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Sequential Circuits PROPHET 8


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Sequential Circuits PROPHET 8

Category:  Products / synthesisers / analog synthesisers

Added: 19-Dec-98  |  Author: admin

New price:   |   S/H price: 800 ish

Sequential Circuits PROPHET 8

Ok.... I'm gonna add all the old vintage synths... not that i've used them all myself.. but i'm gonna dd the spec's then people can add comments based on real-life use.... so , as i had nothing to do today, i thought i'd start to add them as basic page templates... then add the spec's later....so...

The Sequential Prophet-8..... please add your comments

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Product:  Sequential Circuits - PROPHET 8
Name: Zydek
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 30-Jan-02

Well... firstly the second hand price is way off.
You are more likely going to have to pay out nearly 3000 uk pounds for one of these rascals in mint condition, and quite rightly so.

Seqential said it was the best instrument they ever made, and boy were they right.
It's got a keyboard action to die for, it sounds like the Prophet 5 but a bit warmer and a bit fatter, not by much, but is comparable to my old Rev 2.0 Prophet 5 which was not as flexible as this beasty.

It has a lot of features not available on the Prophet 5, namely a touch sensitive keyboard, with a very flexible routing section which allows the routing of aftertouch to the LFO's, Oscilators, filter etc.. etc..

The other difference is an extra 3 voices of polyphony that the Propet 5 never had, which makes a very big difference, especially when using split mode which essentially allows you to have x2 4 voice Prophets assigned to either side of the keyboard.

for example..
a 4 voice synth playing a bass part on the lower part, and a 4 voice synth on the upper part of the keyboard playing a strings pad. Very advanced stuff back in 1983 when the T-8 saw it's debut.

There is also a sequencer on board which transmits MIDI, and the T-8 has a good MIDI spec for the era of the machine, allowing the dumping and retrieval of voices via sysex.

There were only approx 300 made so finding one will be hard.
Iam sure you are wondering why so few were sold.. the answer is simple.

When seqential finally released the grand daddy of all analogs, it was 1983 and the DX7 had just come out, everybody moved with the fashion and fad od the time and decided to buy DX7's instead, analog was dead, digital was the new crown king of synthesis.
this pretty much killed not only the T-8 but sequential with it, ironically Yamaha bought the Sequential rights in 1989.

The synth was used famously used by
Thompson Twins, Spandau Ballet, Swing Out Sister.

Iam very lucky to have found one, and intend to keep it forever.
Good luck hunting :)

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Product:  Sequential Circuits - PROPHET 8
Name: Keith
Email: No email added
Activity: Professional
Date: 13-Nov-03

Not a Prophrt 5. This is a much thinner sounding synth. No extreme fatness I'm afraid. It has software VCAs and shares most of its voice architecture with the cheap and cheerful Prophet 600. The keyboard is nice, but not in the same league as a nice Yamaha KX or a decent Roland weighted action. Also, the action and sensor system is very unreliable. To be honest, buy a Prophet 5 or 10. They are much more classic sounding and less prone to disasters. Not a rev 1 or 2 though. The rev 3 is the one to have.

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Product:  Sequential Circuits - PROPHET 8
Name: mark duff
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Date: 02-Oct-04

Its actually called a prophet T-8 i own one it has
a piano action weighted keyboard , polyphonic after touch , and a fat sound
same as the prophet 5 .. but you can layer two patches and do splits
along with a Unison mode which makes some very fat leads..

midi in and out , quite heavy machine .. but built well .. and a lovely rich sound

dont know if its using the curtis chips or not .. but either way a lovely synth

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Product:  Sequential Circuits - PROPHET 8
Name: Tony G
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 06-Oct-04

I purchased the Prophet T8 back in 1986, used, but in mint condition from a local music store here in Toronto. To clinch the deal, the store had to update the software to V3.1 which they did. Today, 18yrs later, the keyboard rests in my studio, still in mint condition and is the main controller to ALL other keyboards and sound modules. What is amazing, and understanding a little about electronics, is that the memory battery and power supply are still in working condition with no sign of pending failure. As well as being the main controller in my studio, the analog patches are used mostly for bass lines and solo strings including any time I need a warm pad sound. I disagree with a previous post putting it second to the Prophet 5. This instrument out performs both the Prophet 5 and Prophet 10 in overall sound and performance. Last year, I contaced Dave Smith (Inventor) by email, sharing with him my appreciation and admiration of the instrument and letting him know that both my young sons, who now study classical piano, started out on the T8 until we purchased a proper acoustic piano.
Parts and service are still available over the internet in the event of failure or parts and I believe the I am one of only four or five that exist in Canada. The T8 is simply a classic instrument that will go down in history along with the Roland D50 and Yamaha DX7 as one of the finest instruments ever made for modern, progressive music.
I have no intention of ever selling it.

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Last added comment

Product:  Sequential Circuits - PROPHET 8
Name: t
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 04-Feb-10

Please remove post

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'Sequential Circuits PROPHET 8'

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