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Category:  Products / synthesisers / analog synthesisers

Added: 08-Aug-05  |  Author: admin

New price: 255 Euros  |   S/H price: Not listed


The SYNTH LITE II is the programable successor of MFB´s popular SYNTH LITE. This monophonic synthesizer offers three digital oscillators, external audio input, analogue lowpass filtering with 24dB/oct and an analogue voltage controlled amplifier.

SYNTH LITE II is equipped with MIDI and offers 83 memory locations. MFB has even integrated a programable stepsequencer.

Here are the details:

Two main oscillators each offer sawtooth and square. In addition OSC 2 can be set to generate an impulse waveform. Ring modulation is as well possible as synchronising OSC 2 to his partner. Each oscillator´s octave range can be set to 4’, 8’ or 16’. OSC 2 can be further detuned over a range of plusminus one octave.

The voltage controlled filter (VCF) offers 24 dB/oct lowpass filtering. EMPHASIS can be set up to self-oscillation. An external audio input is also routed directly to the filter. Both, the voltage controlled filter and the following voltage controlled amplifier have dedicated envelope generators with Attack, Decay, Release and Sustain parameters. Decay and Release share a control and are selected by a switch.

The SYNTH LITE II´s LFO can modulate the oscillators´ pitch or the filter cutoff frequency. Pulsewidth modulation for OSC 2 is also possible by setting its waveform to Impulse. A glide function can be activated with different speeds to achieve popular portamento effects.

MIDI data are received as note on/off, pitch wheel (+/- 2 semitones) and mod wheel. Velocity can be routed to VCF and/or VCA and be disabled. The sequencer is programed from a MIDI-keyboard. Its resolution is 16th notes with up to 32 steps. Pause notes can be set as well as external synchronization.

The MFB-SYNTH LITE II measures 175 x 125 x 35 mm. The power supply unit is included.

2 Oscillators (Sawtooth, Square)
1 Square Suboscillator, Audio Input
Ringmodulator, Oscillator Sync
2 ADSR-Envelope Generators
Voltage controlled 24 dB/oct Lowpassfilter (VCF)
83 User Memory Locations
Stepsequenzer with up to 32 Steps (20 Memory Locations)

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Product:  MFB - Synth LITE II
Name: hw
Email: No email added
Date: 19-Jan-06

the oscillators are digital.

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