM SYSTEMS Ericsson RX8200 MPEG2 /MPEG4 SD & HD 4:2:0 DVB-S2 8PSK receiver Multi-service Decryption, BISS and Down-conversion 22033.


beyma make drivers for pa. speakers, bass speakers etc

Big Tick

makers of much rated VSTi's including the 'Ticky Clavi' clavinet synth, a must have for your 70's funk and classic reggea sounds!

Big City Music has been selling new and vintage analog synthesizers in Los Angeles since 1989. Our website, , gives musicians access to the finest new and vintage analog gear.

Our selection of vintage analog synthesizers is the largest in the world! We are not brokers. Every item listed on our website is in stock, as well as many others that are not! If you don’t see what you want, please ask us about it. We probably have what you are looking for.


Home of Creakbox & Turntablist Pro

BitHeadz Inc.

Professional software synthesizers for todays electronic musicians!

Makers of RETRO AS-1, the realtime, fully programmable analog synthesizer for Mac & Windows,

and UNITY DS-1 digital sampling synthesizer.


home of bitshift audio who do plugins & instruments.

Bitstream Pro MIDI Controller

Ideal MIDI Controller to be used with analog virtual synths (rebirth, reason, ...)

Blacet Research

Music kit manufacturer with 20 plus years in the biz.

Current products include the Dark Star Chaos synth

module (also available assembled).

Blackstone software

Home of Blackstone software (previously Obsidian s/w)


Info for synths, ServiceManuals,Schematics,OwnerManuals,Mods


Distributors for the Syntechno Tee-Bee & Mutator synths.

Blue Wave Sound

Blue Wave Sound offer hire, sales and installation of professional sound and lighting equipment. Our systems range from 600w to our flagship 20kw touring rig and start from as little as £35.

We offer considerable discounts for trade, charity and community group rentals.


Boss main company link

BPM Studio Professional

BPM Studio Pro is a complete MP3 DJ System for professional DJ's, discos, bar and restaurant owners, dancing schools, radio stations and other entertainment centres. Now you can leave your CD's at home as BPM Studio masters all important functions such as editing, pitching, mixing, cue-point setting, looping along with numerous special functions for live mixing and flexible background music features. Manage your music from a central system and control every aspect of a live event and throughout your premises. Two smooth-running players with separate playlists, sample player, sample editor, integrated mixer, equalizer, automatic BPM counter, automatic cross fader, CD writer and many more features. And, BPM Studio System can extended by specifically designed remote controls with the "look & feel" of regular CD players for easy control, more functionality and additional features. BPM Studio 4 Pro has the features you ever need to express your creative potential as a DJ.

System requirements: PIII - 700 MHz, 128MB RAM, 16 bit soundcard, SVGA video card, 40x CD-ROM, Win98, ME, Win2000 or XP.

Brightonart - Coldcutter

Developers of audio and video software.

Brüel & Kjær

direct link to the mic's section of this company

BTE Audio

BTE Audio researches and develops advanced signal processing solutions for professional audio and musical instrument industries. We provide high performance algorithms for integration into third-party audio hardware and software products.



Buzz home

This is the new Buzz site - go here.

Buzz Manual

The Official Buzz Online Manual


The place to update your Buzz machine collection.


A huge website dedicated to Buzz 1, Oskari Tammelin


Cakewalk home

CAKEWALK PRO AUDIO - Twelve Tone Systems

Cakewalk Pro Audio is similar to Cubase audio. Good software

Camel audio

Camel audio home

Chandler limited

Chappell of Bond Street

Since 1811, Chappell of Bond Street have been gaining a reputation for their musical knowledge and dedication to customer service for their range of sheet music, musical instruments and accessories.

Chris Gill

home to download the Superwave P8

CLS Monitors

Advanced Stage Monitor Systems for the power and clarity required by Electronic and all other music. Advanced Patent Applied For Loading Techniques. From a Company that have experience with Eat Static, Underworld, Orbital, Mega Dog, The Shamen and other Dance and Rock related Events.

Cnx Global Radio Dance Radio Station Non Stop 24/7

Dance Radio Station Non Stop 24/7


homepage for Cockaigne. The author makes synthedit synths & fx.


Contralogic Productions home.


Cool synth, shame about the website.....Bloody hell....can you read it ??....Fucked if I can Missus..!!


Home of CourierVST


Soundcards, etc

Crest Audio

Crest make quality mixers and audio amps etc - check them out.

Crown Audio

home of Crown amps and more

Cures for writers block - article

Article outlining unique ways to cure writers block.

Custom Dust Covers for all your Audio Gear

DigitalDeckCovers sells custom, made-to-order dust covers for all types of audio equipment, including: vintage Roland synthesizers; digital workstations by M Audio and Disidesign; turntables by Technics, Pioneer, Numark, and Denon; Yamaha mixers, Akai samplers, controllers, consoles, Korg keyboards, monitor speakers, and just about anything else!

CVA electronica

European professional sound&light systems manufacturer





cyberwave electronic music systems

unique synth and sample Cd


Manufacturer of the BASS BOT TT-303

D&R Electronica

D&R make quality studio & live mixing consoles and custom implementations for Tv/AV video etc.

D16 Group


Discover the Ramsa wr da7 console! One of the best consoles ever made.



Dash Synthesis

Home of Dash Synthesis

Dave Smith Instruments

company site for Dave Smith Evolver and other products


Free VST plugins from dave Brown - they are great plugs - go deh !

db audioware

dave brown (DB Audioware) makes superb plugins, plenty of free stuff to d/load, they have 2 free packs of the original plugin range including everything you need VSTi fx wise to get you going. (mac & pc)


The famous noise reduction company. Also make the deadly DBX Boom Box

Delta SP

Delta is a software application which emulates a synthesizer, a sequencer , and a sampler . There is only one executable file so no synchronizing is needed . Modular synthesis and regular synthesis is included in the application. Delta combines the features of many great applications from the past , and introduces a few new concepts as well. Listen to the demo projects, available from the Delta homepage for an idea of what to expect.

Devine Machine

Home of Devine Machine & LiveSync Recorder VSTi plugins

Devine Machine's New Name @ PowerFX

Miracle Beats ---------------------------- Miracle Beats is a sample CD and VSTi combination that includes the "LoopMorph" technology.

LoopMorph technology takes drum loops and creates individual slices, then automatically splits each element of the drum kit - hi hat, bass drum, snare, etc. - and separates them on to individual tracks with each slice. This provides the user with control over the individual elements of the drum loop by splitting and combining and rearranging the elements, sounds and patterns of different loops.

The Miracle Beats VSTi can rearrange, split, morph and turn the 500 included loops into an infinite number of possibilities within any VST host application.

Free Version available....2 Tracks though...

Full Version is 99.00 USD 8 Tracks in Full Version w/ unlimited variations/combinations

Not a bad little machine for a S/W type. The Hammerhead Drumsynth is about as good but not as elaborate or flexable as far as files readable !! But HH is FREE...... has allot of other Drum Machines as well as LoopMachines too..... Worth a quick check !

Link in previous comment was diverted to PowerFX, The FREE version takes a while to download at 17.5 Megs though !!

Enjoy = )




Diamonds is glad to introduce you to the world of dazzling diamonds. There0 are very few stores that give you diamond jewelry that beautifully blends the culture with contemporary styles and patterns.


Digidesign, makers of fine software


Digilogue make superb plugin fx... you can get the whole set for a contribution of about $35, freeware until you pay.


DAL make high end soundcards

Digital Elements

Home of digital elements

Digital Sound Planet

Tools and services for musicians, now the new home for the Quartz software family with a new range of upgraded music and audio software, designed to fit the needs of a large range of users and featuring hips of genuine functionalities : Quartz Audio, Quartz AudioMaster, Quartz Studio, Quartz Composer, Quartz DirectX Plug-ins, Quartz Mpeg 3 Plug-in. Our online Virtual studios allow sharing of audio and music project using the internet.

DigitalDeckCovers Custom Dust Covers

DigitalDeckCovers sells custom, made-to-order dust covers for any type of audio equipment. Made with your choice of high quality materials to protect your investment from dust, spills and other debris. Shipped worldwide.


digitalfishphones home.


Digitech make some cool FX processors


Revolve 100M is the ultimate MIDI sequencer for Electronica. Program your synths with a vintage style interface-but unlike ReBirth, the sound you get is limited only by your studio! Includes ReBirth to MIDI converter-Import your favorite ReBirth song...

makers of the superb Rubberduck 303 s/w synth.. a great s/w synth similar to rebirth.. it also imports & plays a loop for you in sync, for you to create your patterns talong with, and also does all that great sine-wave stuff like bubbling little trance and house lines to add to your sound arsenal


DOD, from the USA, make a range of FX processors


Doepfer company website.


Unless you're new to recording, Drawmer need no introduction. Find me a studio without a Drawmer product....Compressors, gates, etc etc

dreampoint Freeverb

a great free vst or DX or linux plugin reverb.. yes free and it sounds excellent!! - check it out.

