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Subject: Playback sucks

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Original Message                 Date: 05-May-02  @  08:10 PM   -   Playback sucks


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I'm NEVER doing playback anymore..

no the cd didn't skip but I was quite drunk and everybody could see I wasn't playing live.

And drinking and playing live.. well, that's another story

I did a gig this weekend with playback and it did not go very well to put it mildly. I think there are two main reasons why it fucked up. First one first which was my own fault. I've never done a gig before and the promoter said they wanted bands with little need of gear so I thought:easy! I'll do playback (another thing.. YOU know what YOU need, get what you need if you get it don't play. You get fucked, not the promoter.). As I mentioned before, everybody could see I wasn't really playing live. That's not a good thing

The other thing which I believe fucked things up for me was that the introducer said I was a young talented artist from Bergen who produces trance and have a JUST faboulous voice. "Today he is going to sing and perform his song."


Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to put the blame on other. I was responsible but the last one, fuck, who could I avoid it?

I don't know what I would have done with out my supporting friends backing me up and cheering like mad in the front. Cos, to be honest there wasn't a lot of cheering except from them. I managed to get some ok cheering at some points with some heavily clapping in the air (Yeah I know it's cheesy but what was I to do?) but then I forgot to play the keyboard, hehe.

There was a pretty big audience too, maybe 300 and I was unvoluntary picked out to *kick* off the show.

Anyway, this experience didn't turn my wish for playing live, but I'm NEVER EVER using playback again. By the way, this was my first gig ever.

Give me your flames and comfort. Especially comfort because I need it

I kinda look a bit humorous on it but it still sucks  

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Message 81/81             26-Jun-02  @  05:29 AM   -   RE: Playback sucks


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Well said.

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