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Subject: Your most F'd up gig?

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Original Message                 Date: 28-Oct-02  @  04:57 AM   -   Your most F'd up gig?


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For me It was my Orlando performance w/
Pigface when I played my grocery cart.I
warned the sound man that we should check
the levels and he said oh what could some
bastard w/ a grosery cart,a couple of
wrenches,a humbucker,and some maestro
pedals do.I drowned out pigface w/ flanging
percussion.Funny as hell.They paid me in free
Newkies(corporate{yuk}sponsor) and I got so
drunk I forgot my MS1202.Needless to say
someone from the club(The EDGE in Orlando
ya F'ers) took my shite.Anyway I played a
follow up gig in ATL,and they asked me to play
the rest of the tour w/ them but leave my
friend(Erich dumped a bag of wrenches and
metal rods on the bass player from TKK's
Boss pedal board{couldn't handle the
newkies}) behind.I should have done it but all
they offered was $20,gas money and free
beer(now that I think about it that's pretty good
for bangin on a grocery cart).So that'
s my strangest gig/gigs.What's your's.

H-Still got my pigface band pass though.No
it's not a filter it's a laminated card

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Message 21/24             26-Nov-02  @  07:01 PM   -   RE: Your most F'd up gig?



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I've got one... now!

We played a warehouse party on Saturday. I've had this incredibly painful slipped disk thing going since the 1st of November. Pinching my sciatic nerve, sending searing pain into my left leg and making me generaly miserable lately! So we get asked to do this local warehouse gig. I'm on 3 Vicatin and a coupl'a beers when we go on....

1st, i forgot to set my RM1x to sync to MIDI so when I hit play on the clock I and my partner are at different tempo's. It's obvious right off! so i drop out of the mix and put on the headphones. But i can't get in time, it must be the painkillers 'cause I'm normaly pretty on it when I'm playing out. I have to get my partner and have him come over and do it! SAD! So he's kinda carryin' the show. Then I'm fianly back in the mix and I can't unmute a channel on time to save my life! I honestly didn't think I was this incapcitated, i didn't "feel" high but the drugs were clearly having their way with my sense of rythm. It's not too bad but we're drifting out of time again as we go into the second track. I'm trying to sync back up... it won't go, I have to get him to straighten it out again! DAMN... then I hit the "change program" button late going into the 3rd track. So now where's he's at measure 2 I'm at measure 1...

the whole damned show went like this for just over an hour! GOD! I've never experienced anything like it!

There's like all kinds of muso's and DJ's lurking and peeping and I'm trainwrecking all over the damned place... the monitor is a Mackie (I hate these) and it's pointed at us but the sound is bouncing off the back wall and making me THINK I'm out of time! I"M NOT! It's was fine... no one else heard a drop... except one point when I foolishly tried to FIX it live in the mix and f*cked it up... Everyone said we were great... even picked up some possible future gigs down in the SF for the trouble.

Moral: Don't play if you're on prescription drugs, they are unpredictable!!!! I had no idea they were effecting me like that! (Illegal drugs are far more honest, if you're fcked up you know it!) and... Don't let sound guys insist you can just swivel a monitor away from the DJ's and get good monitoring! I know better, should have known better, etc... but was less than willing to argue about it!!!

moving forward...


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Message 22/24             27-Nov-02  @  05:35 AM   -   RE: Your most F'd up gig?


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sigh...just did one last friday too...only my 2nd live electronic gig...

i dint nearly have enough time to prepare/practice; i was still writing on the afternoon of the gig! so my levels were all fukd, and this one patch on my synth was WAY too loud...everytime it jumped up, id compensate by pulling it down and the other faders up was horrible! i just wanted to unplug and get drunk.


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Message 23/24             27-Nov-02  @  10:39 AM   -   RE: Your most F'd up gig?


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and upwards!

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Message 24/24             27-Nov-02  @  01:19 PM   -   RE: Your most F'd up gig?


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Damn, errata definately wins this one imho... or loses is the better word. sorry to hear that.

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