Drum Kits Download | Loops and Samples

Newest drum kits from the internet! Hip hop drum kit, rock drum kit, dubstep drum kit.

Home of Dynacord

eduardo vaccari



Korean company with brilliant spec'd soundcard & system products - audio & midi units, USB, and even a pcmcia connector multi-i/o audio & multiple midi I/O stand alone unit - Go-deh!!

Electro Harmonix

Electroharmonix are greats from the old days who specialised in fx-pedals of greatness & some rack fx etc.. I beleive they were taken over & possibly went away some years back when they became ART, or ART took them over or whatever, but they appear to be back & going strong again.. it even says on their website; "EH is back, once again putting innovative stompboxes at the feet of musicians the world over" - and it's true, they rock!! - checkout these classic bits still available.

Electronical Musik

Radio on-line Free MP3 Audio software TR-808/909 complete sets ...


Home of electrovoice (EV) - You'll find full-on PDF's for the products - great site! - If only all manufacturers where this pro with their sites


Get the Logic Control Manual here..


Emagic...the excellent German software house.... Logic, and Logic Audio. Software for midi, and H/D. Downloadable demos. Logic Audio now shipping for Windows 95...and check the new 8 channel AudioWerks soundcard !!


Home of EMG guitar pickups

Eminence speaker

The worlds number 1 speaker manufacturer


Emu's website... ESI series, Vintage Keys, orbit series, etc....


E-mu virtualy invented the sampler as we know it, and they got lots of other goodies, including the popular Dance Orbit module


Everything ENSONIQ


Synths, and also they do some good soundcards


Manufacturer of analogue effects for synthesizers and musical software. Eowave creates custom hardware and software, bugs, eoms and eofix pro range, a CV to Midi converter and sensors.

ESI home

ESI home, (formaly Egosys) now also owners of the hoontech / st-audio bards which have been redesigned and are now marketted under the ESI badge


UK distributor for US PC software programmes, Turtle beach soundcards, and other PC midi/audio stuff

Event Electronics

homepage for Event company


Eventide company website

Eventide Harmonisers

Eventide's harmoniser site section direct link thru.


Makers of the EVS-1, a fine synth.....check their other stuff, and download some free patches & editors.

Eye and I Productions - Voice Crystal

Music Synthesizer, Sampler, Midi & Multimedia Products - Including patch banks for the Roland JD800/JD990 and many other synthesizers.

FabFilter Software Instruments

FabFilter creates high quality effect plug-ins and software synthesizers in VST and Audio Units format for Windows and OS X, like the popular Twin, One and Volcano. FabFilter has a reputation for cutting-edge filter technology and excellent sound.

Fat-ass home

webpage to d/load Squeekbox.


FilterKing Direct Link

Fine mesh metals

steel mesh grill material.

Flight Cases from Dragon Cases - Custom

Flight cases from Dragon Cases - custom flightcase design and manufacture. We also build transit cases, padded bags and poly cases for transporting delicate equipment

New Fruityloops website complete with tutorials, artist links and more !


new fruity-loops official site

FMR Audio

Home of the RNC (really nice compressor) and other products


Homepage of Focusrite


Fostex revolutionalized the industry with the worlds first affordable 8 track tape machine. They now make dedicated H/D recorders, amongst other things


Frostwave is an Australian company that manufactures Classic analog effects that are designed for working musicians and producers who have a vision and seek the tools to realise it....


fruity-loops official site.


Home of the excellent s/w drum box - Fruity-Loops & Fruity-Loops Pro.... very good site - very good s/w - check it out !!


Makers of hard drives. check ou model spec here. I use a 1 gig one, and it's about as good as the Quantum Fireball I use


Home of the 777 monophonic analog synthesizer.

Not just a 303 clone, even better! 39 analog controls,

powerful sequencer with features like: realtime

pattern editing (while the patterns playing), copy/paste,

midi, cv gate and accent in and out, plus external audio

input. Capable of identically recreating the 303

sound and sequencing, plus drum sounds, synth leads,

and other various effects. Very affordable. Hot,Hot,Hot!!!

Future Retro Synthesizers

New offical site for Future Retro Synthesizers,FUTURE RETRO SYNTHESIZERS

FXpansion Audio

FXpansion Audio makes effects plug-ins and synthesizers for PC and Mac. Our software is aimed at the dance/electronic music and sound design communities; it is compatible with Steinberg Cubase VST and Cubasis, Emagic Logic Audio 4.x, Cakewalk Pro Audio and many more.

Gemini Sound Products Corp.

Gemini's new website is making it easier for DJs to view the latest products.

Featuring our entire DJ product lineup, including special effects

lighting, the site also features dealer links, Gemini history, plant tour,

FAQs, request line, dealer locator, service & support, and more.


Genelec are Finish manufacturer's of quality studio monitors


gleetchplug home


Greenoak home

Groove Connections

Distributor for RED Sound in Singapore.,RED SOUNDS


Groovetech, the proud supplier of Synapse audio products,within Australia and New Zealand, including orion platinum, hydra, scorpion, plucked string, VSTi and production software. Computer music, forums, downloads, demos, news, electronic music products, dance, trance, house, progressive, hardcore, experimental, techno, dnb, breakbeat, reseller, dealer, promotion, samples, shop, members, uploads, music.

Do not suffer with hair loss! Real treatments are available including: Transplant, Rogaine, Propecia, and more. Learn which option is best for you.

Do not suffer with hair loss! Real treatments are available including: Transplant, Rogaine, Propecia, and more. Learn which option is best for you.

Do not suffer with hair loss! Real treatments are available including: Transplant, Rogaine, Propecia, and more. Learn which option is best for you.

HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead base: contains patterns, userbanks, discussion board and tutorials etc. for this excellent free software.,BRAM BOS

Hammerhead website

Great website with lots of download patterns & banks, new soundsets and a forum etc etc.


Check this site for Allen & Heath mixers and more

HB Litherland - PA, Sound & DJ Equipment

HB Litherland are a UK PA, Pro Audio and DJ Equipment supplier, with online web tools, articles and blog posts for Pro Audio Practitioners.

Hear The Music

A website devoted to helping you create and record music in your own home. We describe and review all the necessary equipment and have many easy to read and understand How-To articles for you to create the best music and music videos possible.


Main Manufacturer website

Hill audio

hill's latest


HNM freeware home (vst fx plugs etc)


Hofbauer provide Peli flight cases to a wide range of industries.


Hoontech make very good budget asio2, WDM & gigasampler driver equipt cards. Their non-budget products are now also sold under the brand name 'ST-Audio'.

website for Korean company Hoontech, with all their products. Now updated and real easy to browse anbd compare product packages.


Same parent company as the Joe Meek units, same designer... makers of the B1, a super-cheap mic-amp/compressor perfect for your pc setup.


homepage for who make various plugins.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia company home site.


SAW 4 Track, SAW Plus 16 Track, SAMM Promix 01 software and others....Totally Excellent software !!

Internet Mesh

Steel/metal mesh grill supplier, USA based.


Interruptor home - they do some cool free dub-fx vst plugins

Invada Records

Home of Invada - free vst plugins


iZotope home

JBL pro

JBL professional website

JBL pro' tech library

JBL pro' tech library start page

JC Productionz

Home of JC Productionz / Arch Avenger Pro synth

JL Cooper

J L Cooper home


The famous Joe Meek range of photo-optical compressors, eq units, valve eq & compressors, mic's and more - check them out - superb quality & unique product design - industry acclaimed with excellent budget starter units giving quality way beyond the price level - Go there !!


the range of the Joe-Meek compressors, pre-amps & eq's in various combinations and pries.... superb vvalue kit with a unique sound and a famous-user list miles long...

Jonas Norberg VST plugins

plugins section of Jonas Norberg's homepage.

JRM Audio Engineering

We manufacture ultra-high-end audio components and systems for home and professional use.

JX plugins

jxplugins homepage.


Kurzweil workstations K2xx


Kawai make synths, modules and drum boxes etc

Keith McMillen Instruments

Keith McMillen Instruments is a private company based in Berkeley, CA that develops innovative software and hardware technology that connects and controls applications in the music, computer, video, gaming, ergonomic and assistive technology industries.

Our product line lets musicians familiar with traditional string instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass, or guitar) use the computer as an extension of their playing ability and allows electronic musicians and DJ's add expressive control to their DJ applications, hardware and keyboards.

In addition, our technology allows complete foot control for efficient and improved workflow in any HCI environment.

New technology inspires new art, and we hope that our products will enable performers to take their music in directions never before possible.


PLAY BASS AND GUITAR AT THE SAME TIME! The Kellar Bass Systems Jam Bass is the world's first musical instrument and MIDI controller to let you play both simultaneously on your own guitar.

King Productions Recording

Project recording studio in Irvine, Ca. recording editing mastering, bands, karaoke singers, artist, kids, birthday parties where evryone records and gets a CD.

