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Nemesys NCS44


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Nemesys NCS44

Category:  Products / samplers / other samplers

Added: 25-Nov-99  |  Author: admin

New price: call NemeSys - (??)  |   S/H price: - just released

Nemesys NCS44

NemeSys Music Technology Inc., makers of the 'Gigasampler' s/ware sampler programme have now released this hardware packaged version of their well known 'GIGASAMPLER' software sampler...

Hmmm... I cant quite make up my mind on this... but, as there are other NemeSys 'approved' hardware solution on which their s/w suite inc' Giagasampler can run, then I assume this is a scsi drive based rack PC running a suite of Nemysys's s/wares that they market themselves now... what OS it uses, I can't say... and as for the Physical I/O configuration & connectors etc, again.. I can't see any info regarding that at their website... but I've asked NemeSys to let me know... again for price ??.. it says 'Call' - so I asked 'em that too -

Anyways... the sampler weighs in as a 4U rack item, and like the s/ware PC based version, it records & plays audio (at 16, 20 or 24 bit) to and from on-board hard-disk/s - you can have up to 4 drives fitted offering a total of 100Gb storage/memory - plus I assume loads of backup or possibly outboard additional drives delivering soundtrack for example... I assume it runs an internal removable scsi drive system... In fact, it 'Streams' the audio to and from the drives, so it's a bit like a sorta super-hi-end portable streaming RA player - it's the similar sorta technology to deliver off of the drives... I dunno, but assume there has to be some ram tho, even if it's already-fitted cache on the drives themselves - whatever.....

Without the traditional method of storing samples in ram and the inherent sample 'size' limits that imposes, an NCS44 individual sample can be up to 4.3 gigabytes in size for gawds sake!!... and it can come configured as 512, 256, 384 note/voice polyphony !!!!... ... so... IF it's ROBUST, reliable, playable, and has zero latency, it'll score with tv & video & film industry bods looking for the ability to create soundtrack & score creations at large voice-scale rates, without syncing up multiple units.... It'll also score i'd say with many live performers, productions and shows.... ideal.. but as I say, it'd have to be as bullet proof for live work as other hardware samplers... it'd have to consistanetly maintain that reputation..

On the Midi side of things, the NCS44 runs 64 MIDI channels, and 64 output channels of .

With sampling, to create a more realistic sound of a real instrument, you need to have as many samples of the instrument doing different notes of it's scale, inc' different playing dynamic's etc as possible... then by assigning those different sounding tones/strikes/techniques etc to their Midi related key's and parameters like velocity, vibrato damping, we can make our 'sampled' sound patch more convincing by having that extra detail.. Theoretically then, more sample-time should mean better detailed & more realistic sample sets when playing back 'real-instrument' sounds...

The NCS44 bypasses the usual method of saving samples to RAM memory, and thus can offer huge memory - The company reckon that all the hard disk based voices are instantly playable... wether this huge amount of available mem' does actually make a btter piano sound or whatever I dunno without hearing one of these in comparison test, but there's the theory, and Nemysys already issue their popular 'Gigapiano' piano sample-set which weighs in at a hefty 1gb !!!... with that much memory, it is obviously 'one-sample-per note' as a basic starter, how many leyers etc i dunno, but the potential for them is obviously massive -

Further.. on the note of... "yeah it might be good and work ok, but what about sounds!!"... true, not everyone wants to get down with their sampler, people also want to just load and play stuff... well, sample library companies like Sampleheads, Best Service and ZeroG should be releasing titles that work with GigaSampler, and their are currently over 50 sample libraries in native 'GigaSampler' format available..... Also as more of a bonus, like 'Gigasampler', the NCS44 can convert and load Akai 'S' series samples with the included 'S-Converter' software.

So... seems to be plenty of sounds about... 'Giagasampler' sold well and has a fairly good user base, and it's makers reckon that the NCS4x series has one of the most extensive arrays of available sound sets in the industry....

of technical interest, the NCS44 can be networked for linking into LANs with PCs running GigaSampler or GigaSampler LE. It can also access high-bandwidth sample servers via standard Ethernet networks... This could be a bonus to some people...

Weeelllll... an interesting product, and nothing wrong with it, if it's all safe and sound... personally, the polyphony is looney for our purposes, but as an overall tool, on paper, it could do alot for you.. only thing is, how well does it compare to say playing an E-mu sampler doing a synth sound with realtime control... this NCS44 could be a mega loop, drum, sample, audio-part etc workhorse sure.... but as to wether having the ability to create huge mapped 'playable' sample sets actually translates into a sampler that 'plays' well, is another matter... also wether it's synthesis is up to much again i cant say cos I aint heard it... the same goes for FX...

Y'know, the simple answer if you want to know is... Download the demo version of 'Gigasampler' !!, and try it out on your PC, cos that is what you're getting with this setup... Unfortunately, i've been to busy to try it out, and frankly i don' think my 200mmx tester units is up to it.. sign o the times huh?.. I gotta upgrade my tester pc... rats... but it goes to show how we keep on upgrading... S, D/L GiagaSampler & try it, baring in mind if it doesn't happen too well on your PC, it will run ok on the hardware version... so you can try it in terms of it's fx, synthesis, screen layouts & protocol etc etc...

Included software You get with the sampler

  • 'GigaSampler' Professional Sampler
  • 'GigaSampler' Instrument Editor/Builder
  • 'S-Converter' Akai CDROM Reader
  • 'GigaSampler' Sound Collection #1
  • 'GigaPiano SampleWrench' XE - .WAV sample editing software

    And those basic spec's again - (more to come when NemySys reply)

  • 512-voice polyphony
  • 64 MIDI channels
  • 64 audio channels
  • 1 GB RAM (256 MB x4)
  • 100 GB real-time sample capacity (25 GB x 4)
  • Internal CD-R drive for sample archiving
  • SuperDisk drive for floppy compatibility and additional storage options

    So... the NemeSys NCS44 Sampler.. - 'Giagasampler' to go !! - anyone getting it/got it?.... comments please... [yes yes.. I'll try Giagasampler]...


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    Product:  Nemesys - NCS44
    Name: alii
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Hobby-ist
    Date: 28-Feb-00

    it looks aweful.

    and don't u think it to be a little over the top?? you'd spend forever making programs with it.... eugh... i'll stick with my s2000

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    'Nemesys NCS44'

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