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Behringer's TD-3 comes late to the party where 303 clones is concerned, but it's super-cheap coming in at a measly £135 GBP or €145 Euros, sounds as near to the original as you'd want & offers a total copy of the original 303 programming interface...
Behringer's TD-3 comes late to the party where 303 clones is concerned, but it's super-cheap coming in at a measly £135 GBP or €145 Euros, sounds as near to the original as you'd want and offers a total copy of the original 303 programming interface which leaves those with no experience somewhat flustered when it comes to programming what they hear in their head... in fact it's probably true to say, much of the acid lines of the past resulted from users simply pummelling in some presses & creating patterns which perhaps they had never dreamed of coming out of the audio end of the unit.

You can hear plenty of comparisons online between this Behringer TD-3 & the original, as well as shootouts between both & other well known 303 clones such as the RE-303 and x0xb0x & while some might quibble about how close it sounds to an original TB-303, in reality many real old 303's sound very slightly different

So basically you get a super cheap 303 copy, but Behringer have added some extras like distortion - modelled on a classic BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal of old (with added tone control) - as well as an audio input labelled FILTER IN which allows the connection of an external audio signal instead of the internal VCO oscillator, a SYNC IN for external clock and start/stop signal as well as CV OUT (1V/octave) & GATE OUT.

Further additions on the TD-3 versus the original appear in the form of real MIDI IN & OUT/THRU sockets as well as USB connection which delivers a further way to MIDI the unit to your host DAW featuring MIDI over USB in both directions.... all that is topped off with a handy headphone socket on the front panel to augment the standard MODO audio 1/4" jack output on the back of the unit.

The Behringer TD-3 is offered in a wide range of colour options too! Classic Silver, black, blue, red & 'Acid Smiley' edition yellow, lol... actually it looks fantastic, but why not fluro pink I ask?!

Anyhoos... had this unit been released 20 years ago it would have been a huge event in the hardware synth world & Behringer would have been praised to the rafters by EDM fans, but today, honestly, the 303 sound has faded in popularity from it's once-upon-a-time revival & there are so many accurate s/w versions the question is really how much appeal does this have now? Ok true, nothing beats hands on evolving 303 twiddling over a loooooong passage of music in a live context... that's what the 303 was always about, and for that, given the price, you'd be mad not to get one IF that's what your thing is.

So even in this age of the all conquering DAW & software instruments the TD-3 is still a valid product, because as mentioned, it's about that hands on controlling which you DO get with this clone... for simple repeating pattern stuff you might as well stick with a plugin instrument such as ABL or the D16 offerings etc, but if you want the hands on... the TD-3 is pretty much impossible to beat for the price & you can not only record your performances via MIDI to your DAW, but you can always route the Audi OUT from the TD-3 IN to your onboard DAW mix via any instrument level audio-interface input & finally record your patterns & hand-on (or MIDI) controlling moves to an audio track for your final in-box mix.

I'm amazed at the price tbh... if only this had come along 20 years ago eh? Here's the specs:

If you own one of these, please add some user comments below. Cheers

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Added: 19-April-2020
New price: €135.00 - £125.00
S/H price: Approx €100 euros
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SDR-1000+ Reverb has to be one of the most subjective tools in audio. Undoubtedly the SDR has some interesting heritage (Sony) in additon to some useful features that make it more flexible than other comparable units from that era (true stereo, basic routing of L & R processors, midi patch selection). But compared to other verbs around the same price point ($100-200 range), Im not feeling any baseline "magic" from its sound. More like a workhorse, again within the scope of the time period these were being made, which isnt necessarily a bad thing.

Perhaps if you're hunting down a specific production chain or setup (some well known artists apparently used these), otherwise much better uses of rack space available out there for the same money imho.


an underated usb interface, Tascam has continued to update drivers and improve performance for this product. I own two of them, and like the size, sound quality and mulitude of connection and paths available.

I use the 64 bit windows 7 driver without problems. These are available used quite cheaply and are handy for vocal and guitar recording.The only drawback is the low profile knobs, which were designed not to snag when carried in a backpack or bag. it takes a while to get used to using two fingers to turn the knobs, instead of 1 finger and your thumb, but it becomes intutive like scratching a record. I colored the knobs on mine with different color sharpies to make it easier to quickly see which knob I wanted to adjust.


awesome sound. capable of mybloodyvalentine type swirling sounds, as well as verve-y sonic paradise sounds. it is a permanent addition to my setup.


i bought this delay a couple of months ago to use in my synth/drumachine setup. I was expeting kind of lofi style but was suprised with this "meaty" analog sound.. very musical and at once became a favourite.. it sounds like a instrument! love it..

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