King Productions Recording

Project recording studio in Irvine, Ca. recording editing mastering, bands, karaoke singers, artist, kids, birthday parties where evryone records and gets a CD.

kjaerhus audio

Home of kjaerhus audio - plugin makers.

klark teknik

makes of great outboard rack gear.


manufacturer of studio monitors and professional audio equipment

Korg UK

kicks's ass!,KORG


At last Korg have finally got it together and they're on the www


New domain for Krakli - this is now their site address so update your links.

Krakli Software

Home of Krakli who make various plugins including a Korg s700 clone VSTi

KRK Systems

Homepage of KRK speakers


Kurzweil - mostly renowned as makers of f*****g awesome synth-samplers like the k2000 & the k5000 series - rated as one of the top digital synths you can get, huge V.A.S.T synthesis, they are a beast of a keyboard or rack. plus they make other items. check them out

LA Audio

home of LA Audio


website for Lexicon FX processors.

how to connect 166 to a mixer , is it betwin mixer and power amp


home of Linplug, makers of s/w synth vsti's

Livid Instruments

Livid Instruments was founded by Jay Smith, Peter Nyboer, and Travis Redding. They started Livid to turn their interests in alternative interfaces and performance tools into usable real-life products. Livid is dedicated to creating quality and thoughtful products, and manufacture everything in their Austin facility. Like a custom guitar maker for digital performance, Livid's products are crafted from fine woods and quality metals, and completely designed, manufactured, and assembled in house. Livid has a growing line of hardware and software instruments, and offers OEM products and custom technology.


British based s/w house making plugin synths etc.


Development of professional audio equipment in Russia

Loopmasters Pro Sample Cds, Sound Librar

Sample Cds, Sound Libraries, Rex Files, Reason Samples, Sample Cd’s, Sample-CD

Loopmasters Pro Sample Cds, Sound Librar

Sample Cds, Sound Libraries, Rex Files, Reason Samples, Sample Cd’s, Sample-CD


A few loops and track segments in 44.1 stereo .wav on a housey tip.


This is the new website address for Richard Allan / Rogers, the old one is offline now.

macbeth studio systems

Home of the M3,M3x,M5 and custom design


Mackie home

MadTracker is the music composition tool that creates the shortest path between imagination and sound. Based on the tracker concept, MadTracker provides a clean and intuitive interface for a powerful and efficient approach on making music. Versatility and compatibility are guaranteed due to full VST and ReWire support, while its computer charge is minimal.

MAGIX Entertainment

Great sequencing sofwtare, e.g. Music Studio with h/d recording and midi studio. Similar to Cakewalk Homestudio just less expensive and better interface. Check out the PRO version: Audio and MIDI production Studio with complete mastering and direct CD writing capabilities. Made in Germany.

Manley Labs

Homepage of Manley studio gear


homepage of Manytone



MOTU Excellent hardware & software house


M-audio (used to be called Midiman), make a comprehensive range of syncronisers, midi boxes, pre-amps, controller gear, audio & midi computer interfaces etc etc.

MDA (maxim)

Home page of MDA (maxim) digital audio - Maxim are makers of truly superb s/w plugins, lots of freebies too!!...


You can get the d/load here for Megatone, or d/load it from the RELATED FILES link on the product details page at Dancetech or search for it in the files section.


Manufacturer of world's only valve/tube synthesizer.


Home of MFB synths and other products.

A short history of MFB

MFB was founded in 1976 by engineer Manfred Fricke. So far there were more than some hundred products constructed and distributed. The first developments and products were primarly video games for industrial playmachines.

Audio products

A lowcost drummachine was introduced in 1979. (98 DM for the self construction kit). In 1980 the legendary drumcomputer MFB-501 was finished and sold. Although it was not the most prominent drumcomputer of that time it surely was one of the best selling drum units in Germany. Some shops sold ten times more MFB-501s than Roland TR-808s. More products for the musician followed, such as the Digital-Sequencer MFB-601 and the digital drum machine MFB-512. All of these featured rich products were offered at exceptional low prices. In 1984 the E-Drum module series 1000 and 2000 followed with corresponding pads. A new construction period started in 1986 with product launches of the MIDI-CV converter MFB-201 and the MIDI drummer MFB-712. Especially the MFB-712 was ahead of its time offering 40 sounds that could be played by keyboard or sequencer. The MFB-SYNTH was finished in 1997, although its development dates back to the eighties. The machine never went into production since 2001, the year of the company´s 25th anniversary because of decreased interest in analogue synthesizer technology especially in the sales channels. In the same year Manfred Fricke also developed another new MIDI drum-module. MFB-KULT, includes most of the famous sounds of the older machines. Both MFB-SYNTH and MFB-KULT are availabale since December 2001. Because of constant requests for the digital sequencer MFB-601 a successor MFB-602. was introduced in May 2002. And since August 2002 there´s also a little brother of the MFB-SYNTH, the MFB-SYNTH LITE

PC and video technology

From 1986 Manfred Fricke specialized in products for video applications. Alone 20 different framegrabbers for the Apple II, C-64 und IBM compatible PCs were constructed. A very high percentage of these framegrabbers were and are still in use for special industrial purposes. Custom development is still done here, so these specialized tools are not available for other customers.

In 1994 MFB introduced the world´s first videomixer below 1.000 DM, the MFB-901. Its successor MFB-902 was available in 1995. Another important development in the video section was the model MFB-912, a digital video memory. This 1998 product was highly acclaimed by the press Press and reviews. The successor MFB-915 added sound and higher picture resolution. It´s available since October 1999. Another successor is the model MFB-920 with an integrated harddrive offering better options for nonlinear cutting and post processing of the recorded material.

Midas Consoles

Home of Midas who make mixers and other related stuff.

Midas consoles

MIDAS world class mixing consoles - check them out.

Midas distributors

Distributor list for Midas world wide

Midas documents

Product brochures page link for manuals and other documents such as operating manuals etc for Midas products.

Midas documents

Product brochures page link for manuals and other documents such as operating manuals etc for Midas products.

MIDAS XL42 details

MIDAS XL42 details page at Midas website


Midas consoles budget 'Venice' range dedicated website.

Mik Sybrandt

website for synths by Mik Sybrandt.

Mikko Helin

homepage for Mikko Helin software author of Beatz


Singapore distributor for Waldorf, Quasimidi, Syntecno and Mutronics.

Ministry of Sound StikAx

Ministry of Sound StikAx Music Mixer Music Software

Miroslav Philharmonik

A powerful integrated Orchestral Workstation combining the legendary Miroslav Orchestra and Choir sample collection masterpieces with a dedicated plug-in instrument.

• Over 1,300 sounds and 7 GB of samples • 16 part multitimbral sample-based orchestral workstation • 20 Classic DSP effects, 4 per instrument • 3 synthesis engines with STRETCH™ • Easy to use classical music-oriented parameters • For MacOS®X, Windows®

Mixed logic

makers of the M24 automated controller mixer.


Modemachines are a manufacturer from Cadolzburg, Germany (Bavaria).

Modemachines build good analogue technology paired with modern digital technology at a fair price MADE IN GERMANY!

Modulus Electronics

home for the Monowave analog synth

mohmmad wehbi

wehbi sound music


Pronounced mogue, ( as in Kylie Minogue ). This company actually has nothing to do with Dr Robert Moog. He don't work for them, and his new company ain't allowed to use his name !!.......That's business for ya. Actually the site's under construction (28/9/96)




Homepage of Muon software.

Schematics, Service Manuals, Owners / Users Manuals, Service Bulletins on most Amps, Keyboards, Mixers, Pedals, Synthesizers, Electronic Drums, Effects Units, Equalizers, Guitar Amps, Reverbs, Echo units, Crossovers, Pianos, Chorus, Phasers, Compressors, Limiters, Samplers, Power Supplies, Strobe Tuners, PA, Wah-wahs, Fuzz-tones, Preamps, Organs, Flangers, and much more.


Musicrow develops top quality VSTi and ensembles for NI Reaktor


Musicrow develops audio software, VSTi and pro ensembles for Reaktor-5.

Musicrow Audio Software

Musicrow specializes in the development of professional VST instruments, and top quality ensembles for the NI Reaktor platform.

Musicrow Audio Software Boutique

Musicrow develops pro VST instruments and Reaktor ensembles.

Musicrow Reaktor Ensembles

Musicrow audio software boutique develops high quality VST plugins, soundsets for Arturia synthesizers and reaktor ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.


Wholesale company supplying New Zealand with musical goods.



Nashville Audio Connection

Buy Sell Trade ProAudio Audio for broadcast Recording Studio gear Consoles Mixers Analog and Digital Outboard featuring Vintage gear

High End consoles wanted


makers of Generator, Reaktor & Transformer... software production synth, sample player & fx... Generator is an excellent s/w synth... Check it out


NemeSys Music Technology - Home of 'Gigasampler', and now the NCS44 rack version - plus more - GigaSampler for those who don't know, is a h/d based streaming s/w sampler that works on your PC ...Check 'em out


Makers of fine microphones.


Creative tools for music programmers


Integrated Loudspeaker Systems


European high-end professional systems manufacturer. Speakers, Line array, amplifiers, processors...

