About Dancetech

Dancetech has been on the www starting around 1995 as a small homepage & has grown from there, offering 100% independent product reviews, music technology tutorials & resources, gear listings, manuals & more.

Companies like Behringer, RedSounds, Native Instruments, Hoontech/ST-Audio, Cakewalk, Virsonix, IK Multimedia, Thomann, Red5 Audio, D16 Group, Focusrite, Softube and others have referenced our reviews of their products in their literature or websites &/or have used us in reference in product advertising. Our review of SONAR was featured on multimedia installation displays for  SONAR across major US music stores back in 2002 when it was released. Also we have been quoted in various catalogs such as Sweetwater.

Dancetech has been featured on UK television as well as in various magazines & has been referenced on a series of promotional CD-Roms released by Yamaha Nippon in the Pacific market.

In 2001 we launched the worlds first 'Social' website using corporate INTRAnet technology & included FREE music hosting for all users. This proved to be popular and so eventually we created a sub-site to handle the music which was launched as www.7161.com.

7161 was gradually expanded in features to offer free artist & deejay websites (with a choice of fixed or customisable templates), RSS blogging & Apple Store compatible Podcast creation.

The 7161 domain was sold around 2016 when we received a very high offer from domain investors. The music hosting site was thus transferred to a new domain: www.Audioindy.com. It still exists and runs today but we will be giving it a complete overhaul with improved and easier admin features in the coming year.

Product companies - If you are a product company or a software or sample content author you can signup as a COMPANY-USER & add your own news items 24/7 to the site.

The new 2022 Dancetech website

The new website is a complete overhaul & we will be tweaking & refining the layout & features over the following year from launch. We plan to bring online the previous admin facilities, free mp3 music hosting & free music & deejay webpages over the following year.

Thanks & enjoy!

Team Dancetech / Audioindy