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Stanton SK6


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Stanton SK6

Category:  Products / deejay equipment / dj mixer

Added: 26-May-01  |  Author: admin

New price: 199 $US  |   S/H price: Not listed

Stanton SK6

I've been getting a lot more gigs lately and it was time to get a new mixer. My musical styles are house, techno, and jungle so I needed a versitile mixer(ie: crossfader slope adjust, some kills or some interesting features) and an fx loop would be a bonus.

I've owned a few budget Numarks and Geminis before and while they do have some cool features, I was not impressed as they basically fell apart after awhile. You get what you pay for so I wanted to get a bit more mixer this time around.

Arriving at the store I went straight to the dj section and whipped out my list of mixers I had checked out over the net: Gemini PMX140, KL10, Numark DM3002x, and I'd also peep the more affordable Vestax and Stantons.

Turns out they had none of those models in stock, so I was looking at the Stantons when a clerk came in and mentioned he could get me a hook up price since they didn't have any of my targets in stock. The SK6 caught my eye as it was nicely laid out, good looking (that blue LED and all:) and it had an fx loop (only mixer in this price range with one). The sticker said $199 and that was reasonable, and when I took it up to the counter the guy rang it up for $150! Hook Up! Now to the actual hook up. - Here's the Features List from Stantons Site.


  • Unique PROTEKT™ panel hides all screws underneath the top panel for smooth, hassle-free fader operation.
  • Super smooth crossfader with photo-coupler system and curve adjustment
  • Reverse function for crossfader and each channel fader with 2 color LED (green: normal <> red: reverse)
  • 2 line and 2 phono inputs. Gain and 2 band EQ (+9/-26dB) on each channel
  • Effects send/return for external effects. Effects are post-crossfader. ON/OFF switch for each channel plus MIC
  • Three-way, 8 position line/phono toggle switches with FLASH feature (optional 2 way switch available separately)
  • Mic input with volume control and 2 band EQ (+10/ -10 dB)
  • Headphone input with volume control and cue pan fader
  • Master output (TRS balanced 1/4" and unbalanced RCA)

On the back there are a standard amount of ins and outs. In's: 2 line rca, 2 phono rca, and mic 1/4". The phono's have a separate ground for each channel which I guess is a good thing though I haven't seen it used before. As for the outs, there are RCA master and record out, as well as a balanced master out 1/4" which is cool If you have long cables or noise problems. Finally there are 2 pair of 1/4" for stereo fx send and return. The build and and sturdiness of all plugs feels good with very little give/wiggle if you try and move them.

On the front (ie: facing your waist) you'll find a 1/4" headphone jack on the right, and on the left a knob for adjusting the crossfader curve. FYI that adjusts the position on the CF where you start hearing the incoming signal, so you can have it scratch style (about 1 mm from edge will give you full volume) or gradual (like a techno style fader). There's also a crossfader reverse incase you favor a certain hand for scratching, tricks, etc.

Now for what you work with, the TOP! The crossfader has very little resistance, about like the scratch oriented Vestax models. It's nowhere near as little as the new sk 2's though as that is lite enough to actually blow across the fader. It will take a little getting used to if your coming off of more sticky faders from cheaper mixers. It has a very good cut in time for scratching(esp. at this price), and if you adjust the slope it works well for mixing.

Above that are the 2 volume sliders. Same resistance as the CF, but they act quite different from normal sliders. They have the usual 1-10 printed on the side but it's only 1-4 that really affects the volume and after 5 your at max. I assume it's for scratch tricks. There's also a volume slider reverse button( as well as indicator LED) just above each slider. Push it and now 1 is loudest and 10 is off, again must be for scratching.

Rounding out the mixing surface are the line phono selectors. They are 1/2" sticks that flip up for phono, in the middle for line, and if you pull down they flash in the phono channel. The flash is cool if you have some cd mixers and you want to do fill's/backspins/scratches to step up your mix. There is a slight noise when flashing, but it's not at all noticable from the dancefloor. There is also a nice digital display for levels, and cool headphone mute button which is very nice if you want to hear a scratch the way the crowd hears it. Above that lies the knobs. The layout is a Vestax pmc 05 clone. Left to right top-bottom: mic level, Fx send (volume of master mix you send out to fx box), Fx return (what comes back from the box), and an Fx on/off button with red LED makes up column 1. Channel 1 has a Gain knob, a +9 to -26% high, a similar low eq, and an fx on off button w/ red LED. Channel 2, same as 1. Finally in colum 3 a master level knob, a HP/ monitor level knob, and cue pan stick that crossfades bettween cha 1 & 2, and an fx on/off button so you can hear the fx in your cue but not out to the audience.

Pro's: easy operation, good layout that is not cluttered, great features at this $ as it's basically a budget high end mixer, the FX loop RULES...honestly it adds so much life to your old tunes when you hook up an fx box (I recommend the Zoom RFX300 or Alesis Ineko) good eq's that wont kill your speakers, nice looks, very clean sound! reversible faceplate if you scratch one side off, and it's focus fader compatible if you need a very good scratch fader.

Con's: slight noise on fx button punch in and flash stick, channel 1&2 are labeled opposite (ie: my TT is on the right so it should be in the slot marked channel 2 but is marked as cha 1 phono) just a labeling mistake that is weird but it has no effect on actual mixing a bit odd the 1st time you hook it all up though. HP jack on front is bad if you got a coffin but there are L shaped adaptors, knobs have a little too much resistance but are acceptable.

All in all, at the price I got it for it's one hell of a mixer that feels like it will actually last awhile.

Anyone wanna buy a used Numark!



Line Inputs : 2 (RCA), 150mV/27K ohm
Phono Inputs : 2 (RCA), 3mV/47K ohm
Master Output : 1 (1/4" TRS Balanced/RCA unbalanced), 1.2V/1K ohm
Effect Send : 1 (1/4"), 775mV
Effect Return : 1 (1/4"), 245mV
Mic Input : 1 (1/4"), 2.45mV/3K ohm
Mic Tone : hi/mid/lo +/-12dB
Tone Control :

+9/-26dB (hi/mid/lo)

Headphone output : 1 (1/4"), 32 -200 ohms recommended
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz, +/-2dB
Gain Control : 0-20dB
S/N Ratio : less than 70dB
T.H.D. : less than 0.2%
Dimensions : 10 1/4"(W) x 12 3/8"(H) x 3 4/8"(D)
260mm(W) x 314mm(H) x 89mm(D)
Weight : 6.6 lbs (3.2Kg)

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Product:  Stanton - SK6
Name: Scott
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 20-Jun-01

'Bout the line faders only going being effective up to 5 or so, you can remedy this by sending your mixer in to stanton; they perform a quick mod, and it is supposed to be back within two weeks. The SK-Two also has this problem/feature. Theres a DIY mod @
that fixes a similar bug/feature on a similar range vestax mixer (pcm 07p, i think) that might work on the stanton, also... good luck!

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'Stanton SK6'

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