Nexxia speaker grills

shaped speaker grills - up to 15 inch




Nord Lead synths made by Clavia are expensive, but one of these and a sampler, may be all you need

North-Pole res filter

free north-pole vst filter - a must !!


Home of Rogue VSTi synth


Home of NOVAkILL synthedit synths.


Mickey Lauer's comprehensive Supernova site - check it out !!


Novations UK website.

Oakley Sound Systems

For the repair, restoration, modification, customisation and manufacture of analogue synthesisers

Oakley Sound Systems

Company & homepage for Tony Allgood who design's & supplies the OAKLEY TB3030 303 clone diy kit project synth - Also Tony does other designs & projects. Also UK vintage tech repairs for your synths, such as Korg Polysix, Roland SH-09, SH-2000, Jupiter-6, Jen SX-1000 - They also fit CV and gate sockets to your analogue synthesiser for connection to a midi-CV interface etc, and are the official Roland Service Centre in Cumbria etc, also amp and other gear fixes and mod's, upgrade your old synth etc etc, UK based in Cumbria.


makers of various VST & DX plugins for Mac, Windows & MAS

Oli Larkin

Homepage for Oli's plugins

online mastering

SafeandSound online mastering offers high quality mastering at low rates, why not visit today?


Another famous software house



palancar ware

palancar ware home


homepage for the DA7 digital mixer from ramsa & panasonic

PC & Mac Accessories – Keyboards | Webca

Low prices on PC / Mac accessories including keyboards, webcams, flash drives, monitors, memory cards, speakers software and more. UK delivery.


Peavey make just about everything.....You better believe it !


makers of the excellent s/w Making-Waves , a superb s/w multitracker type thing, use it as a drumbox s/w with loops too to create grooves, or make whole songs on it.. check it out.

Phil Rees Music Tech

Philip Rees is a UK manufacturer of MIDI accessories and music computers. Site includes product descriptions and technical info.


Check it out. Cheap digital mastering, it even comes in a walkman sized portable


home of phonic gear

PostDawn Nurseries

postDawn Nurseries is an art and media studio and horticultural ranch in the south-central area of New Mexico. The Nurseries lie just 15 miles south of Alamogordo, New Mexico, in the shadows of the Escondido and Dog Canyons. Currently there are only 3 bipedal residents living at the Nurseries. One of these, Christopher Maples, manages the Nurseries` artistic division, and is also the network administrator for the building, which houses both postDawn Nurseries and Grumpy`s, a CAD/CAM-based resin-cast hobby car model manufacturer.

These guys make some VST plugins.

Producer Loops Ltd

Welcome to Producer Loops Ltd.We sell 1630 LEGAL downloads from 100 Soundware Manufacturers. We offer the world's largest and most comprehensive range of Sample Packs for Download. Sample Packs, Sample CDs, Drum Samples, Acid Loops, MIDI Loops, Reason Refills, Synth Sounds, Virtual Instruments, Plug-ins, Tutorials, Music Software and much more. All of our products are instantly downloadable to your PC or Mac.


Prosoniq home

PSP audioware

Homepage of PSP Audioware who make various quality plugins.

Q-tuner neodymium pickups

Q-tuners are high-tech neodymium powered pickups for guitar and bass. The sound is ultra-transparent and highly dynamic. Download the 96 kHz sound demo.


Quantum EIDE drives are the bollox, easily available, fast, and getting cheaper. About 120 quid for a 1 gig, and 220 quid for a 2.1 gig.


Quasimidi - german company, makers of fine dance specific synths etc - such as the ravolution 309, raven, technox, quasar, sirius, polymorph etc - good stuff and well priced - great core synths for a starter system, but also used by top named artists like Orbital etc - check 'em out !!


Fast VST Compressor for the PC! Download a demo and see for yourself.

Radikal technologies

homepage for Radikal.


RBC-AUDIO makers of the 'Voice-Tweaker' s/w, a real cheap but VERY effective alternative to the famous Antares 'Auto-Tune' (used on Cher's 'Do you beleive in Life after Love' vocal, & loads of garage toons etc) - This really works and does lot's of other smart things to your sound - check it out... $59 bucks ONLY !!.. ('Auto-Tune' is like $300!!)

Reaktor page

Native Instruments reactor 3 page direct link.


Used to make Darkstar synths.

RED Sound Systems

RED Sound Systems - synchronise Audio to MIDI with

the VOYAGER 1 Beat Xtractor. New - MICRO BPM -

BPM counter and Headphone monitor Amp in one!

Red5 Audio

Red5audio company market two superb but cheap large diaphragm studio condenser mic's & a sick drum-mic set amongst other things - check them out!

Red Sound, home of the Dark-Star synth and more.


Home of REFX software.


It`s the website from Germany`s No. 1 DJ manufacture

Reverse Bros - The most famousr reversed youtube c

Google Youtube Steinberg Music Martin Garrix Nielsen Vice Media Walt Disney Company Warner Music Group Activision Blizzard Technicolor SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Broadcast Music, Inc. – BMI FILMLESS Rockbot

RGC Audio

Home of RGC Audio, makers of s/w synths & plugs etc.

Richard Allan Speakers

Homepage of Richard Allan & also Rogers.


UK distributors for Zefiro Acoustics digital I/O cards for PC, Mediatrix 3DXG soundcard and the amazing DSPFX system - a whole multi-effects unit on a PC card. As a plus, these guys USE all the gear they sell (and more) in their own studios every day, so when it comes to hard disk recording and MIDI on the PC platform, they really know their stuff. You get no b*llsh*t! They also record and distribute music of various kinds . . . worth checking out.

Homepage for RME - makes of all things wonderful for audio i/o soundcards, connectors & converters etc.

Rob Papen .com

the sound designers site. Albino and sounds for other hardware units from e-mu, access, waldorf, etc

Roel Plieger

homepage for the free VST compressor.

Roland & Boss product manuals

hundreds of manuals for Roland and Boss products at this address.


very cool site - with FLASH etc


The list wouldn't be complete without 'em.... Here's the main site

row audio sales

selling all types of used recording equipment, as well as buying all types of used gear, some ex demo stock, all stock carries a warranty.


Spares for Akai S950 / 1000/ 1100/ 3200/ 2000xl/ 3000xl/ 3200xl/ s01/ Z4/ Z8 and others


Home of Rumpelrausch who create various VSTi synths & fx.

S&C Develoment

Homepage S&C Development

S&C Develop

S&C Develop makers of VST instruments and FX plugins.

SafeandSound Online Mastering

SafeandSound Online Mastering, low cost, high end online mastering studio.


SampleMoog includes the sounds of all the most sought-after vintage and modern Moog™ synthesizers spanning the entire Moog history, in an easy to use, sample-based virtual instrument “powered by SampleTank” available as a plug-in for the most popular DAWs and a standalone application for Mac and PC.

• One of the most complete collections of Moog sounds ever released in one product, done in cooperation with Moog Music® and Sonic Reality.

• Over 1,700 sounds from 16 rare, collectable Moog synths, spanning the entire Moog history, accurately sampled and fully produced with 32 built-in effects.

• 16 part multitimbral sample-based synth, allows extremely complex synth layering and advanced manipulation possibilities with STRETCH™ engine.

• Sounds can be read by SampleTank and can be used to expand its world of sounds.

download Instant the Best Loops and Samples, Soundfonts for FL Studio : Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Electro, Trance, Techno, Rock, Pop, Reggae and more cool sound packs.

download Instant the Best Loops and Samples, Soundfonts for FL Studio : Hip Hop, RnB, Dance, Electro, Trance, Techno, Rock, Pop, Reggae and more cool sound packs.


SampleTank 2 is the ultimate sample workstation - more powerful than any sampler, more sounds than any sound module. SampleTank 2 gives you instant access to an unlimited world of superb sounds.

SampleTank 2 works both as a standalone application and as a plug-in instrument, compatible with virtually every software sequencer such as Pro Tools®, Digital Performer™, Cubase™, Logic™, Live™, Sonar™, etc... and comes with more 1,800 sounds for over 6.5 GB of high quality sounds.

No other hardware or software synth/sampler lets you browse through thousands of top-quality sounds with one click, select them in a flash, and have them ready for you in seconds... A complete sonic arsenal is ready to inspire, enrich your musical ideas and compose/produce full songs within a single interface.

The SampleTank 2 sound palette covers sounds in every instruments categories from Superb Acoustic Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, Strings, Brass, Winds, Vocals, Orchestral sounds, Organs, Percussion, to Drums, Basses, Guitars, Synths, Loops, Ethnic samples and more. In addition, SampleTank 2 imports WAV, AIFF, SDII, AKAI®, and SampleCell® files.

For the first time in a sample-based instrument, 3 synth engines can be switched on the fly to provide more sound flexibility than ever before: traditional Resampling, PS/TS (Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch) for loops, and our exclusive STRETCH™ engine for multi-sampled sounds.

SampleTank 2 makes it easy to access more than 50 new synth-engine parameters including Multi-mode filters, Envelopes, LFOs and more, so you can create your own custom patches.

