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Klark Teknik DN405


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Klark Teknik DN405

Category:  Products / fx & processors / eq unit

Added: 21-Sep-01  |  Author: admin

New price: £475 on release.  |   S/H price: 300 ISH

Klark Teknik DN405

Klark Teknik's DN405 qud parametric eq unit, part of the DN series, this was released i belive about 1988 - The DN405 is a single rack unit, with Klark's usual anodised silver finish with black text, there is also a dual channel version of this called the DN410 which is like two of these stcked vertically so the DN410 is a two unit rack heigh.

Ok, this is a quality pro unit, and cost alot when released at about £450 - £475 quid... You get XLR connectors which can be switched to use pin 2 or 3 as the live/hot pin aqla USA or Euro stylee... remember yanks being wierd and not playing footie like the rest of us also wire their XLR's back to front to everyone else so that might be useful if you are a transatlantic jetsetter !! -

There are two versions of this DN405 around by the way, cos at the time of ordering only (not available as a retro-fit) you could get the DN405 with transformer balancing, so some may cost more s/h than others if this option was purchased at source... also the unit has a rear panel ground-lift switch fitted.

Um.... power is via a normal mains kettle lead not a wallwart, and it has an external accessible mains fuse on the back too.

ok basically as said, it is 5 parametric filter sections working across the unit left to right ... there is also a sweep eq section at the end of the rack but try to remember that in terms of the signal path, this dual sweep Eq is actually what the signal passes thru FIRST before it hits the parametric's even tho the sweep eq is located at the end/right of the rack... er.......

Each of the 5 Paramtric eq's in the cascade has a 3 position selector switch combined with the Frequency tune-range to select a usuable frequency range to work with - it seems odd to newbies mebbe but this is how it works...

The Frequency tuner control is marked from 200hz - 2khz... ok...

The Frequency select switch for each parametric selects from 3 positions, (.1, 1 or 10) - mebbe hard to get for newbies, but like if you select '.1' then the '200hz - 2khz' Eq select is then movable from 20hz to 200hz, (a tenth of 200hz - 2khz)

Switch it to '1' and you are sweeping thru 200hz - 2khz (normal 1:1 ratio of 200hz - 2khz)

Switch it to '10' and you are sweeping thru the frequencies from 2khz - 20 khz, (ten times 200hz - 2khz) -

Ok, so you select frequency, and then each channel has a gain giving 15db boost and 25db cut - then there is also finally for each eq section the 'Q' or in this case it's called 'band-width' control to adjust the octave/db 'Q'... This Klark goes from .8 of an octave to two octaves filter Q...

finally at the end of the rack is the aforementioned sweep shelving eq filters section - These two are 12db per octave filters The LF (hi-pass) goes from 15hz - 300hz... and the HF (Lo-pass) goes from 2.5khz - 30khz - as mentioned this is what the incoming signal first passes thru even tho it is located at the end of the rack with the master gain... confusing eh?.. but anyways this sweep eq allows you to trim out unwanted frequencies prior to entering the real parametric section of the unit which is useful to eliminate unwanted frequency ranges prior to processing.

all in all the DN405 is a well 'pro' eq unit!!... each of the 5 parametric eq's has a bypass 'Eq-in' switch and there are loads of overload led's to warn you if you are overloading the feeds when passing signals thru the rack from eq to eq in series.

Finally as mentioned at the far right/end of the rack there is a master level control for the input with a master 'Eq-In/Out' switch.

So.... a Top quality eq unit, which for example auto-mutes on power up to stop any signals busting thru and popping speakers etc... well made, well worth a look if you see one s/h in the papers... comments please

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