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Phil Rees CSF MIDI Processor


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Phil Rees CSF MIDI Processor

Category:  Products / studio equipment / studio bitz

Added: 04-Dec-02  |  Author: admin

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Phil Rees CSF MIDI Processor

The CSF MIDI Channel Shifter and Filter is an uncomplicated compact hardware-based MIDI processor unit with a built-in mains power supply.

This versatile gadget allows you to selectively pass or reject MIDI messages by channel, or to alter their channel assignments. It also makes it possible to mute a specific message type on a specific channel, or on all channels. MIDI System messages can also be selectively muted.

The MIDI messages that relate to performance events are tagged with channel numbers. This means that one MIDI datastream can carry up to sixteen independent lines of musical performance (parts). MIDI channels can be selected on receiving devices in a manner comparable to tuning a radio or television set to the desired channel. Some messages are not assigned to MIDI channels, and these are called System messages.

Channel processing modes
The straightforward set-up interface of CSF consists of two rotary switches on the front panel. The two controls combine to select the operating mode for the MIDI processor. The sixteen-position switch is generally used to select a MIDI channel number. The twelve-position switch is then used to select the function. Eleven MIDI channel processing functions are available, as follows:

  • the selected channel retransmitted solo, the rest muted
  • the selected channel muted, all others passed
  • mute messages on channels above that selected
  • mute messages on channels below or equal to selected
  • the selected channel solo and shifted to channel one
  • pass channel one solo shifted to selected channel
  • shift all channels "round the clock" by selected offset
  • mute control change messages on selected channel
  • mute pitchbend messages on selected channel
  • mute program change messages on selected channel
  • mute all aftertouch messages on selected channel

System and global modes

The twelfth position selects the System and Global mode. When the function switch is in this position the sixteen position switch is available as a subfunction selector. The sixteen System/Global subfunctions are:

1. bypass (pass all)
2. mute all system messages
3. mute System Exclusive messages
4. mute MIDI Time Code quarter frame messages
5. mute Song Select messages
6. mute Clocks, Start, Stop and Song Position Pointer
7. mute Active Sensing and System Reset
8. mute all channel messages
9. mute all notes (on all channels)
10. set all note-on velocities to 100
11. mute all control change messages
12. mute all all-notes-off messages
13. mute all pitchbend messages
14. mute all program change messages
15. mute all aftertouch messages
16. retransmit all channel messages on channel one (omni to 1)

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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