Plus, SampleTank 2 offers also the most powerful, yet flexible multi-effects unit, that can be found in a virtual instrument.

All of this tremendous creative power is packed in a musician friendly interface so everything you need to make great music is right in front of you.


Samson home

Sanctus, Klangformer audio

Page for SANCTUS & klangformer audio hi-fi demo's

SD Systems

Manufacturer of top-quality instrument microphones for wind instruments and more. Loved by many international musicians.

SE - Studio-Electronics

Makers of the famous SE-1 & ATC-1, the SE is THE hip-hop & RnB thumping bassline sound - they now have 2 new analogs, one 8 part multi... and a new SE1x coming soon... Check 'em out

Seck schematics, manuals

Seck schematics / Seck owners manuals


online community for bedroom composers. free upload/download`s.

check it out today!


German company. Makers of Samplitude H/D recording software


Longstanding and well respected manufacturer of mics, headphones and extras

Shock Force Hardcore Samples

Only the best samples for your productions Hardcore, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Trance acapella's and much much more !!!


Another longstanding and well respected mic manufacture. Makers of the famous SM58, the archetypal rugged stage rock n roll mic


home of the amazing SIDSTATION digital/analog synth - check it out

Signum Software

Warning! It's not a joke! The Signum 1100 DX is a professional software sampler that is a detailed copy of the Akai S1000. DirectX 5 sound, 16 bit 44100 hz, multiple output support, full Midi received, realtime Midi controlled low-pass filter, velocity,pitch bend, pan, & volume, unlimited note polyphony, 6 voices poly for each sample, Midi Time Code / SMPTE stream support, fun knobs and switches. Download Demo today...


Makers of the much rated '' and other plugins.

Sim Data Recovery

im Data Recovery software is expertise in regaining of lost phone book directories, text SMS from inaccessible sim card storage device, for more details visit website.


Home of Guitaar Suite vsti plugins


Makers of dx & vst plugins

Smart Electronix

homepage of Smart Electronix, designers of s/w plugins etc.

Smart Loops

With over 10 years experience creating professional drum and percussion loops for computer-based musicians, Smart Loops is now offering a complete line of loops and samples for musicians in ACID Loops, Apple Loops, REX2, SoundFont, SFZ, WAV, AIFF and Standard MIDI files.

Smart Sound Direct

Sole UK distributers & retailers for Rolls audio products


Home of Adventus software synth


Company site for Softube.

Softube develops both hardware and software for the audio industry. A number of high-end computer recording plug-ins are available under the Softube brand and the company has done development for reputable companies such as Marshall (Marshall JMD:1 Amplifier), Fender (Fender Runaway Pedal), Abbey Road Studios, Native Instruments, Ableton (Ableton Amp) and TC Electronic, as well as partnering up with Universal Audio (Amp Room for Universal Audio), Propellerheads (Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason), Cakewalk (Cakewalk SONAR ProChannel Modules), Presonus and Avid. Our own plug-ins are the products of partnerships with great hardware manufacturers, such as Solid State Logic, Abbey Road Studios, Trident Audio Developments, Valley People, Tube-Tech, Summit Audio, Tonelux Designs and Mutronics.

The company was founded by Oscar Öberg in 2003 and consists today of seven twelve guys (click for a presentation of the softube team) with headquarters in Linköping, Sweden. It's located about two hours southwest of Stockholm.

Solid State Logic

SSL home

Sonic Flavours

Sonic Flavours home


Excellent software for sample editing and H/D recording etc from this German company, Brilliant timestretch on soundforge, makes Akai timestretch look sad...( which it is ! )

Sonic Syndicate

makers of the superb ORION software workstation - check it out now for a PV based production system for which there are loads of synths & fx available


Professional DirectX audio plug-ins at affordable prices. The sound is fully comparable with high-end hardware units and the feature-lists beat most competitors. Check it out!!!


Home of Sonicbits.

Sonik Synth 2

Sonik Synth™ 2 is the ultimate synth workstation, with more synth and workstation instrument sound than any other comparable hardware or software. Over 5,000 sounds and 8.0 gigabytes make up the largest collection of modern and vintage instruments ever assembled in one product.

A synth workstation on steroids. A complete songwriting, producing and arranging super tool with the widest range of high quality vintage, modern and futuristic synth and instrument sounds ever combined into one package!

Includes an incredible workstation sound set of important compositional tools such as rich evolving motion synths, pads, leads, basses, electronic drums, percussion, and FX; as well as pianos, organs, guitars, drum kits and beats, orchestral instruments, human voices, ethnic instruments and more. Sonik Synth 2 also features an astounding 152 MB, 3 dynamics, grand piano and other first call high performance instruments.

Sony Oxford console

sony's oxford OXF-R3 sonsole page - also manual


hot stuff


Home of the Soundcraft Spirit mixing consoles range


Soundcraft.. Long time players in the audio mixer field. check 'em out, they also make some really cool budget mixers, excellent quality & eq.


Updated Spaztek's Website


s/w plugin so far from spaztek - they do a dx plugin filter.

SPL (Sound Performance Lab)

SPL (Sound Performance Lab) Gmbh, makers of audio equipment


...makers of the amazing WaveSurgeon beat & loop editing software...


Stantons official website - they make all things DJ reletaed hardware; check it out.


Hoontech's brand-name & website for their more expensive 'pro' products.

StealthPlug USB interface

StealthPlug™ is the first compact 1/4” jack to USB audio interface cable for Guitar and Bass players to plug into the world of software-based amp/effects modeling and recording.

It comes bundled with 6 software and content packages: a guitar and bass standalone and plug-in solution, a full recording studio, 2 effects and instrument plug-ins and loads of ready to use sounds and loops.

Portable and easy to use, StealthPlug is the perfect solution for recording, practicing, and playing your guitar or bass, anytime or anywhere.

$129 / €99 BUY NOW! [Click to enlarge] A simple, easy to use, 1/4” jack to USB audio interface cable for your Guitar or Bass StealthPlug is the first audio interface for guitar and bass integrated into a simple, miniaturized, 1/4” jack to USB cable with full input/output processing for your PC or Mac. It’s so easy to use that you will be able to plug into your computer as you would plug into an amplifier. Be ready to rock in seconds and plug into the world of software-based amp/effects modeling and recording.

Includes AmpliTube 2 Live standalone and plug-in - The most popular software for Guitar and Bass players StealthPlug includes the new, easy to use, award winning, AmpliTube 2 Live standalone and plug-in for your favorite recording software. Fully MIDI-controllable with 15 guitar and bass amp combinations of the most sought after gear, 11 effects, mic-modeling with 2 microphones and position controls, built-in tuner and more than 128 customizable user presets. Plus the standalone version also offers the new SpeedTrainer, an integrated audio player with pitch and speed control, for playing with or learning your favorite songs.


dj stef home page music,Sonic-Syndicate


steinbergs website, now revamped with aweful navigation


The Cubase range and the rest........ Now they changed site design it's readable at last..... home of Cubase, Recycle, Wavelab, Rebirth etc..... free demo downloads all round..,check it


STL - Software Technology Ltd have been around since the dawn of pc music it seems. makers of VAZ in it's various guises.

Stomper Homesite

Homesite for stomper,Zap's

StompIO USB interface

The most powerful guitar FX system ever made

The StompIO, USB floor controller and audio interface, gives you full control over the 5 current “Powered by AmpliTube” software/plug-ins (AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, Ampeg SVX, AmpliTube Metal and AmpliTube 2 Live) and also future packages, with the same feeling of a traditional hardware floor processor - no need to even look at the computer screen or touch the mouse - for a combination of hardware and software making it the most powerful guitar amp and FX system ever made.

You can finally play live with ultimate amp and FX modeling software and an unprecedented sound quality, power and flexibility-which will revolutionize your stage and studio guitar and bass rigs. Immediately access thousands of amp combinations and hundreds of effects with fully selectable and configurable stomp boxes, amp-heads, cabinets + mics and rack effects. All of this can be used as standalone software for live play or integrated as a plug-in with the most popular DAWs such as Pro Tools®, Cubase®, Logic®, Live™ and more.

Cutting edge, stage-ready, guitar/bass amp and FX system

StompIO brings hardware control of software amp and FX to the highest level of integration, providing the same feeling of playing your guitar or bass through traditional hardware gear, but with tremendous advantages over classic processors. This PC/Mac based guitar and bass effects system offers incomparable sound quality, flexibility, expandability, upgradeability, portability and number/management of presets, in respect of traditional guitar and bass gear.

In a stage-ready, heavy-metal enclosure, StompIO offers superior sound, thanks to its console-grade audio features (with up to -110dB S/N ratio), Class-A DI guitar/bass input, MIDI IN/OUT for integration within any traditional guitar rig, SPDIF out for digital recording, direct monitoring and 4 stereo outs (balanced/unbalanced). StompIO also includes a built-in body-handler for easy portability and cable securing and a rugged metal expression pedal for immediate Wah and Volume control (€79.99/$99.99).

