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Category:  Products / synthesisers / analog synthesisers

Added: 22-Apr-99  |  Author: admin

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The new Jomox 'SUNSYN'...... Nope... it's not a holiday resort for people who think Club 18-30 is too tame.... It is in fact a real analog 8 note poly 8 part multi-timbrel rack mount synth module with full midi control... oh yes missus !!....

Bit of a wierd one this... cos you get a classic VCO 2 osc' per voice synth, but they have included a feature called Ramp-Control-Oscillators... can't quite figure it out from the Jomox blurb.. but it seems that you can access loads of digital waveforms (onboard or extra's from pcmcia card) and somehow, the VCO's can drive these ramp oscillators.. hmm..... brainache time... does this mean that raw VCO's drive their output into digital waveforms that shape the original VCO waveshape in sympathy with the VCO's waveshape and control movements ?...or that the original waveshape drives the waveforms which add-over extra timbres like additive synthesis ???..... I'll have to have this one explained to me in moron speak... once I get it, i'll add it here... but whatever... you get 2 ramp-osc's in addition to the two VCO's per voice making a 4 osc per voice unit...

The filters are pretty complexed... you get a 4 pole which is wacky... you can set the cut-off & filter type (12db,18db,24db etc) for each pole (4 total)... and then fade between these poles i assume either with controller data or with source controllers from the synth such as envelope or LFo etc.... additionally, you can setup & store 'scene's' for each filter, and them morph between them...

On to the envelopes... 2 provided per voice... fixed to VCA and filter each with a dedicated control-knob.... You get 2 LFO's per voice...triangle, sawtooth up/down, rectangle and sample/hold, and they go from 0.02 Hz to 1K..... For the modulation routings, you get 4 per voice which are storable ... so plenty of possible combinations of sources, modifiers & destinations ... for full details see the Jomox site.... but in the simplest form, a source could be an LFO, and the destination could be the pitch of osc' or ramp-osc'-1... the modifier could be velocity, aftertouch etc, or an internal analog source... with 4 per voice, you get the idea of the huge possibilities....

Whew !!... so to finish.... 40 control knobs on the front panel... all controls (with or without a dedicated control-knob) send & recieve midi... Jomox promise to deliver editor maps for the popular sequencers soon.... You get storage on PCMCIA Cards for waveforms and sounds. The max' storage capacity is 16 MB per Card; this is equivalent to storing 63 banks with 256 waveforms plus 500 patches (roughly 350 single/150 multi). The internal wave storage is 8 banks of 256 ....

For the In's & Out's, you got stereo-in for external audio signals that also may be control voltages. Each of the eight voices has an individual output. Each voice can be assigned its own pan location in the stereo output... and the headphone out has its own volume knob too... nice one.... no fuckig about with the master settings or individual voice settings just to get a decent headphone level.....and to cap it all it can be either desktop or rack-mounted if you prefer... blimey....

Well..... another contender for sure.... we've just started getting used to Multi-timbrel modelling units, and now there are at least 2 multi-timbrel real-analogs I can think of out there (the other is the new Studio-Electronics O8..).... so... here's the basic spec's....

Number of voices 8 times full multitimbral complete
VCO's 2 per voice; waveforms: saw, pulsewidth
RCO's 2 per voice, digital waveforms follow the analog oscillators
Filter 4 pole fully configurable, individual cutoff and HP/LP switching for each pole; analog morphing between two filter setups is possible. True two pole switching is possible
Envelopes 2 ADSR per voice, real analog RC-envelope (discrete circuitry)
LFO's 2 per voice individually, waveforms triangle, sawtooth up/down, rectangle and random
Routing Elements 4 per voice. Analog modulation matrix with 4096 possible combinations per Routing Element
Presets 350 Single / 150 Multi
Soft controller 4 incremental encoders
Card 1 PCMCIA card slot for waves and sounds
Display LCD 2x24 characters, LED 3x7 segment for parameter display
Midi In, Out, Thru
User interface 40 knobs, 42 buttons, 85 LED's
Outputs 1 individual out per voice (8 total); 1 stereo mix out, 1 HP out
Inputs 2 external inputs, can be used for audio and CV
Output Level about +4dBu at all outputs
Supply 220/110 V line voltage selectable

So... There it is...The SUNSYN.... Get over to the JOMOX site and check it out at a dealer near you...... Comments please ladies & gentlemen !....

Product Videos

Jomox Sunsyn test

Jomox Sunsyn, an analog machine made for sound designers. No effect, sound is not to compressed....

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Product:  Jomox - SUNSYN
Name: kflo
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 06-Nov-99

Is this dam thing even released yet?

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Last added comment

Product:  Jomox - SUNSYN
Name: Daniel
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 08-Nov-99

hammehead otimo softwhere

Product rating out of 5: 

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