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Phil Rees C16 MIDI Control Unit


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Phil Rees C16 MIDI Control Unit

Category:  Products / studio equipment / studio bitz

Added: 04-Dec-02  |  Author: admin

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Phil Rees C16 MIDI Control Unit

The music-making equipment that most of us can afford gets ever more powerful. Unfortunately, this gear still tends to lack any genuinely accessible User interface. Consequently, a cost-effective hardware MIDI control box could be a very handy device. Hardware MIDI controller/editor

C16 sliders select MIDI targetThe Philip Rees C16 MIDI Control Unit has sixteen 60mm slider controls. The sliders may be assigned to a wide variety of MIDI parameter and variable change functions. The assignments are held as one hundred preset Target templates, built-in to the C16. The preset Target templates are selected by number, using two of the sliders, while holding down the TARGET SELECT pushbutton. The currently-active TARGET NUMBER is shown on a two-digit seven-segment numeric LED display. The use of lots of presets means you won't freak out trying to program this MIDI control box.

You can use the sliders on the C16 to control volume, pan, effects sends, and many other parameters of many popular electronic musical devices (old and new). The C16 is pre-programmed with the MIDI Control Change, MIDI Parameter and MIDI System Exclusive codes for manipulating the sound on a wide range of popular synths, sound modules, sound cards and software. Therefore, this versatile MIDI control surface can act as a hardware front panel for a synthesiser or as a compact MIDI mixer. Every good boy deserves faders.

MIDI sliders for computer musician
In a typical MIDI set-up, you might place the C16 between the MIDI OUT of your master keyboard and the MIDI IN of your sequencer (hardware or computer). In this way, your sequencer can record the movements of the sliders. This feature gives the User easy access to expressive effects such as trendy filter sweeps.

MIDI control panel for synth
The C16 automatically merges the MIDI data from the keyboard with that generated by moving the sliders. This means that you don't have to swap around MIDI cables, and you don't require an external merge unit. The diagram on the right indicates where you might place C16 in a simpler set-up, without a sequencer.

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