Since there is no need to look at the computer screen or use the mouse, StompIO can be operated with the same feeling of controlling a traditional hardware processor. Get full hands-on software control with its 6 rotary encoders, 2 large LCD displays and 5 navigation buttons. Fly through its 4,000 presets and control any parameter of any rig, stomp, amp, cabinet, mic and rack effect of all “Powered by AmpliTube” plug-ins effortlessly, from the 10 smooth-operation stomp-switches. And if this is not enough, StompIO can also add up to 6 expression pedals for a total of up to 16 foot-controls. All of this makes the StompIO the most advanced USB floor controller for software-based guitar and bass processing.

Loaded with first-class custom software with unlimited expandability

StompIO comes with either the full version of AmpliTube 2 or the just announced AmpliTube Metal, at user’s choice, worth €199/$249.

Plus the StompIO also comes with the new AmpliTube X-GEAR (€79.99/$99.99) that allows you to open any “Powered by AmpliTube” application (including AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, Ampeg SVX, AmpliTube Metal and AmpliTube 2 Live) in a single interface with full mixing and matching between the astounding number of included analog amp and effects models, and you can fully control all of them with the StompIO.

Combining “Powered by AmpliTube” software/plug-ins + AmpliTube X-GEAR + StompIO makes it possible to build your own custom and expandable software-based rig with the widest choice of superior modeled amps and effects. The complete system is so easy to use with true plug-and-play that you will be up and running in seconds. The most powerful guitar and bass processor you have ever dreamed of.

Studio Projects

Studio Projects offer a variety of branded, Chinese manufactured, high quality, studio condenser mic's at loony-tune prices!!... Check 'em out!!


Home of the StudioFiles studio manager. free Demo & Trial downloads avialable.


Makers of fine audio mixers and more


Small low tech fledgeling site for a small low tech fledegling business! Very home/project studio oriented with genuine interest at the heart of it!

Super Destroy FX (DFX)

Super Destroy FX homepage, install instructions & help, news, etc etc, plus downloads & even audio demo's.


homepage for Chris Gill, maker of SUPER WAVE P8 - you can d/load the free synth here.

Supernova Basses Synths& Pads Sounds Set

128 new sound programs for the Nova, Supernova I & II synth range which includes analogue synths, dance synths, digital synths & keyboards, synth basses, dance basses, hard basses, atmospheric pads & sweeps, synth pads, chillout pads & ambient pads.

Sure uk - Phonic

Uk home for Phonic mixers etc

Sure uk - Phonic

Uk home for Phonic mixers etc


symetrix makers of fine audio devices such as compressors, eq's, amps etc etc

Synapse Audio

New name of Sonic Syndicate, makers of the superb orion software workstation - check it out now for a pc based production system for which there are loads of synths & fx available. Now at version 5 Platignum for full-on pro-users!


Syntechno homepage

Synthetic II

Synthetic synth page at Webmassiva

Syntheway Virtual Musical Instruments

Syntheway Software Synthesizers: Magnus Choir VSTi, ElectriKeys e-Piano VSTi, Organux VSTi, Zephyrus VSTi, Syntheway Strings VSTi, Realistic Virtual Piano VSTi, DAL Flute VSTi, Master Hammond B3 VSTi, Virtual Room Emulator Reverb VST Audio Plug-ins. Software Synthesis & Samplig.

Syntheway VST Instruments and Effects

Syntheway software synthesizers and effects provide you with a wide range of sounds for your music. Combine the good old analog synthesizer idea with the latest technology. All analog devices of classic synthesizers are emulated by high-quality DSP (digital signal processing) functions and the result is a warm and rich sounding synthesizer plug-in with all the benefits of today´s digital technology. Adds modern features such as MIDI capability, Virtual Studio Technology and more... The architecture of VSTi enables you to create a variety of sounds. A great effort has been put into having a low CPU usage so it can plug into the current musical production environment without any problems


Synthplugs home website - they create some vsti plugins.


everything Atari music in London and for the UK. They do repairs, main dealers/dist' for music add-on's, etc etc.

Talkin Music Production

A new cutting edge music production blog which shares the latest news, production tips, gear reviews, audio engineering tutorials and a whole lot more...


homepage for Tannoy products including the 'Reveal' monitors


Makers of fine multi-track audio recorders & DAT units etc.

tascam tmd1000 tutorial site

a large tutorial resource setup by tascam usa - lots of stuff about working the tmd1000 digital mixer (tm-d1000), in a variety of scenarios - check it out - but you have to register to use the resource first - which takes a few days to get a password, still, prolly worth it for a VERY comprehensive 'official' resource.

TB 303

This site lists and compares 303 clones....Good site, with good links


Software author offering various plugins such as TBT TubeLimit

TC Electronic

Home of TC Electronic


TC make some good outboard. It's generally priced above budget level, but you might find a secondhand bargain. ( or you might have loads of dosh )

Telesis Backlights

We are a company that manufacturers backlights for LCD displays like the ones used in many Korg, Roland, Kurzweil, Alesis, Yamaha and other keyboards, sound modules, and other gear with backlit displays.


All the cards & stuff from Terratec like the EWS series etc

Text-to-Speech Synthesis

The Bell Labs Text-to-Speech system converts any achine-readable text into speech. Listen to some examples of American English or other languages, or: Try the fun demos!

The unofficial B-Control forum

User forum by and for users of behringers new b-control devices

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They market a massive range of sample CD's. Also they may market your sample collection if it's usable.

TK plugins

TK plugins home

Toft Audio Designs

Toft Audio Designs is dedicated to providing high quality, well engineered professional audio products at a very competitive price. Malcolm Toft, the designer behind the products has an excellent pedigree as a recording engineer with credits like the Beatles' 'Hey Jude', David Bowie's 'Space Oddity', and James Taylor's first album just to name a few. While an excellent engineer, Malcolm Toft’s ability as a designer of audio products is legendary. Malcolm Toft was the founder of Trident Audio Developments and the designer of the classic 'A' Range, Series 80, TSM, and Series 65 consoles. These consoles from the early 70's are still making hits in today's market.


They make plugins, inc' several ReFX items like Vanguard & Slayer. They do an awesome free filter plugin called BiFilter

TR-909 Resource Page

The Ultimate TR-909 Resource Page,ROLAND


Home of T-Racks mastering rack s/w

T-Racks Home

Website home for T-Racks by IK Multimedia

Home of the Trakax handheld midi controller

Trident audio

Home of Trident Audio, John Orams company created after the split of Oram & Toft


After Trident was bought up, and then devoured by Fletcher, we now have Trident-MTA making Toft designed products and sold thru Fletcher/Joe Meek

Tuareg & HammerHead by Bram Bos

The place where you can find all the software and downloads by Bram Bos, the guy known from HammerHead, Tuareg, MoonFish etc. FREEWARE INSIDE!


Makers of bespoke audio processing equipment such as the CL1B compressor


Turtle Beach, make shit-hot sound cards. I would recommend them anytime. The UK distributer is ETC, on 01706 228039. They also distribute DAL cards and others; and also IQS software

Company website for Turtle-Beach soundcards & Voyetra s/w.


the site offers downloadable demos of our PC

soft synth products.

theres also some info about this fresh new company from denmark.

Urban DJ agency

UK urban music DJ agency.

VAZ - Software-Technology

Website for the fantastic s/w synth - VAZ.... This is a killer s/w synth, and so affordable... check it out... I've already heard VAZ in action on tracks when i've been out clubbing - yup it is recognisable...check it out !!

makers of free s/w sampler and synth


Home website for Vestax corporation.


plugins - excellent value stuff - check it out

Vintage, used and new synths and other musical equipment.


Virsonix make the software BBE 'Sonic Maximiser' plugin for Windows & Mac.

home of virsonix - but they ceased trading in 2004

Manufacture of modular acoustic enclosures, sound rooms, motion picture projection rooms, control rooms, practice rooms, and broadcast booths.

Voltkitchen Group

Home of the minimoog VA vsti synth.


home for Vovoid


Home for Voxengo

Voxengo CurveEQ VST

Professional WYSIWYG linear-phase spline equalizer PC VST plug-in.

V-Plugs - Pro VST effects

V-Plugs develops pro vst plugins and vst effects for musician and sound engineers.


Makers of the much rated MICROWAVE

Waldorf-Music AG

Official Waldorf Website


Homepage for Wantech. Various vst instruments and one vst effect as freeware.


original and retro sounds that move more towards a claustrophbic darker underground sound - updated monthly


Wave Idea proposes BitStream Pro programmable MIDI Controller : 35 knobs, 8 sliders, 8 buttons, backligth LCD, built-in LFO, programmable crossfaders, snapshot memories, ...


Home of Waves, makers of s/w & plugin/tdm etc fx & processors.

Wolrd 4 Art

Imagination is more important than Knowlwdge

Wolrd 4 Art

Imagination is more important than Knowlwdge

Woven wire

this company based in Midlands (UK) supply steel grill mesh in different types of weave, mesh size & wire thickness. Will supply custom sizes cut too - Ideal for PA speaker protection.

Wurr Audio Engineering

Home of GreenMachine Amp (VST guitar amplifier)


home of WWAYM Bt. Hungary

Home of Adam professional audio; makers of fine quality studio speakers

home of American Audio deejay gear


main Alesis site front end

Alesis, the people who brought us all cheap digital reverb, and the ADAT amongst other things.

Authors of the ReValver plugin.

Home of Apogee, makers of bespoke audio i/o solutions

Makers of quality audio equipment

home of C-audio

Software authors


emagic home

Home of E-Phonic software plugins

We are one of Asia's most experienced multi-disciplinary consulting practices. We provide planning, surveying, engineering, environmental, scientific, business advisory and project management services in the following markets.

We are one of Asia's most experienced multi-disciplinary consulting practices. We provide planning, surveying, engineering, environmental, scientific, business advisory and project management services in the following markets.

We are one of Asia's most experienced multi-disciplinary consulting practices. We provide planning, surveying, engineering, environmental, scientific, business advisory and project management services in the following markets.

We are one of Asia's most experienced multi-disciplinary consulting practices. We provide planning, surveying, engineering, environmental, scientific, business advisory and project management services in the following markets.

The new website for all Fruity-Loops programmes.

FXpansion home

Inter-M is a leading manufacturer of pro audio and commercial sound electronics.

Headquartered in South Korea, Inter-M has offices and distribution worldwide.

Inter-M is perhaps the largest supplier of OEM electronics worldwide - virtually all major pro audio companies use Inter-M as a supplier and manufacturing partner.

Maker of fine plugins

Home of the fantastic XBASE-09 & the SUNSYN analog synth... check it out !!

German language home of Jomox

Sound Libraries & Patch Libraries for various roland samplers & synths: JV-80/90, JV-1000, JV-1010, JV-1080, JV-2080, XP-30, XP-80 Factory Patch Banks - Libraries L-01 through L-14 For the S-10, S-110 and S-220 Samplers 14 Libraries containing a total of 80 samples - Libraries RSB-5501 through RSB-5506 For the S-50, S-550, S-330 and W-30 Samplers - for JV and XP-Series data, sysex, patch sets etc. check it out!

Mackies website - makers of analog & digital mixers and a few other bitz and bobs -

Home of miditech who make controller keyboards and other bits

Uk Pioneer hq for deejay gear

Euro HQ for Pioneer deejay gear

Swedish s/w house making fine s/w synths & more.

PreSonus Audio Electronics has become known for delivering professional quality audio products at affordable prices to audio professionals, musicians and hobbyists around the world. The PreSonus staff in the sales, engineering, and customer service departments all have years of experience in professional audio as musicians and sound engineers which brings passion for music-making to every facet of the company. PreSonus' founder and President Jim Odom is credited with two RIAA Certified Gold Records, one Certified Platinum Record along with two Ampex Golden Reel Awards as a musician/producer/engineer.

In addition to experience in audio, the design engineers have extensive backgrounds in military specification surface mount technology ensuring all PreSonus products are built to last and can handle real-world situations. Our staff takes pride in the fact that PreSonus products boast one of the highest reliability rates in the industry. Also PreSonus holds patents in digital control over analog which was used in PreSonus' first product, the award-winner DCP-8 in 1995.

PreSonus now offers over twenty products and is committed to developing great-sounding and useful tools to enhance the creation of music.

Home of Prodyon who make cool plugin fx & synths, inc the really cool Robocoder which supplies instant vocoder-voices synth with 2000 words in it's vocabulary in both german/english, male/female - They also do superb soundsets for samplers such as NI's Kontakt, Fruityloops, Reason NN-XT & Sampletank. Check 'em out!

Homepage for Propellerheads in sweden for all product info, forums, help, sales etc

Home of Rode microphones

Home of Sonalksis Ltd software designers.

software sony oxford plugins

SE's website,SE (Studio Electronics)

Home of the famous TASCAM brand


Home of Xbuz


To my mind - the BEST XG editor for the DB50Xg & SW60 you can get for actual synth sounds & editing... It does NOT allow editing of the individual drums like XG-EDIT... But this s/w is the dogs B******S !! for synth sounds & ease of editing... It comes with a truckload of brillaint ready to go presets... most all are actually usable, and it makes your XG card sound better than most so called 'Dance' synths right from the box,... GET IT !!! - (kilo)


Home of Gary Gregsons excellent XG-EDIT s/w for editing the DB50xg & SW60, MU etc... He writes some other s/w too... If you got an XG card... Check it out...


Home of Voice Tweaker. Voice Tweaker is a pitch transposer designed for monophonic signals such as voice, spoken or sung, or solo instruments. It can transpose the pitch and formants independently, thus enabling both formant preserving pitch transpose and other more unusual effects. The Voice Tweaker also features an automatic pitch correction function and auto vibrato.


I have to say it......They make some wicked motor-bikes...... , No seriously......Yamaha US have a crap site, where for example, there is no info at all about their latest flagship sampler ....Yamaha UK are working on a Pro-Audio site.....So until then, Yamaha Europe have a well-cool search facility.....check it out !

Yamaha dsp factory

dsp factory pages at yamaha for dsp1624 (dsp2416) & ax44 system. Drivers etc

Yamaha manuals

Yamaha manuals for various old and new units

Yamaha QX sequencer manuals

Yammy page to d/load various QX sequencer pdf manuals

Yamaha SW60 page

all about the sw60 Xg synth card

Yamaha UK

Yamaha uk

look at me homie


Zenhiser :: Specializing in Pro Audio Download Packs And Audio Loops. House, Trance, Progressive, Techno, Oldskool Hardcore, 80s Chillout & Breaks. 100,000’s Of Fresh New Audio Samples, All Exclusive To Zenhiser. Drum Loops, Drum Samples, FX Samples, Bass Samples, Drum Beats, Synth Samples, Hard To Find Audio Files And Much More!!

Zero-G - The Worlds Sexiest Samples!

Zero-G - The worlds sexiest samples. Check out our latest releases and news, read about our products and download free samples and play in our virtual studio!


Zoom make some cheap fx processors well worth a look - also a drum box and some other stuff - check 'em out

& thomann
partner store

Help support the site & the users music space - Buy via our partner store for EU customers. One fixed price delivery for most items, even for heavy things like a bass-cab!

focusrite - scarlett solo 3rd gen

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steinberg - ur22 mk2

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native instruments - komplete audio 1

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rme - avb tool

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presonus - audiobox usb 96 black

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tc-helicon - go twin

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audiowerkzeug - digi b-stock

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antelope - orion studio synergy core

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rme - madiface pro

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centrance - micport pro 2l b-stock

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rme - hdsp 9652 b-stock

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evo - 4 b-stock

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audiowerkzeug - digi b-stock

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the t.bone - ovid system cc 100

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fun generation - usb one bundle

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fun generation - usb one

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neumann - u87 ai studio set ni

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the t.bone - earmic 500 - sennheiser

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the t.bone - ovid system cc 100

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fun generation - usb one bundle

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fun generation - usb one

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neumann - u87 ai studio set ni

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akg - c414 xlii

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the t.bone - earmic 500 - sennheiser

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superlux - s502mkii

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audio-technica - at2020 usb+

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the t.bone - sc 400 + popkiller

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austrian audio - recording bundle oc18/id4

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schoeps - mono set mk 41 - cmc 1

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the t.bone - sc 420 usb podcast bundle

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earthworks audio - sr20ls

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slate digital - ml-1 matte black

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soundcraft - ui24r

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soundcraft - ui24r

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behringer - xenyx 1002fx

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the t.mix - mix 502 bundle

€ 98.00  -  £87.76

the t.mix - micromix 2 usb bundle

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img stageline - delta-160 b-stock

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allen & heath - w4-usb b-stock

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rcf - f 16 xr

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dap-audio - compact 6.2 b-stock

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elite acoustics - stompmix x6 pedal mixe b-stock

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elite acoustics - stompmix x4 pedal mixe b-stock

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img stageline - delta-160 b-stock

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rolls - mx 310 b-stock

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allen & heath - w4-usb b-stock

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behringer - deq2496 ultra-curve pro

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warm audio - eqp-wa gainmod

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behringer - dcx2496 ultradrive pro

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behringer - dcx2496le ultradrive

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midas - parametric equaliser 512 v2

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behringer - fbq1502hd ultragraph pro

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klark teknik - eqp-kt

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rupert neve designs - portico 551

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behringer - fbq3102hd ultragraph pro

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behringer - deq2496 ultra-curve pro

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warm audio - eqp-wa gainmod

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behringer - deq2496 ultra-curve bundle

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midas - parametric equaliser 512 v2

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klark teknik - eqp-kt

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behringer - dcx2496 ultradrive pro

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behringer - deq2496 ultra-curve pro

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behringer - fbq1502hd ultragraph pro

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behringer - fbq3102hd ultragraph pro

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behringer - fbq6200hd

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behringer - deq2496 ultra-curve bundle

€ 298.00  -  £266.87

behringer - dcx2496le ultradrive

€ 199.00  -  £178.21

midas - parametric equaliser 512 v2

€ 189.00  -  £169.25

warm audio - eqp-wa gainmod

€ 699.00  -  £625.98

kush audio - clariphonic 500 b-stock

€ 595.00  -  £532.84

jdk audio - r24 dual channel 4-ban b-stock

€ 1,139.00  -  £1,020.02

lindell audio - peq-501a

€ 579.00  -  £518.51

lindell audio - pex-500 vintage edition

€ 415.00  -  £371.64

lindell audio - re51

€ 637.00  -  £570.46

empirical labs - el-q lil freq b-stock

€ 2,699.00  -  £2,417.06

kush audio - clariphonic 500 b-stock

€ 595.00  -  £532.84

jdk audio - r24 dual channel 4-ban b-stock

€ 1,139.00  -  £1,020.02

yamaha - hs 8 mp

€ 649.00  -  £581.20

yamaha - hs 5 mp

€ 369.00  -  £330.45

presonus - eris e3.5

€ 98.00  -  £87.76

yamaha - hs 7 mp

€ 499.00  -  £446.87

presonus - eris e5

€ 215.00  -  £192.54

swissonic - sub10

€ 198.00  -  £177.31

neumann - kh 120 a

€ 599.00  -  £536.42

focal - alpha 65

€ 266.00  -  £238.21

swissonic - asm7

€ 219.00  -  £196.12

swissonic - asm5

€ 159.00  -  £142.39

yamaha - hs 8 mp

€ 649.00  -  £581.20

yamaha - hs 5 mp

€ 369.00  -  £330.45

presonus - eris e3.5

€ 98.00  -  £87.76

yamaha - hs 7 mp

€ 499.00  -  £446.87

presonus - eris e5

€ 215.00  -  £192.54

swissonic - sub10

€ 198.00  -  £177.31

neumann - kh 120 a

€ 599.00  -  £536.42

focal - alpha 65

€ 266.00  -  £238.21

swissonic - asm7

€ 219.00  -  £196.12

swissonic - asm5

€ 159.00  -  £142.39

presonus - eris e3.5

€ 98.00  -  £87.76

yamaha - hs 7

€ 199.00  -  £178.21

adam - t5v

€ 159.00  -  £142.39

adam - t7v

€ 189.00  -  £169.25

jbl - 305p mkii

€ 119.00  -  £106.56

presonus - eris e5

€ 215.00  -  £192.54

yamaha - hs 8

€ 269.00  -  £240.90

krk - rokit rp8 g4

€ 239.00  -  £214.03

yamaha - hs 7 bundle

€ 409.00  -  £366.27

focal - alpha 65

€ 266.00  -  £238.21

adam - t8v iso pad bundle

€ 539.00  -  £482.69

hedd - type 07

€ 625.00  -  £559.71

adam - t8v

€ 269.00  -  £240.90

adam - t7v iso pad bundle

€ 389.00  -  £348.36

adam - t8v stand bundle

€ 579.00  -  £518.51

hedd - type 30

€ 2,699.00  -  £2,417.06

fluid audio - fx50

€ 153.00  -  £137.01

fluid audio - c5 bt black

€ 212.00  -  £189.85

fluid audio - fx80 b-stock

€ 231.00  -  £206.87

genelec - 8030 raw

€ 595.00  -  £532.84

yamaha - hs 8 mp

€ 649.00  -  £581.20

yamaha - hs 5 mp

€ 369.00  -  £330.45

yamaha - hs 7 mp

€ 499.00  -  £446.87

krk - v4s4

€ 189.00  -  £169.25

adam - a8x stand bundle

€ 1,409.00  -  £1,261.81

krk - rp10-3 g3 rokit

€ 349.00  -  £312.54

adam - a8x

€ 690.00  -  £617.92

adam - a8x m-control bundle

€ 1,399.00  -  £1,252.86

krk - v8s4

€ 479.00  -  £428.96

krk - v6s4 b-stock

€ 299.00  -  £267.76

mackie - cr5-x bt b-stock

€ 208.00  -  £186.27

neumann - kh 310 d left b-stock

€ 2,149.00  -  £1,924.51

neumann - kh 310 d right b-stock

€ 2,149.00  -  £1,924.51

hedd - type 07 b-stock

€ 579.00  -  £518.51

the t.akustik - hilo-n40

€ 4.50  -  £4.02

elgato - game capture hd60 s

€ 182.00  -  £162.98

the t.akustik - diffusor manhattan gr eps set

€ 89.00  -  £79.70

studiorta - creation station

€ 173.00  -  £154.92

thomann - combodesk - designed by zaor

€ 295.00  -  £264.18

tc electronic - clarity m stereo

€ 259.00  -  £231.94

the t.akustik - akustik-kleber liquid

€ 4.99  -  £4.46

img stageline - mx-2io

€ 101.00  -  £90.44

the t.akustik - iso-pad 8

€ 19.90  -  £17.82

the t.akustik - iso-pad 5

€ 14.90  -  £13.34

the t.akustik - hilo-n40

€ 4.50  -  £4.02

elgato - game capture hd60 s

€ 182.00  -  £162.98

the t.akustik - diffusor manhattan gr eps set

€ 89.00  -  £79.70

studiorta - creation station

€ 173.00  -  £154.92

thomann - combodesk - designed by zaor

€ 295.00  -  £264.18

tc electronic - clarity m stereo

€ 259.00  -  £231.94

the t.akustik - akustik-kleber liquid

€ 4.99  -  £4.46

img stageline - mx-2io

€ 101.00  -  £90.44

the t.akustik - iso-pad 8

€ 19.90  -  £17.82

the t.akustik - iso-pad 5

€ 14.90  -  £13.34

the t.bone - micscreen xl

€ 77.00  -  £68.95

the t.akustik - cbt-37

€ 59.00  -  £52.83

elgato - stream deck

€ 144.00  -  £128.95

rean - nys spp-l1

€ 53.00  -  £47.46

elgato - stream deck xl

€ 239.00  -  £214.03

hofa - diffusor natur

€ 66.00  -  £59.10

se electronics - reflexion filter x white

€ 81.00  -  £72.53

the t.akustik - sa-n50 14pcs set

€ 79.00  -  £70.74

kenton - midi thru 5

€ 63.00  -  £56.41

elgato - key light

€ 192.00  -  £171.94

the t.akustik - diffusor manhattan gr eps set

€ 89.00  -  £79.70

img stageline - mx-2io

€ 101.00  -  £90.44

img stageline - mx-1io

€ 73.00  -  £65.37

elgato - game capture hd60 s+

€ 192.00  -  £171.94

latch lake - micking 2200 bf boom stand bk

€ 569.00  -  £509.56

the t.akustik - spektrum d40 diffusor

€ 199.00  -  £178.21

the t.akustik - wds-7 gr diffuser set 8pcs

€ 99.00  -  £88.65

the t.akustik - diffusor wave gr eps set

€ 99.00  -  £88.65

airturn - bite switch

€ 62.00  -  £55.52

zoom - cbh-3

€ 29.00  -  £25.97

mutec - mc-3+ smart clock usb silver

€ 989.00  -  £885.69

neutrik - nppa tt pt patchbay

€ 888.00  -  £795.24

olympus - sm2 shock mount adapter

€ 44.00  -  £39.40

psi audio - avaa c20 arctic white b-stock

€ 1,999.00  -  £1,790.18

neutrik - nppa-tt-s-fn

€ 689.00  -  £617.02

ssl - rm six single

€ 124.00  -  £111.04

the t.akustik - cbt-37 flock melamine lg

€ 115.00  -  £102.98

vicoustic - trap fuser white

€ 265.00  -  £237.31

isovox - mobile vocal booth v2 b-stock

€ 799.00  -  £715.53

motu - track16 breakout-box bundlev.

€ 49.00  -  £43.88

zaor - vision ks b-stock

€ 157.00  -  £140.60

ik multimedia - psu 9175 b-stock

€ 44.00  -  £39.40

sessiondesk - keyboard drawer quinta b-stock

€ 130.00  -  £116.42

sessiondesk - big air b-stock

€ 1,111.00  -  £994.94

clearsonic - sts4l sorber - twin pa b-stock

€ 119.00  -  £106.56

vicoustic - multifuser wood mkii 3 b-stock

€ 265.00  -  £237.31

hofa - absorber eco orange b-stock

€ 44.00  -  £39.40

the t.akustik - spektrum p816 absorber b-stock

€ 109.00  -  £97.61

zoom - bcq-2n b-stock

€ 45.00  -  £40.29

presonus - sl1642 adapter b-stock

€ 89.00  -  £79.70

behringer - td-3-sr

€ 149.00  -  £133.43

behringer - crave

€ 159.00  -  £142.39

behringer - td-3-am yellow

€ 149.00  -  £133.43

behringer - cat

€ 321.00  -  £287.46

moog - subharmonicon

€ 849.00  -  £760.31

behringer - neutron

€ 319.00  -  £285.67